Tuesday, August 23, 2011

myStyle/$pent #003

myStyle/$pent #003, July 2011

The last of the July editions. 

So I made a bit of a start to the spring wardrobe with some sweet sales!
1. Had been eyeing this top off every time I went into JayJays so when we came across the Bride Road closing down sale where everything was reduced a lot I couldn't resist!
2 & 4. More goodies from the closing down sale. Couldn't pass up the opportunity!
3. Marked down from some ridiculous amount, it's so cute and I was so keen to add some denim to my wardrobe.
5. These are the most comfortable things ever! 


myStyle/$pent #002

myStyle/$pent #002, July 2011
So there is a bit of a backlog of these. One more from july to come.

1 & 6: Just loving the owls at the moment!
2 & 4: These were just pretty cute. 
3: Feeding my zip fetish and I just love the floral print on this.
5: Love the camera's!

Until next time

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mirrors Wide Open

It's been a little while. And I believe there is much to be said!

Finally went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. Mind you this did happen nearly two weeks ago now. It was fantastic. Definitely enjoyed it immensely. Shed a few tears and got sad about ti being the end of it all. There are a few little things I would have liked them to do a little differently but of course there is always room for improvement. But content is what I am. 9.5/10 stars I'll say. Now I will be keenly waiting it's release on DVD so I can have a big Harry Potter marathon. It would be very much a marathon too! It would take at least an entire day without breaks! Might have to be a few sessions....

Netball went quite fantastically last weekend. Pretty keen for this weeks game. It's do or die!

Had a wedding to attend on Sunday. And it was just the perfect weather for it and everything. The reception was in this lovely place along the Yarra. Beautiful view for the day! And much fun with the family was had!

So as this wedding was in Melbourne my family stayed down here in the Docklands for a few nights. They had the most fantastic vie, gorgeous city lights!

So while my family had a little holiday down here in Melbourne for a few days we attended the theatre on Sunday evening and saw Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera. I've never been to the theatre before and I haven't actually seen Phantom but the sequel was fantastic. The theatre was just fantastic. The building is just amazing! The chandeliers and detailing on the interior is just so beautiful and breathtaking. And the exterior is rather grand also. Fantastic experience!

Then on Wednesday I joined the family to visit the Aquarium which I have also never been to before. It was rather awesome. The highlights would have definitely been the penguins, sharks and the stingrays. The penguins were just so cool to see. And you got to be so close to them. They're just so cute! And I was so very keen to see the sharks. In drawing we've had pictures of sharks from the museum a few times so I was rather interested to see the real thing. They intrigue me a little. They are pretty awesome to see! Though I had thought there would be more of them. There were a lot of stingrays though! We got to see the stingrays being fed which was pretty awesome!

Last weekend I bought Gotye's (if you have a little time up your sleeve he has a rather entertaining bio to read on that website <<) old album Like Drawing Blood, released in 2006. It was something like $12 at JB HI-FI and I've just been smitten with their latest release Somebody I Used to Know that I thought "why not?". This particular album features one of their older hits that I also adore which is Heart's a Mess. And as I have discovered it also features many other awesome tracks. My favourites are Thanks For Your Time, A Distinctive Sound and Worn out Blues. It's quite different to the kind of albums I usually purchase but I'm listening to it non-stop. They always have pretty cool video clips too. So I am rather keen for the album that is to follow and feature Somebody I Used to Know and another awesome song that they released late last year, Eyes Wide Open. This new album is titled Making Mirrors and is in fact released tomorrow! So hopefully I shall get my hands on it over the weekend!

That shall do for now. off to catch up on the Final of Winners and Losers! Very excited that this also means that next week we get new Packed to the Rafters!


Friday, August 12, 2011


Thursday can be my favourite day and my least favourite day all at the same time. I dislike it greatly due to it's lengthy day of Uni. It is a bit of a struggle. And always a late arrival home. But then it's awesome once you get home because then i can look forward to the total three day weekend. It's fantastic! But still a very l o  n   g day.

Tonight I watched Alice in Wonderland. The latest film remake by Tim Burton. I don't know why it's taken me so long to see it. I think I'd heard the reviews of it being a bit dark and different and had decided I wasn't worried about seeing it. Then tonight I sat down and there was absolutely nothing on television. So I put it on. And I was pleasantly surprised! Admittedly at first a little confused that it wasn't the same story of the Disney animated film or the other 1999 remake of the story once I got my head around it it was quite wonderful! I'd give it and 8.5/10. Definitely would recommend it if you haven't got around to seeing it yet. Mia Wasikowska Was fantastic as Alice, she's just gorgeous! And I really loved all the changes to her dress. That was really cool. And of course Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter. Just brilliant! At first a little scary but once you get the feel of him it's just beautiful. I really loved it.

