Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas in a blink...

dec 23 2012:
So apparently there are only two sleeps before the big jolly man that we know as Father Christmas pays a visit and leaves all the good boys and girls some magical gifts under the tree, in their stockings and Christmas sacks. How did that happen? Who said that it could be Christmas already?! I'm not sure that I approve!

Just like there is no stopping Christmas and time it seems there is no stopping the craziness that surrounds the occassion. People hurrying around in an attempt to select the most perfect gifts for that special someone or that random KK that you had to do. Trying your very hardest to select the most perfect gift. It tends to be a tricky business and eventually you begin to walk the fine line of when you feel it's ok to just throw in the towel and buy that person a voucher because you cringe at the thought of giving them something they won't like or just simply won't use!

I pretty much went and smashed out all my shopping in one session. I was pretty pleased with myself actually! Was good to get it out of the way... only four days to spare. It sure was crazy enough at the shops already though! It's funny how we manage this. It happens every year. I talk to some people who have pretty much had there shopping sorted from early November because they just can't stand the hustle and bustle of the not-so-organised of us. I'm not quite sure how they manage it but I also don't see how it could be as fun as doing it all at the last minute... Anyway. I'm done. It's done. I'm ready for Christmas now.

dec 28 2012:
It's over! It's come and gone all over again! It always seemed so depressing as a child. This one day that you spent over three hundred days waiting for it to come around just disappears in the blink of an eye and then you were back to waiting for it all over again! Now I can see why as much as I'm sure my parents enjoy Christmas there is an amount of dread as it rolls around. Being on a dairy farm means that no matter what the season, occasion or public holiday that pops up there is always work to be done and never a day can be just simply taken off. The cows still have to be milked on Christmas and at the moment that is three times a day!

So while a lot of people get the day off to spend with their families it's always another day at work for the dairy farmers (and other kinds of farmers along with other professions that can't just shut down shop such as hospitals, police and many others I'm sure). I never really got this when I was younger and couldn't quite understand why Mum was always so stressed on the day as we tried to get milking out of the way along with other jobs Dad had to be doing or something always seemed to break down or go wrong. But I get it now. And this year instead of us rushing around all day to make it to another location for festivities with family we took some stress out of the day and just celebrated with ourselves. Though it was a bit sad not to be going and odd to break a tradition, I don't remember ever not going to this family function, we do it every single year. But with our large family it makes for a lot of fun with just ourselves! Many presents were unwrapped with lots of gasps of excitement. The best reactions for the day were probably my nine-year-old sisters excitement when she pulled a Furby from her Santa sack along with the almost excitement induced heart-attack that my seven-year-old brother almost had when The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-Ray was unwrapped.

All in all a grand day was had by all as we stuffed our faces with many delicious treats and far too much food I'm sure and enjoyed the festivities of the day along with getting through the milkings and such things.

Family Snap!

Hope your day was as lovely as ours was!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

LINKspired #011

So many cool things on this addictive Fancy place!

I want the track for this mash up of 50 of the hottest top 40 songs of the year!

If you haven't already checked out my super talented little sister head on over the Hair Like a Lion's YouTube page!

This tables and chairs shelf set is crazy clever! What a fantastic compact storage solution!

I never really followed X-Factor too closely this year but 4th placed Bella Ferraro is releasing a rather impressive single. Set Me On Fire. Check it.

Monday, December 10, 2012

State of the Art!

Have just had a fantasticly awesome weekend! After a lovely road trip with one of my favourite people back from home-sweet-home to melbourne-sweet-home for the Gotye concert at Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday we enjoyed some fine dining and other city adventures before venturing to the amazing show as well as having a glorious Sunday.

On Saturday the weather was warm and it was a great day for a road trip. Once we made it to Melbourne we headed into Chinatown for some delicious dinner which involved walking into the first place that took our fancy. The lucky choice was The Crane Restaurant where we both experienced the electronic menu ordering hi-tech fandangled new system that is popping up about the place. You actually use an iPad kind of device which contains pictures for the entire menu and you simply select the items you would like and the quantity before simply pressing order. No waiter writing down on a pad standing over you as you try to make a decision and quit procrastinating and pouring over a menu! It was quite odd... there were so many staff running around and we could barely take a mouthful of water and they would be by your side with a jug ready to top you up! We selected some delicious lemon chicken, my friends standard favourite along with rice which we thoroughly enjoyed! It's been a long time since I've had lemon chicken and it was just SO good!

