Thursday, September 29, 2011

Singing in the rain!

So today it was a bit dismal weather wise. Cold and wet. 16 degrees I believe was the forecast for Melbourne. Despite the weather I still walked to and from uni. This morning was really only a drizzle but tonight was a lot windier so apart from my umbrella surviving half a dozen near death blows it was quite lovely walking through the rain! Was in such a good mood I was even singing in the rain! I did soon discover that my shoes are not waterproof though! Hopefully they will dry out ok!

Yesterday as I was walking home Fox (radio) stopped half way through playing a Jessica Mauboy song to be the very first station in Melbourne to play the new Bruno Mars song which is apparently for Breaking Dawn Part One. It's actually, ironically perhaps, called It Will Rain. I really like it. Could be a new obsession coming on. Though I'm trying to work out in my head where in the film they will use it and what will be happening at the time. I'm thinking a Jacob scene... Makes me pretty excited for the Breaking Dawn Part One soundtrack actually. I always love the Twilight film soundtracks. They just get better and better so I have high expectations for the next one! Especially excited to hear the Christina Perri and of course Angus and Julia Stone tracks! Hopefully they shall not disappoint! Will be waiting patiently until the 8th of October unfortunately. Mind you as I think about it and realise that tomorrow is in fact the last day of September and that means that the following day is October.... wow... that's actually extremely close. Scary! Where did September go? Why do all the months just keep disappearing like they have somewhere else to be so quickly?!

I achieved something I'm quite proud of in the last week. I actually completed reading a whole book in one week! A whole one. In. One. Week. Why am I so proud? Well obviously it took me something stupid like six months to read The Time Travellers Wife so it felt super good to get through a book in what is for me in terms of reading books, a super short space of time! The book was Heartless, quite a short one really but it's about a girl who from a young age was troubled and deeply effected by the betrayal of her father and it took her a long time to really grasp that this had effected her so much and how it had driven her to make some not so fantastic life decisions. It was a touching story and it was interesting how the author, Tasma Walton, never used anyones names in the story except for one. Astintina. Which when I think about it I never really got who exactly she was. All the other characters were described with a title such as 'My Beautiful Man' who was one of her love interests. But I would recommend it. It's a good easy read, though at times it does pull on the heart a little and I definitely shed a few tears throughout.

Watched Beauty and the Geek tonight. So glad there is a new series of it on. I just love it! Though I don't know about having the guy 'beauty' on it. It's kind of unfair in challenges like tonight where they had to touch animals and bugs. Of course he will find that easy! All the other Beauty's just shriek and make a big fuss, mind you I don't think you'd catch me attempting such a challenge! I can hardly blame them! The cutest bit is how close Jordan and Lachlan seem to becoming. It's so sweet!

I have a new best friend. Went to Typo and bought a beautiful red buffalo journal. Have been eyeing them off for quite some time now so I finally let myself have it. So I have a new outlet for my best and strangest of thoughts. For all the things I want to say but shouldn't inflict on someone else's ears! I'd recommend a journal! There's something about writing out all those thoughts, like offloading from your shoulders, not quite reformatting your brain but transferring it to the USB and deleting it off the hard drive... sort of.

Super keen for the weekend. Was on a trip last weekend so didn't really get to go home and see the family so I am very keen to do that tomorrow! Definitely missed them all this week!

That's about it from me.... for now...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Precious Time...

So I watched Where the Wild Things Are on Tuesday. If you've seen it yourself you will know just how bizarre this film is. Despite it's odd idea it is quite a sweet film. The wild characters are very strange looking but likeable. And the little boy, Max, though entirely out of control is so cute! It's hard not to take his side. Wasn't sure what to expect with this one knowing it was a feature film out of a short illustration story. I like where they took it but I don't know if in the end there was really a satisfying finish. 3.9/5 I'll say. What did you think of it?

On Saturday I watched Precious. This was somewhat a confronting experience. I won't say much at the risk of giving to much away, but if you feel the need to watch make sure you have some tissues on hand! 3/5. not a film I'll probably watch again but it was quite a touching film.