Imagine if we had our own wonderland to have our own adventures in. I guess we do... it was all in her head after all...

Once Alice in Wonderland had finished I switched it over to the television and stumbled across Accidents Happen while changing the channels. Rather odd film. Decided to record the rest of it to watch at a later time as I couldn't be bothered to stay up to watch it all. But I did love that it has Geena Davis starring in it. Reminds me of Stuart Little. My Grandma and Pa took some of my siblings and myself to see both Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 at the pictures. Over 10 years ago now considering the first is a 1999 film! Talk about getting old! But I really loved seeing those movies as a kid. Back in the day!

At the moment food wise I am totally in love with white chocolate. Which is totally odd because I never really used to like white chocolate at all. Also constantly loving clinkers at the moment. They are just soooo good. And ravioli. Ravioli is the best thing since sliced bread! I know i say it all the time but at the risk of repeating myself food is just amazing.

At the moment I'm a little frustrated. Getting back into the swing of things is proving a bit of a task as I have managed to miss completing most of the briefs we had due this week. I've just been doing exactly what i had told myself I wasn't. Procrastination is a disease I tell you! Though I did complete one brief which was due today, which was a relief. 

And i have now finished re-watching Gossip Girl Season Three. And Season Four isn't out until September the 7th! Cruel I tell you. I feel like I've been waiting a year already! So now that I am out of Gossip Girl to watch I decided to pull out Twilight. been wanting to watch that for a while. Man it has been ages!

And I'm still in the process of planning my new bloggy stuff. It will get here eventually...

peace and love!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Blisters are Back

So it's been a pretty busy weekend. A very tiring one indeed. Had a day of shopping with my lovely sisters on Friday. And we literally shopped until we dropped. I'll fill you in on purchases in MyStyle/$pent soon. Then Saturday was Netball (which we won) and then a local ball which was fantastically awesome fun with some of my girlfriends. and then I had to be up at the crack of dawn to get on a train to get back for a hens day, which was rather relaxing at a day spa type thing. But yes, rather an exhausting weekend that was jam packed. I definitely struggled in class on Monday. Nearly needed toothpicks by mid afternoon.

Definitely have some pretty good blisters to prove just how awesome a Saturday night was had! back to the band-aids!

Maroon 5 have recently put out a new single. Moves Like Jagger. Christina Aguilera features in it also. It's pretty good! Very catchy. Have a listen. It's even hit number one on iTunes over Adele! Pretty excited to hear what they release next! So keen for a new album from them.

Was listening to Lily Allen today. Reminded me how fantastic her music is. Especially love her It's Not Me, It's You album. Just love every track. Also takes me back to when I also had the first Twilight film soundtrack and it on repeat together. When I get more than one new album at a time I tend to put all the albums in a playlist together and just drench myself in them on shuffle. Sometimes it's an odd mix. Like at the moment with Paramore, Seeker Lover Keeper and The Script all in one playlist together. When it goes to Paramore it's such a switch in tempo and style. I still love it though.

In the gym, while on the treadmill the last few days I keep seeing this album cover in one of their ads on Channel V for Joe Brooks, the cover looked pretty cool so naturally I made a mental note to check him out. He actually sounds quite good. The album is pretty much a year old though. He reminds me a bit of James Blunt so if you're into him maybe give this guy a listen. I literally just listened through a few of his tracks just now and this is my first impression. They're pretty chilled kind of tunes.

So I've just seen the new ad for Packed to the Rafters! Just a little bit keen for it to come back. Looks so awesome! Also saw the "sneak peak" for Wild Boys which Zoe Ventoura (Mel on Packed to the Rafters, RIP) and Daniel McPherson will be in! Bit keen to check that one out too! Looks a bit exciting. If you haven't heard about it, it's supposed to be a "bushranger drama" (sounds odd) set in the 1800s. Hoping it's better than Winners and Losers. I'm finding myself looking forward to the series being finished. But I feel like I need to keep watching it because I should at least finish off the series. Definitely missing Offspring! Nothing good on TV at the moment as far as drama goes.

I think the Renovators is pretty cool(I'm also in love with their logo, though haven't been watching it religiously or anything. And it's a bit sad MasterChef is nearly finished. Was totally sad to see Dani go tonight! Don't think I really mind who wins of the three that are left. They all seem deserving enough.

In other news I almost feel shopped out, sounds impossible I know! But I've been shopping a lot in the last three weeks and still haven't found a dress for an upcoming wedding. Soooo..... not quite sure how to solve my problem. I feel like I've been everywhere and not found something.... well, something in my budget anyway! So more shopping later in the week I believe... Oh well. a girl can never really shop too much. Right?