After this we headed down for a squiz at the Myer Christmas windows in the Bourke Street Mall. This year they are based on Russell's Christmas Magic by Rob Scotton. It was a gorgeous display! I've never heard of the book before but I shall have to go and have a look at it some time. Myer does always deliver well with this show. The scenes are just amazing! It's just so magical! Christmas just brings out so much magic!

When we arrived at the music bowl I was of course just in awe of the fantasticness of the venue. It would be so amazing to go to the carols here! And boy did Wally De Backer put on a show! Gotye was just amazing. The visuals he had player were captivating. It was crazy good and well worth the ticket. Wowee! And just the whole crew, the musicians involved and their performance. Wow. Wow. Wow. And Wally on the drums, I loved it when he got on the drums. It was so intense and he just radiated such passion and... it was so good! Will be back into my Gotye music along with Ball Park this week! One of the highlights was definitely when Barry Morgan came out with the organs for State of the Art. Thoroughly entertaining. I'd also never seen the video clip for Bronte or Thanks for your time which were both really cool along with all the others I hadn't seen. He was also supported by Bertie Blackman which was pretty good.

So not only was this all a grand lot of fun but then today we headed over to the Melbourne Zoo! I don't think I've been there since I was about nine years old! SO long ago!! It was so much fun wondering around checking out all the animals. Favourite would have to be the Giraffes. And the Zebras. We know I love these! And then the Elephants. They were just awesome to see! And the Baboons were rather funny too! Was great weather for it too. And possibly had THE BEST sausage roll ever! It was so delicious. Damn the deliciousness of pastry!

Then the rest of the day I've just spent chilling, watched Toy Story 3 while organising some Christmas presents and then watched Valentine's Day while having my very favourite Vegetarian Supreme Pizza from Crust. It's seriously the best thing ever. And now I'm winding down, with a sugar overload ahead of me watching He's just not that into you for about the 8965498754th time in my life! Yep, I really love this film!

So I hope your weekend has been as awesome as mine!

Chow ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


"Graphic design is essentially a language for living"

- Debbie Millman

If you were wondering just what kind of part that Graphic Design plays in your daily life and why we do need Graphic designers, give this video a watch!

Good habits...

“Good habits are worth being fanatical about.”
― John Irving


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

things you don't like

“If you say that money is the most important thing, you’ll spend your life completely wasting your time: You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is, in order to go on doing things you don’t like doing — which is stupid!”
- Allan Watts

Monday, December 3, 2012

Chill out, It's nice to be alive!

Home sweet-awesome-fantastic-lovely home! After finishing up with my temp job on Friday and a busy weekend, a fantastic week of awesome things I'm extremely happy and excited to have finally made it home. It's been nearly a whole month since I've been home to the country. I've been having a grand time in Melbourne the last few weeks, much amazing food, good times. If you've seen my instagram or tumblr you'll have seen the fantastic fun I've been having! I was extreme keen to make it home today to help celebrate the baby of the family, my youngest brothers third birthday. I swear he's about five or six though. He's so intelligent! I may be biased but seriously, this kid is so clued in! So I snuck home and surprised the whole family today which has been rather exciting fun!

A few highlights of the last few weeks include...

Went to Ball Park Music last weekend. They were beyond amazing. If I wasn't already a bit of a fan I'm quite a bit more of one now! Have been listening to their albums Museum and Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs almost non-stop since seeing them at The Palace. AND supported by Loon Lake who were not only awesome but I have to say a rather attractive bunch! Epicly fun times were had! If you haven't checked these bands out do it now! First Palace experience and I'm keenly watching their line up list for someone to see there again as soon as I can!

Have been munching on many fantastic foods. That has been fantastic fun for my taste buds. Tried quail for the first time. That was just deliciousness! Along with stuffed tempered zucchini flowers. Another first which was amazingly good. So much deliciousness! Been trying out the local cafe and it's delicious focaccias. Tried some amazing butter chicken at Anshumann Da Dhaba yesterday. Having chicken parmas for dinner tonight with a home made parma sauce which I'm super proud of making and excited to consume! Gosh food is just far too good!

Went to the thousand steps yesterday with some friends which ended up being a bit of a day trip as we kind of went the wrong way before finally reaching the destination of the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk. Something that has been on my list of things to do for a very long time so I can finally tick it off! Hard work and slippery stuff but good fun with the crew I went with.

