Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Summary 27/5/2012

How is it already the last weekend in May?! Where did it go?!

I'll Be by Edwin McCain is just stuck in my head at the moment. Heard it on the radio Saturday. I love that song so much. Still getting a feel for my favourite tracks The Temper Trap (They've recently re-done their website! It's pretty flash. Check it!) and Last Dinosaurs albums that I bought last week. Maybe Tomorrow by Chance Waters and featuring Lilian Blue is a really cool track.

This week has been quite inspirational as we had the annual AG ideas conference in the city at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. It's a creatives conference that many different creative fields are involved in. Then even an after party at the NGV! It was all pretty inspiring. A full review to come later in the week. It just reminds me of how much a love the city.

The week in thousands of words...

Definitely had an interesting week. Life is nothing short of interesting.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inside Out #007

Every night as I walk home I feel as though I’m being followed.
There is a dark figure that often follows me or sometimes wonders ahead.
Sometimes they drag their feet a little as if worn by the day that’s been. 
Sometimes they are almost skipping along, light on their feet as free as can be.
Sometimes sadness seeps from their shape.
Sometimes joy is shown through the bounce in their step.
Every night they're there following me.
Strangely they don’t threaten, they don’t indicate that they are going to attack.
As if synched to my own pace they walk in step with me, sometimes even right by my side.
Sometimes distinct and visible.
Other times camouflaged and hidden.
Sometimes there is more than one of them and I feel surrounded.

Most of the time their company doesn’t bother me at all. 
But isn’t it sad? 
Sometimes I really am afraid of my own shadow.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Summary 20/5/2012

This week, as previously mentioned in my Hectic! post on Wednesday, like the week to come, has been surely busy enough. Especially the weekend. From heading home to play netball in which we notched up another nice win, to back down to Melbourne to hit up the MCG, for my first time ever! Then over to Hisense Arena today to see my first live game of professional netball! So that was all a bit exciting! As well as a bit of shopping which is always good.

This visit to the MCG of course was for the much anticipated AFL Dreamtime at the G clash between the Essondon Bombers, and the team I go for, Richmond Tigers. Though the end result wasn't quite what I wanted it ended up a pretty exciting match as Richmond had an exciting second half, with a lot of goal opportunities in the 3rd quarter which they unfortunately ended up kicking a lot of points from. But they did charge on in the 4th and managed to take the lead for a little bit before Essendon got their act together and showed why they're sitting so high on the ladder at the moment. Was definitely a good spectators game!

The netball at Hisense was the clash between Melbourne's Vixens and the New Zealand team, Northern Mystics. It was a good match to watch though Mystics were pretty on top of it from the get go. The final score was 49-45. Was pretty fun to see it live though. Of course I was going for the Vixens and was a little disappointed with the loss but it was awesome to watch these women play a sport that I love so much on a professional level. Particularly the amazing springs that Anna Harrison (Mystics) possessed, with the help of her assisting defender, She was literally getting enough air to grab the ball as it was about to slide over and into the goal. It was impressive to see! And the accuracy of the goalers is only something I can aspire to achieve! The Mystics Goal Attack, Maria Tutaia, was hard to stop once she had the ball in the ring. Vixens played well though. I thought their captain Bianca Chatfield in goal defence, Geva Mentor in wing D along with Chelsey Tregear running the centre for most of the game were stand outs.

Shopping meant I finally have my very own copy of The Temper Trap's album! It was released on Friday and I was just itching to go and get it! Get excited people! I sure am! I'm stupid excited to listen to it. It's going to be well and truly on repeat for the next week and beyond! I also bought Last Dinosaurs' In a Million Years which I'm pretty keen to add to the rotation also.

Music wise this week I still can't get that "When I wake up in the morning" song out of my head but have finally found out who it is! It's Stuck in My Id by Reptar! Bingo! Also hear Sam Sparro's new track which was kinda cool. I Wish I'd Never Met You.

The week in thousands of words...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Flave #011

I love you, man. Really? This was a giggle worthy one. Starring Paul Rudd, who I've always had a bit of a soft spot for since first seeing him in Clueless. And also starring Jason Segel who we know and love as the adorably hilarious Marshall on How I Met Your Mother. So the film was off to a great start cast wise in my book! Or on my screen. Anyway, it's a while since I've watched it but from what I remember it was worth a bit of a giggle. 3/5.

Finally viewed One Day. Having totally fallen in love with the book I was extremely keen to see the film interpretation. I'm not sure that I was left anything but unsatisfied though. When I think about it for a while I realise that the book is perhaps not the best suited to a film interpretation. I mean I still totally enjoyed it. Being biased as I am with these things it probably had three stars just from me looking at the cover. Anne Hathaway as leading lady Emma, was quite good though a little odd with the accent. Jim Sturgess who I think I've only seen in Across the Universe was quite suited to the leading man Dexter. But it just didn't flow so well in film I think. Still, read the book and watch it and judge for yourself! 3.5/5. 