Just now i have finally finished reading a book. A book that I have been reading for at least four months if not more. The Time Travellers Wife has had a home on my bedside table for far too long! I seem to be a very slow reader at the best of times and struggle to put aside time to read novels and such things very much because it always take me so long. But I have finally conquered this particular book and will finally be able to sit down and watch the film that they made on it. Overall I think the book was good, the storyline is romantic but I do think it becomes a bit drawn out maybe. Can't wait to watch the film and compare.

How beautiful was the weather yesterday?! It was so lovely with the breeze but not a chilling breeze, a warm breezy wind. Just divine! And then there was the storm which I believe caused a bit of damage about the place. Hope you weren't effected!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Butter is so evil! Why must it be so amazing in so many things! It's never good news but oh so tasty!

Day Six of the new cut backs in consumption. Five if you discount Sunday which I decided is eat what you like day, within reason and moderation of course. And I did this weekend! Had an awesome croissant. Though I did share it so I didn't eat it all to myself. Also hit the Sugar Station and goodness me that was dangerous!

Had a fantastic weekend though, went the Science Works which I've never been to before so that was kind of cool, even though I'm sure as a younger being I would have found it more interesting. Then finally attended my first AFL game! Though apparently I did attend one when I was about two or three. Obviously no recollection of that. But yes, went and saw the Richmond vs North Melbourne match at Edihad. Unfortunately Richmond didn't manage a win but it was certainly an exciting match to spectate! Can't wait to attend some more next season!

Can certainly feel my new gym program in my abs! Started it yesterday, undecided as to whether I like it or not. It's all very challenging but then so was the last one. I guess there is no point if it isn't.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Where did August go?

This last week was so beautiful. You could just smell spring coming. One day as I was walking home you could even hear the crickets chirping and a humming mower as someone cut their grass. The smell of freshly chopped lawn wafted through the air. And now it's here! Already! I honestly can't believe September is already here. I think August disappeared with wherever all the odd socks go. I don't know where it went at all!

I've had a rather social last week or so. Which has resulted in a bit of over indulgences in some cases. Went into the city on Thursday last week and saw a play that some friends were in. It was rather funny. Then we went out for dinner and then to a cool little bar. Then Saturday went and saw a friend and went out in Richmond. Then on Tuesday went out again and got a few hours sleep before heading to work on Wednesday. Also had a birthday party last Saturday too.

So a lot of fabulous food and such things. Which was awesome except the aftermath of it is not usually so fun. Especially as I had a gym assessment last night and discovered that I have certainly put on a bit of weight over the last few months. not heaps but enough that I need to get rid of it. On the plus side my fitness has improved so I'm not going backwards. But the challenge is on and if I write it on here then It will help me motivate myself to achieve it. I need to lose 5kg. Hopefully in the next month I can do it. So time to stop the late night snacking, which will be challenging as I have made quite a bad habit of it. But it will stop. Started last night. Or should I say I started stopping. Does that make sense?

In other news... I have just been busy with uni and work. Nothing massively exciting. Though i did have Taco Bell for the first time last weekend. That was quite nice. And I also managed to drop my iTouch last week. Which was possibly the most depressing event in my life for the week. I still need to take it somewhere to get fixed, the poor thing is sitting on my desk, neglected and lonely and looking a mess with a cracked screen and a nasty little dint. Was shattered when I dropped it. Hopefully it won't be too expensive.

Also watched Fantastic Mr. Fox last weekend. Really enjoyed it! Was fabulously funny. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did! 8/10. Also finished watching that Accidents Happen movie which I had previously mentioned. Didn't really feel like the film achieved much. 5/10. It was still kind of cool though. And then Fighting, which stars Channing Tatum. It was alright. Probably not entirely my kind of movie but it was alright. 7/10.

Netball is all done and dusted for me. So that's a little depressing. Until netball trip! Which shall be fun.

So many projects on my mind at the moment, including more stuff for this blog.

That's it for now though I think.