Sunday, February 27, 2011

two forty-five

Saturday was good. It was a long day though. I did some homework but didn't have much that needed to be done and couldn't really be bothered doing it all so I did a bit and then did nothing for a long part of the day. Quite a waste really. I think I tidied my room a bit. Went for a walk. Then went into the city with my friend where we literally just wondered around for the night. We didn't walk into one bar or club. Just wondered all night. I think we learnt a few good lessons though. I was reminded that going into the city to go out but with no real plan is not an ideal at all. It was fun though. Better than spending my night in. I hate spending Saturday nights in!

So I got up at 2.45 this morning. Or should I say this afternoon. I went to bed at 3AM but I in no way intended to sleep until three o'clock in the afternoon! Maybe 11.... or even 12. Not 3 in the afternoon! I didn't feel that tired so I thought my clock must have been tricking when the digital red numbers read 2:45. I thought maybe I was seeing things... or there should have been a 1 in front of the 2. But no. I checked my phone and it agreed with the clock unfortunately. I slept most of the day away! Lucky I didn't have to much homework that I had to get done. Then I really would have been in trouble!

But oh well. I got what a needed done and went for a walk. Was a good day really. or.... afternoon. Except then because I'de overslept so much I didn't go and get a netball ring and ball like I needed to.

Tomorrow I'm going to the gym to begin the one months free membership that I won! So that should be fun. I'm looking forward to doing some form of intense exercise. I've been so lazy as far as actually doing something intense since coming to Melbourne.

Anyway, Despite my massive sleep in I'm actually tired so I think I will head to bed shortly. ;)


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