Also played in my second netball grand final for the year which the team brought home an impressive victory! So that was grand fun and good times.

Finally unpacked all my twenty-first gifts that had been sitting in my room waiting to be put in some new homes for quite some time. Did a good spring clean out and have found I have almost no pants and shorts as they are all miles to big for me now! Time to go shopping I believe!! Also just actually pulled out a lot of clothes I've been holding onto with the "I might wear that or need that some time" but that I have never really actually pulled out to wear for more than 12 months. So that felt rather refreshing!

Work was also a highlight and I feel so grateful at how it all worked out and the knowledge and experience that I gained was invaluable!

And now it's December! Where did that come from?! Time to make some Christmas lists and work out what to get everyone! It's so exciting to be pretty much on holidays finally!

Just in love with being back at home at the moment!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Working for the ideal

So I've been rather absent on here... here's a little recap of my recent adventures...

Monday 12th November...
Feeling like such a grown up today! Started a new temporary job that I got in my field for the next few weeks. In MY field! An actual Graphic design position! My first ever!
It's funny, it's kind of one of those things that you spend so long waiting for, like you know it's coming and will happen eventually but it just seems like the time will never really come and it's just something you'll wait forever for... Forever! And then it actually happens and you almost go to pinch yourself every little while because it must be some kind of dream! It can't really be happening. But it is!
I've spent the last week so nervous about today coming...

Friday 16th November
Friday Friday... Rebecca Black has some serious things to answer to, every time I think of Friday her song runs through my head. Am I the only one with this problem...?

So it IS Friday and I HAVE just finished my first week of work with my temp stint as an actual Graphic Designer! And I'm in love with it. I love it. Though I am quite excited I think I'm even more nervous for next week than I was for this one! I don't want to pinch myself because I'd hate to wake up from this situation!
Tuesday 20th November
Day two on my own, and apart from it being a little challenging no major issues. I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this!

Monday 19th November
It's a big day today as I go it alone. I'm super scared but also quite excited! Going to be an interesting day!

Sunday 25th November
So I shall be shortly embarking on my third week of work and the second of it on my own and I'm looking forward to the week ahead. I still can't believe I get paid to do something I enjoy so much! It's certainly an ideal situation to be in right now!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Odd Freedom

It's a Saturday night and I'm settled in ready with my ice-cream and chocolate to watch a movie. I finished off at uni on Friday and don't have to go back until next year.... it's an odd feeling. No briefs to think about. Almost freedom... I start full time work on Monday. Another odd feeling. It's just a bit odd all around at the moment! It's going to be an interesting week to say the least but I am totally excited for it. I have a feeling my Sunday is going to slip away like crazy!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

32 past!

So Friday mornings I've taken to getting down to the gym for a 7 o'clock class which involves a rush out the door at 6.30am. This week as I rushed out the door, already in a massive fluster having thought I'd turned off my alarm and then slept a few precious minutes past what I'd wanted to, I was rushing off, wrapped up against the chill as I looked down at my phone, 32 past, have to speed walk a little quicker, but I'll make it.... hang on a second... 32 past... to my total dismay it was only 32 past 5! Stopping dead in my tracks I stared at my phone for a minute to make sure I wasn't seeing things! Off back to bed I trudged for another 45 minutes of sleep... Oh dear indeed!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You can never have enough cake!

What a gloriously beautiful day! Apparently it got to 30 degrees though as my classroom tends to be annoyingly cool I never felt the real heat of it. But when I did get out it was rather lovely! Can't believe we're back down to 15 by Friday! Get up with it Melbourne. We want to depend on you for some more consistency! It's no fun pulling out the sun dress one day and the woolies the next!

