Thursday, February 10, 2011

Talking Blisters

So I finally finished off the homework from day one. A little chocolate was needed but it's done. I hope. Please be passable! Have a little bit of other homework to be done from today but nothing heaps hard. Should be fun to do. Just some drawing... oh and a bit of research. dunno about that one.

I am really enjoying the first week, despite the early mornings. But I feel as though I'm a bit behind everyone else. In knowledge and skills. I'm going to put it down to the fact that I didn't do any art subjects at school. I guess I'll catch up. I think we have to do a presentation thing next week so that is just a tad nerve wracking! Though I don't mind public speaking and it is definitely something I need to get better at... it scares me quite a bit. 

I wore my new Tamsin shoes today. The usual result of a new pair of shoes being warn in has occurred. I definitely got some blisters! Some really bad ones. So after my walk this morning, by the time it was time to come home I decided to go and buy a pair of thongs... so I wore these home and because I haven't had a pair of thongs for a few years I also managed some thong blisters. So My feet are like blister city! I also bought some grey and pink volleys while I was at it. I've been meaning to get some volleys for ages. Think it might be thongs tomorrow though.... these blisters are going to take a while to heal! I also can't wait for my box of shoes to come from home. And all my clothes and other things.

Missed my sisters a bit today. Came home ready for a big chat about absolutely nothing and they weren't here to have the conversation.  I really just wanted to do a lot of talking but didn't want to be just talking to myself.

Oh well.


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