Monday, May 7, 2012

The Sunday Summary 6/5/2012

Such a soggy wet week it has been!

This week I have discovered the cool track Warrior, an awesome collaboration between the one and only Kimbra and Foster the People! Could a collaboration be much cooler?! Also discovered the quirky new track from Regina Spektor, Small Town Moon. Also quite enjoying Missy Higgins new track, Unashamed Desire.

Managed to knock off a few briefs so I'm really closed slash actually kind of on top of things!

Feeling quite accomplished having been awarded a scholarship. So very happy about this!

Exciting anticipation as my family looked forward to a bit of a milestone for my brother and sister who both made their debutante(in the same ball but not actually with each other)! And now post deb depression is setting in. Was such a fantastic night and I am so very proud of my little sister and brother.

The week thousands of words...

Some pretty flowers I received from my parents after winning a scholarship.

 Nothing like some delicious vegetable soup in the cool Autumn. Especially after the wet week we had!
my gorgeous sister made her deb and wore the same hairpiece that I wore when I did mine. She was absolutely stunning!

Such a fantastic week and weekend! Hope yours was good too!

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