So the weekend just gone, along with not sleeping much, who's silly idea was that? I took a little walk down memory lane. Decided to treat my little October Birthday buddy brother to a birthday outing treat as due to the close proximity of our birthdays and the busyness surrounding them I hadn't really had the chance to stop and celebrate his eleventh birthday with him. So off we went on a little bit of a surprise birthday outing for him. KFC for lunch, popcorn chicken is the order, seems to be his favourite thing. He even had it twice in the one day! Then we headed off to this massive playground called Kidstown that he's never had the opportunity to go to before! I couldn't believe it when we realized he'd missed out on visiting the best playground I'd ever been to as a kid. My seven-year-old little brother came with us too and was beside himself with excitement at Kidstown. He couldn't believe his luck! It was quite funny being back there. Everything is so much smaller than you remember it being.... I think it was like that nearly every time you went. As you got older it all became less and less exciting, enormous and adventurous until the big slide just wasn't scary anymore and there was no way you could get lost in the maze anymore.... and your feet dragged along the ground when you attempted to fly across the flying fox. It was fun while it lasted! Anyway, after that we did a bit of shopping with a trip to the discount lolly shop of course. I should be banned from that place. Here we got some Kinder Surprises. When I was younger we always got the Yowie's? They were Cadbury's version of a Kinder Surprise. Don't know what happened to them... Then of course we had to look at the Lego sets. This was all finished up with a delicious family dinner and many candles on top of the top part of my 21st cake. I think Benny enjoyed his treat! Hope it did! Happy Birthday!

Was quite funny the commentary of seven-year-old Sam throughout the day. He thought that since Ben is no longer "Ben ten" he would now have to change his name toe Kevin and be "Kevin eleven!". I thought that was rather thoughtful of him really! The day ranked in as the second best day of his life he tells me! And he was just tagging along! What a sweetie!

Think I'm up to a cake count of... one, two, three, four, five, six! Omnomnom! All including cupcakes, pineapple cake and lots white and milk chocolate cake muddy goodness. Dangerous stuff!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Twenty-One!

So it's already over a week since my last post. As usual I fully intended to have posted more than half a week ago... Where did the week go? I don't want it back or anything, just wondering what happened to it....

Recovering from my big 21st birthday weekend was definitely a factor. I swear every morning I woke up so tired that I was dying to get home to bed again all day... Then every night I'd get home and by the time I was ready to let myself sleep it always seemed to have hit 12. So then I'd do it all over again the next day. I'm just that clever!

Usually I dislike birthdays but this one was the best fun ever! Anyway, my 21st was the most amazing fun. Glorious weather last weekend too! Once everything was sorted it was grand fun. It's funny, when you think, yep I'm gonna have a big party you totally turn a blind eye or are just a tad oblivious of all that needs to be organised! So many decisions to make which is always made more challenging with my indecision. By the time you decide on your venue, food, drinks, the cake, decorations, invitations, guest list, outfit and music it's a rather big production! Or at least it was in my case. Definitely a stressfully exciting process! Ive always thought event management would be a challenging but thrilling occupation. Its probably the biggest event i will ever organise until my wedding(yeah, that's quite a long way off that one). And I can safely say that without so many amazingly awesome family and friends that helped out there is no way it would have been as amazing as it was. And when I say amazing I mean just insanely awesomely fabulously gorgeous people. Really there are no words that could describe just how fantastic these people are and how lucky I am that I get to have them in my life! Words couldn't do justice to how grateful I am for all their help. People, you know who you are and you are amazing! I appreciate you guys more than words can possibly describe!

So the party went grandly! And I want to thank every single person who came along to help me celebrate as well as a few really important ones that it just wasn't possible for them to get there. There were also a few really special people that made a massive effort to be there which makes me feel even more special. It made me feel, and still does, extremely special to have so many come and help me celebrate. The cake was AMAZING. It looked amazing and tastes it too!  I was very specific about exactly what I wanted and it turned out fantastically! The decorating was awesome thanks to the fantastic crew that helped get it all up. The music was awesome and the bar staff along with the pro catering team(many of the previously mentioned amazing people) did a fab job. I can barely believe how awesome it was! The worst bit is just how quickly the night disappears! It feels like people are coming in and saying hello and then all of a sudden you're doing speeches(which were so lovely and not too embarrassing or really shameful at all) and then dancing and then everyone's saying goodbye. Time flies when you're having fun I guess! 

So in short, my 21st was a grand affair and I have entered legit adulthood with a new lease on life and a ridiculous amount of presents and cake! Four in total I believe! At work I had a lovely white chocolate mud cake, Melbourne family dinner we had literally a pineapple as a cake, school on of my lovely friends made some super cute cupcakes, Family we had a little chocolate bar with a candle & then my amazing party cake! Sooooo much cake! Om nom nom! I have been so extremely spoiled on the present front. In fact just on the life front in general! The biggest thank you to everyone who made me feel so extremely loved and special for my 21st birthday! I feel like I just won the lottery or something!

Sorry for such a long gabble about it all but I can't help it. Bursting with lots of warm fuzzy love! Truly was amazing! It's like when you do your deb and you just have so much fun that you want to do it all over again! Shall share some pictures of all the wonderful things soon.