Last weekend I ticked Crazy Stupid Love off my list to watch. One of those ones that I didn't really have high expectations for... but I don't know what I was expecting and possibly just wasn't in the right mood for that kind of film when I watched it. I thought it was a bit slow and not that interesting. Funny man Steve Carell leaves me undecided and sitting on the fence as I can't work out if I like him or not. Ryan Gosling was definitely a plus. And the way it all came together in the end was quite clever. 2.5/5. I wouldn't go out of your way to watch it.

Nothing spectacular, enjoyable viewing though.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So life is hectic! As I look at the schedule for the next couple of weeks it looks pretty busy! I love it. I love to be so busy. And as usual I find myself wishing for that extra day in the week just so I can get a few more things done and fit a few more things in!

Between keeping up with the studies, gym and netball, add an event or outing or two of some description as well as the travelling back and forth home on the weekends... I'm not sure what a day where you actually have to do nothing and go no where would even be like!

Life is just happening all over the place right now!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Summary 13/5/2012

Firstly I would like to wish my dear mum the very happiest of mothers days! She is such an amazing woman and does so much for the entire family. I have no idea what she runs on but she is just... SO amazing. Wonder woman and then some! I can only hope that one day I will live up to being as awesome a mother and woman that she is. Love you mum!

Music that I'm diggin' this week: Lisa Mitchell's quirky track, Spiritus and I Got Burned - The Bamboos & Tim Rogers. Also Florence and the Machine's Never Let Me Go is hauntingly beautiful. And The Cribs - Come On, Be a No-One is quite cool too along with Miike Snow - The Wave. There is also a song that is stuck in my head.... but it's one of those ones where all you can remember is one line so when you type it into google (which had the cutest logo today!) it has no idea what you're talking about because it's so general..... but it goes "when I wake up in the morning....". I don't know why google can't work out what I'm talking about! But I am just loving this song!

This week it was pink ribbon day at netball which is a particularly special day this year as we remember the very recent passing of an amazing woman who in recent times lost a battle that she had been fighting bravely for quite some time. She will never be forgotten.

The week in thousands of words...

Pink ribbon day at netball meant we all wore pink tape.

Mothers day treating mum to some Vanilla slice...

bright flowers and...

a cute scarf. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Inside Out #006

Winter Battle

Sharp like shards of glassy ice,
The harsh winter chill stabs through the entirety of me as I step outside.
Rough and raw, I fight through it, 
the only thing keeping me fighting the battle is the thought of the warm fuzzy fire that with every passing second becomes a nearer event.
Despite my fierce determination to beat the threatening freezer it continues to slow me, 
drowning me, suffocating and stiffening in the darkness. 
There’s no hope of the sun saving me now, that bright and golden warm and welcoming friend that I wished away on those hot summer days replaced with cold unfriendly winter nights.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LinkSpired #006

This is just the cutest little illustration art print, Love Yourself.

I want this for on my wall. Imagine, a hole to another universe! Like a portal of possibility.

In love with the gorgeous packaging for the Mac and Ninny Paper Co. In love with the typewriter illustrations and the typefaces and combination of it all together.

The Basic Elements of Creativity. Have a squiz. We try so hard to come up with something entirely original but it's always going to have to start from something.

As if this isn't a neat as lasagne cook book! Bet it tastes extra awesome!

Just In Case the world really ends this year. Quirky and bold. I love it!

Tasty looking moustaches! These are totally cute and clever! Mr. Chocolate looks totally melt worthy!

So much awesome stuff out there when you start to really look for it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Sunday Summary 6/5/2012

Such a soggy wet week it has been!

This week I have discovered the cool track Warrior, an awesome collaboration between the one and only Kimbra and Foster the People! Could a collaboration be much cooler?! Also discovered the quirky new track from Regina Spektor, Small Town Moon. Also quite enjoying Missy Higgins new track, Unashamed Desire.

Managed to knock off a few briefs so I'm really closed slash actually kind of on top of things!

Feeling quite accomplished having been awarded a scholarship. So very happy about this!

Exciting anticipation as my family looked forward to a bit of a milestone for my brother and sister who both made their debutante(in the same ball but not actually with each other)! And now post deb depression is setting in. Was such a fantastic night and I am so very proud of my little sister and brother.

The week thousands of words...

Some pretty flowers I received from my parents after winning a scholarship.

 Nothing like some delicious vegetable soup in the cool Autumn. Especially after the wet week we had!
my gorgeous sister made her deb and wore the same hairpiece that I wore when I did mine. She was absolutely stunning!

Such a fantastic week and weekend! Hope yours was good too!