Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Inside Out #007

Every night as I walk home I feel as though I’m being followed.
There is a dark figure that often follows me or sometimes wonders ahead.
Sometimes they drag their feet a little as if worn by the day that’s been. 
Sometimes they are almost skipping along, light on their feet as free as can be.
Sometimes sadness seeps from their shape.
Sometimes joy is shown through the bounce in their step.
Every night they're there following me.
Strangely they don’t threaten, they don’t indicate that they are going to attack.
As if synched to my own pace they walk in step with me, sometimes even right by my side.
Sometimes distinct and visible.
Other times camouflaged and hidden.
Sometimes there is more than one of them and I feel surrounded.

Most of the time their company doesn’t bother me at all. 
But isn’t it sad? 
Sometimes I really am afraid of my own shadow.

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