Other exciting life developments, I had a job interview this week which was rather nerve wracking and very exciting all at the same time. Just for a full time temp job. I realized it's the first time I've ever actually had to I through an interview process! All the jobs I've had I've just known the right people. It's served me quite well but I'm looking forward to doing many more interviews. I was super nervous but there is something about that process of trying to impress someone and get there approval that gives me a little thrill! Don't know if I'll get the job, I think he interview went well but we shall see. Should know some time next week I imagine!

Won netball again and we're looking at a pretty serious crack at the finals in another few weeks which is pretty damn exciting!

Only have a few weeks left of studies for the year which is rather exciting! And I have to say I'm still pretty on top of it all! So no sweat in that department of life at the moment. Just extreme joy of summer holidays fat approaching. Though today was a little depressing as my class was informed of the extreme increase in our study costs for next year. Thank you Julia! Your education cut backs are gonna really improve the education of he youth o this country. Well done! Instead of getting through my studies without wracking up a massive dept now I get to add some financial struggles to my continued studies. It's beyond ridiculous. Not happy Jan! And I'm sure many will be much worse off than me for it to.

Random thing that kind of made my day yesterday. I was leaving the gym and this guy who I've never seen in there before wanted to talk to me. He was looking quite serious in the middle of setting up for some seated rowing when he asked me if I had ever considered taking up running. My response was a half hearted "not really...". Taken a bit by surprise I was! Apparently I have the ideal body type for it and should seriously consider it! Not going to lie, totally made my day! Running is totally not my favourite thing but I will definitely take that as a compliment! Thanks man!

Other random things I've done while being so inactive on here, besides organising 21st things include Maroon 5 concert withy sisters which was fantasticly amazing! (may need to work on my vocabulary and expand on some more excited descriptive words, think I've used those ones fifty times already in this blog post alone!) we had the best time with some awesome seats at Rod Laver and I even finally bought a t-shirt which I've been meaning to do ever since going last year! Also had netball trip, which clashed with Maroon 5 so I missed a bit of it but it was fantastic fun once I got there. Managed to have a bit of a car accident in some rather wet and dangerous driving conditions. Bottom line is no one was hurt apart from getting a bit of a fright and coming away with a very valuable(and expensive) life lesson. Also had the netball vote count(for those that don't know every week when we play the umpires give votes to beat on court players and then they add them all up at the end of the season and those with the most votes are named best & fairest) may have come away with an impressive trophy! Did I mention we won the premiership? Winning!

Apart from all that and some fun 21st parties and generally loving life that's about where I'm up to at the moment.

Congratulations if you made it through all of that! This is what happens when I come back from being MIA! I could go on and on but I shall sip there for now!

To end on a lovely positive note here's a cheery link I just came across on SwissMiss. Emergency Compliments.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodbye 20!

So it's my birthday eve and though birthdays, or more birthdays that are mine, are not something that usually excite me I am actually kind of pretty excited about this one. So in about 15 minutes I say goodbye to that odd age between being 18 and 21, that limbo of not really being a teenager anymore, and turn into a totally legit adult! Apparently even though we become an adult at 18 we get to do it all over again when we turn 21.... go figure! But yes, 21 here I come! It's already been pretty awesome so far. Have been rather spoiled considering it hasn't quite got to the actual day yet!

So I've been rather MIA around here lately and I guess I owe that to being a busy little thing. Everyday I plan to get on here and post!

Anyway, I promise to improve on this... even if no one reads it.

Ten minutes to go!

It's going to be a BIG weekend!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holidays, holidays!

Holidays holidays! What bliss to be on holidays! The last few Sunday Summaries have gone a miss so this is like a summary of my life of the last few weeks...

It's been grand. My netball team won the premiership which is the most amazing feeling and has been such fantastic fun and an awesome group of people to have been able to share it with and be a part of and everything. It has always been a life goal to win a netball premiership and that I got to do it with the club I've been playing with all my life has been the most exciting thing! It was just epic!

Apart from all the excitement of this I am pretty well on top of life and have thoroughly enjoyed my week of absolute holiday bliss! Bliss bliss bliss!

School is under control and we only have six weeks left before being finished for the year which is just a tad bit awesome and crazy as I know I keep saying it but this year is disappearing quicker than the iPhone 5 has raced off the shelf. Which is crazy fast! Apparently Australia was even a destination for Apple lovers from overseas as some came across the ocean just to wait in line for the latest and greatest apple of all because good old Australia was the first to get it!

