Friday, August 12, 2011


Thursday can be my favourite day and my least favourite day all at the same time. I dislike it greatly due to it's lengthy day of Uni. It is a bit of a struggle. And always a late arrival home. But then it's awesome once you get home because then i can look forward to the total three day weekend. It's fantastic! But still a very l o  n   g day.

Tonight I watched Alice in Wonderland. The latest film remake by Tim Burton. I don't know why it's taken me so long to see it. I think I'd heard the reviews of it being a bit dark and different and had decided I wasn't worried about seeing it. Then tonight I sat down and there was absolutely nothing on television. So I put it on. And I was pleasantly surprised! Admittedly at first a little confused that it wasn't the same story of the Disney animated film or the other 1999 remake of the story once I got my head around it it was quite wonderful! I'd give it and 8.5/10. Definitely would recommend it if you haven't got around to seeing it yet. Mia Wasikowska Was fantastic as Alice, she's just gorgeous! And I really loved all the changes to her dress. That was really cool. And of course Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter. Just brilliant! At first a little scary but once you get the feel of him it's just beautiful. I really loved it.

Imagine if we had our own wonderland to have our own adventures in. I guess we do... it was all in her head after all...

Once Alice in Wonderland had finished I switched it over to the television and stumbled across Accidents Happen while changing the channels. Rather odd film. Decided to record the rest of it to watch at a later time as I couldn't be bothered to stay up to watch it all. But I did love that it has Geena Davis starring in it. Reminds me of Stuart Little. My Grandma and Pa took some of my siblings and myself to see both Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 at the pictures. Over 10 years ago now considering the first is a 1999 film! Talk about getting old! But I really loved seeing those movies as a kid. Back in the day!

At the moment food wise I am totally in love with white chocolate. Which is totally odd because I never really used to like white chocolate at all. Also constantly loving clinkers at the moment. They are just soooo good. And ravioli. Ravioli is the best thing since sliced bread! I know i say it all the time but at the risk of repeating myself food is just amazing.

At the moment I'm a little frustrated. Getting back into the swing of things is proving a bit of a task as I have managed to miss completing most of the briefs we had due this week. I've just been doing exactly what i had told myself I wasn't. Procrastination is a disease I tell you! Though I did complete one brief which was due today, which was a relief. 

And i have now finished re-watching Gossip Girl Season Three. And Season Four isn't out until September the 7th! Cruel I tell you. I feel like I've been waiting a year already! So now that I am out of Gossip Girl to watch I decided to pull out Twilight. been wanting to watch that for a while. Man it has been ages!

And I'm still in the process of planning my new bloggy stuff. It will get here eventually...

peace and love!

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