Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Beginning of the End

So I leave tomorrow. I leave my farm. My home of 19 years. The place I have lived entire life! I've never lived anywhere else. I've grown up here, been good here, been naughty here, worked here and even got my education here. I was home schooled, my classroom is here. The whole house, the whole farm has been my classroom. But now, finally, I’m moving. Moving to a totally different classroom. An opposite. I’m moving to the big city to continue my education. On Monday I begin my study of a Certificate IV in Design. So I’m moving out of home and will be boarding with some relatives in Melbourne, though I imagine I will be home to the farm most weekends.

I am so excited to be starting this new chapter in my life, yet I'm just realizing how sad it is actually making me to be leaving my home.

Although this isn’t a permanent move, it’s depressing me. Although it is depressing me I’m also insanely excited. It’s one of those events in your life that you look forward to for so long that it feels like the time will never come and that it will never actually, really happen. But it is about to. And now I have to pack for it. I think I’m prepared…. I think I’m ready, yet I have barely even started packing. And I really do need to go and pack. Unlike many of my friends that have and will have to move out of home for furthering their education, most can leave their bedroom set up and will still have that to come home to for whenever they want. I have to pack up the best and most I can to make way for my little sister to move into my bed. And it’s hard. I hadn’t thought it would be this hard! That’s why I’m still sitting here writing a blog instead of in my room actually packing. Unfortunately it’s inevitable. I’m going to have to do it aren’t I…

So this is the Beginning of the End. A very exciting beginning and a sad but not entirely bad end. But the end always comes before a new beginning. So I started this blog to document this adjustment in my life, to share the good and the bad, the bitter and sweet experiences of leaving home and whatever changes and interesting adventures that may bring. I’ll leave you with that for now as I best go and start this packing business… I just wish I could use some magic to duplicate all my belongings so I could take a set with me but still have everything here when I come home!

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