Loving my iPhone 4S even if it is a bit behind the times now! Newly a total Instagram-aholic!

Anyway.... more to come but that's about all my brain will output at the moment.... still in slow motion from holidays!!

Battle Scars

So this is a pretty talented little chick that I highly recommend that you give a watch...

Rate, Like, Comment, Subscribe!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So it's been a week.... I think it's fair to say it's been a very busy one! I feel a long post coming on...

But for the moment I'll keep this one short....

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.”
- Bill Cosby

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Few people think....

“Few people think about it or are aware of it. But there is nothing made by human beings that does not involve a design decision somewhere.”
- Bill Moggridge

SwissMiss, one of my very favourite blogs.

It's funny, the other day we had a guy come and talk to us at school. He is actually the creator of Positive Posters and Sex, Drugs & Helvetica. Anyway, he as talking about how Graphic Designers are so undervalued. And it's so true. Look around the screen right now.... A Graphic Designer designed this. Now minimise and have a look at all your other programs. This was also part of a Graphic Designers job along with a code designer of some description. Now that magazine sitting on your desk, that was a Graphic Designer too. and the list goes on, advertising, print, screen and physical mediums are all outlet's that Graphic Designers create and design for along with many others. See above! Yet when you tall someone that you're studying to become a Graphic Designer there are people who almost scoff.... "so you draw stuff?".

Darling, that's not even the half of it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Summary 9/9/2012

This week has been busy as usual. 

Been pumping 360 still and haven't really checked out any other new music. 

Attempted to watch Red Riding Hood and failed. Not my kind of movie.

So very close to finishing My Sisters Keeper!

Another 21st celebration this weekend and thinking a lot about my own. Finally finalised my invitation design and am in the process of getting them ready to send so that's a bit exciting!

Also finally got my new iPhone! Even though it's so close to the next version coming out. But I just couldn't wait any longer. And I'm totally in love!

Otherwise, just enjoying things going to plan!

My light globe exploded!

My beautiful new white iPhone.

 Delicious ice-cream cake that is kind of from last week. Was so delish!

The boss as Ottor Box cover form my new baby for ultimate protection!

Some embellishments for my invitations!

Enjoy your week!

Friday, September 7, 2012

InsideOut #010


You wouldn't think that hearing those three words would reduce you to cringe,
for your stomach to churn and for tears to almost spring to your eyes.
"You Must Rest" he says.
"You're doing to much"
his tone is stern and serious as a lump forms in my throat.
How is it possible to hate being told to rest?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Summary 2/9/2012

So just had one of the best weekends! Netball team is into the grand final, so that's pretty $#$%$%&$#@$% ! ! ! exciting! I've been playing netball at this club since I was 11 and I've never had the chance to play in a grand final with them! Also got to be super proud of my superstar little sister who is my idol right now!

Also helped one of my very best friends celebrate her 21st which was a fantastic night with a music themed dress up which involved many fantastic costumes! Including the DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba, which very much impressed me. Along with a few Lady Gaga's of course! And even an iPod! That was probably the coolest costume there. This girl made it herself and put speakers on it and everything!

It also involved a bit of joint birthday celebration for my sister who had her birthday during the week. This involved some rather delicious burritos and some rather impressive ice-cream cake!

Was a bit funny, on Friday I was rummaging around to find some stuff to take home for the costume party and just happened to find my lovely hats that I bought last year. That's right. On the very last day of winter I found my lovely cosy winter hats that I obviously hadn't looked hard enough for all year! Unlucky! And Spring certainly brought us some lovely mood boosting weather! So yes, awesome times!

As far as music goes this week I have definitely been loving 360's album I purchased last week. Especially Just Got Started, Child, Throw It Away, Run Alone, Meant To Do and Hope You Don't Mind.... but I really just love the whole album.

There was one disappointing thing though. I wasn't able to get my new iPhone that I've been counting down to getting for a few months now and especially for the last few weeks since smashing my own phone. So next weekend hopefully I'll be able to fit it in. I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I even already have the cover!

The week in thousands of words...

The shoes on the left I purchased for my costume... they were the most amazing and highest pair of shoes I have ever purchased! And they were even on sale at only $20 from Novo shoes!

One of my poor neglected hats that missed out on winter!

Been really enjoying every chance I get to read this book!

Got my Grease on and went to the party as Sandy...

The shoes on the left I purchased for my costume... they were the most amazing and highest pair of shoes I have ever purchased! And they were even on sale at only $20 from Novo shoes!

Hope yours was as good as mine!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

No Win...

“Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail, there’s only make.”
- John Cage

Taken from Some Rules for Students and Teachers, attributed to John Cage, but originates from celebrated artist and educator Sister Corita Kent.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Banning fun?

Can you believe that a school in Sydney has banned hand stands and cartwheels? What are they going to ban in schools next? Apparently ball games are also being considered to be banned in some schools. Are they going to kill all the fun things kids can do that involve physical activity and fresh air just in case they hurt themselves? Next they'll be ripping out the playgrounds and putting the kids in straight jackets. How is this going to help the obesity rate of children? They'll end up just sitting around because they won't be able to move for all the cotton wool they'll be wrapped in... what is the world coming to?!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Summary 26/8/2012

So this week was rather good! I felt quite productive! Which I haven’t for a while.

Got to catch up with a friend on the train trip home and was dumbfounded when a passenger across from us was quite annoyed and requested that we give the talking a break. I’ve never had that happen or experienced it happening to someone else. We weren’t talking about anything inappropriate or rude. We were just chatting away about anything and everything and though maybe we were a little loud at some point we weren’t doing anything wrong. When your on public transport I wouldn’t expect to have someone be so annoyed for that kind of noise. So there you go. There is a first time for everything!

Music wise, I bought 360’s album today, Falling & Flying, so I’m quite keen to get into that this week. Also been loving Taylor Swift's new stuff. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together & her collaboration with B. o. B., Both of Us.

The week in thousands of words...
Cooking white chocolate brownies!

My two year old brother who loves playing on Mum's iPhone. Certainly not something I was doing at that age!

Private performances from my talented little sisters!

Chicken Kiev. Om. Nom. Nom.
My typical Friday lunch. Spicy prawn sushi and a vegetarian curry puff.

Delicious pizza on a little date with my sister!

Good luck with the week!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Flave #014

The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. Finally finished reading it a week or so ago now. I didn't mind the story. I haven't actually read any of Sparks other novels as yet so this was my first. I've only seen the films for The Last Song and The Notebook, both based on other novels he's written, which I do enjoy quite a bit. I'd probably only give it a 3/5. There's just something about the main characters of Beth and Logan that in the end I didn't find them totally loveable. I don't know what it was. But it was quite a sweet story. Worth a read, just not my favourite book.

So I've already seen it but He's Just Not That Into You was only $13 at Kmart at the moment and it's a film that I just like so much I thought i would get my own copy. It's one of those films with half a dozen or so big names and the storyline involves sub story lines as different characters love lives unfold and then somehow they are all slightly connected in some way. Like your Love Actually, New Years Eve or Valentines Day. As I've mentioned many times before Ginnifer Goodwin is one of my favourites and in this film she leads the cast as the main character, Gigi, or at least she is in my head, tying the whole story together. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Anniston (another of my favs), Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Kevin Connolly, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Long and Bradley Cooper all star and I enjoy all of them. Of course everyone lives happily ever after... or for the most part. Some find they were looking in the wrong places and others find their happy endings were right in front of them all along. One of those movies I will watch over and over.... 9/10.

Monte Carlo is one of those typical Disney films. It stars Selena Gomez, fresh out of the Disney machine and then Leighton Meester & Katie Cassidy who've both been on Gossip Girl, which makes it a little better. Also Corey Monteith from Glee which further makes it a little less.... painful to watch. But I wouldn't recommend. Then again I'm not really the desirable demographic.

Hadn't seen Moulin Rouge so bought the DVD and watched it finally! Starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor it's a classic that lived up to expectation. Such fun to watch! If you haven't checked it and like the musical kind then get onto it! 7.5/10.


You can't...

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

SwissMiss never fails to inspire me with her blog...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So today I glanced at the forecast and was a little excited that it was to be 19 degrees! It was so lovely! And as I walked to school there was the smell of summer in the air with freshly cut grass. It was rather glorious I thought. Then even when it got windy it was practically a warm summery breeze as it had a lingering warmth to it. Just a lovely day!

Slow internet is the pits. It's so easy to take for granted the internet running at a reasonable speed just like you depend on your alarm going off ever morning or water to come out of the tap when you turn it on. All of a sudden you're sleeping through your alarm or it isn't even going off.... or the tap doesn't let you have water when you turn it on anymore.... How'd that happen?! It's the most frustrating because I always tend to have a few pages running slash loading at the same time and am often multi tasking in some way or another.... but when it's slow it's like.... only being able to have one line of thought because the dame thing can barely cope with that let alone a second one. Frustration to the max!

Today in class someones phone made this sparkly magic kind of noise... like you hear in little games. It made me think of this spider web game that I used to play on Neopets. Remember Neopets? I'm sure any 90s kid does. Used to spend so much time on that thing! Playing games to earn points to buy food and accessories for my pet. Three plays to earn points, per game, per day. The meercat neopet style snake game was always clicked.... especially when the second version came out. And then there was the spider game, there were many little addictive games. And then you'd trundle off to the shops to stock up on food.... and then I have a feeling i would always be checking my pet into the hotel so that my pet would be looked after without me having to log on. Much fun was had on that thing!... happy days!

Anyway... I love it when you get to the end of Wednesday. Less than half the week to go and then it's the weekend. I live for the weekend at the moment!

Hope your hump day was as good as mine!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pump up Spring!

I love how just listening to a song can brighten your day. Whether it be because of a memory attached or just because it's a typically uplifting song that you love. Today while I was in the gym Channel [v] decided to play three consecutive Foster the People songs. Of course firstly it was Pumped up Kicks and then I can't remember specifically the other two as I always get the titles all mixed up but wow! It just made me so happy. Just hearing the intro of Pumped Up Kicks took me back to summer, to dizzy hot days, sweating something silly, Big Day Out 2012 and just fantastic times with friends and family. I've come home and put it straight on and even now I can almost smell summer and feel the thick warm air that comes with it! I'm actually kind of looking forward to it warming up, it was quite lovely today. Usually I hate the thought of hot weather, not that I want it hot hot.... just warm. Bring on Spring!

Sick again....

All last week I had the nigglings of a cold, a runny nose and a slight irritation in the back of the throat and now it seems it's gotten worse. By Saturday I managed to have also gained an impressive cough which is only getting a little worse. Yesterday was not much fun as I did feel quite yuk for the most of the day. Was funny as I was getting stuff out of my locker and had a cough my teacher was walking past and made the comment of how unhealthy I sound and how that's a "do what you've gotta do and go home day" when you sound like that. Of course that's not what I was going to do. Can definitely feel the cold in the stomach though. Not feeling fab. Though was surprisingly energetic when I was at the gym last night between blowing my nose and running about I actually made it through my sprints feeling better than I usually do which I find quite strange. Go figure!

Even made it home in time to watch Can of Worms last night. It was quite good. I like Chrissy Swan as host having replaced Ian "Dicko" Dickson. And the panel last night was really good with Megan Gale, Fitzy and Kate. Especially Kate. She's so funny!

Anyways, better get to it!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Summary 19/8/2012

Matchbox Twenty's new song has been stuck in my head for the most part of the week. She's So Mean. It's just heaps catchy! When I first heard it I was trying to work out why they would be playing old Matchbox Twenty music, hadn't realised they were back together. Also discovered this really awesome track on Triple j Unearthed by Jessica CerroAnyone But Me. It's catchy and sweet with her indie pop style. Be sure to go and check it out! Also enjoying The Sapphires film track by Jessica MauboyGotcha. Another catchy one. Kinda keen to see the film actually... And as predicted I have been very much enjoying Lana Del Rey's album. Particularly loving the songs I already mentioned in last weeks Sunday Summary.

So The Hunger Games film was released on DVD on Friday so of course I rushed out to get it and last night watched it with my sisters one of which was as excited as I as we had both only read the book since it coming out and not seen it at the cinema. Shall share my thoughts in the next The Flave.

More cooking, made some delish chocolate pudding and chocolate cupcakes and lemon slice! So much delicious food!

Netball went well and we have now finished our home and away season with a fantastic result! Bring on finals!

The week in thousands of words...
A confusing game of chess with my brother with many substitutions and mixing of sets to make up a whole board or pieces.... it was rather confusing!

Mmmmmmmmmm, jam toast...

Why is cheese so good?!

Thornton is in my family tree so I picked up this chocolate bar to try it out...

One of my favourite bits in The Hunger Games...

Lemon slice and chocolate cupcakes!

Have a good one!