Monday, December 3, 2012

Chill out, It's nice to be alive!

Home sweet-awesome-fantastic-lovely home! After finishing up with my temp job on Friday and a busy weekend, a fantastic week of awesome things I'm extremely happy and excited to have finally made it home. It's been nearly a whole month since I've been home to the country. I've been having a grand time in Melbourne the last few weeks, much amazing food, good times. If you've seen my instagram or tumblr you'll have seen the fantastic fun I've been having! I was extreme keen to make it home today to help celebrate the baby of the family, my youngest brothers third birthday. I swear he's about five or six though. He's so intelligent! I may be biased but seriously, this kid is so clued in! So I snuck home and surprised the whole family today which has been rather exciting fun!

A few highlights of the last few weeks include...

Went to Ball Park Music last weekend. They were beyond amazing. If I wasn't already a bit of a fan I'm quite a bit more of one now! Have been listening to their albums Museum and Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs almost non-stop since seeing them at The Palace. AND supported by Loon Lake who were not only awesome but I have to say a rather attractive bunch! Epicly fun times were had! If you haven't checked these bands out do it now! First Palace experience and I'm keenly watching their line up list for someone to see there again as soon as I can!

Have been munching on many fantastic foods. That has been fantastic fun for my taste buds. Tried quail for the first time. That was just deliciousness! Along with stuffed tempered zucchini flowers. Another first which was amazingly good. So much deliciousness! Been trying out the local cafe and it's delicious focaccias. Tried some amazing butter chicken at Anshumann Da Dhaba yesterday. Having chicken parmas for dinner tonight with a home made parma sauce which I'm super proud of making and excited to consume! Gosh food is just far too good!

Went to the thousand steps yesterday with some friends which ended up being a bit of a day trip as we kind of went the wrong way before finally reaching the destination of the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk. Something that has been on my list of things to do for a very long time so I can finally tick it off! Hard work and slippery stuff but good fun with the crew I went with.

Also played in my second netball grand final for the year which the team brought home an impressive victory! So that was grand fun and good times.

Finally unpacked all my twenty-first gifts that had been sitting in my room waiting to be put in some new homes for quite some time. Did a good spring clean out and have found I have almost no pants and shorts as they are all miles to big for me now! Time to go shopping I believe!! Also just actually pulled out a lot of clothes I've been holding onto with the "I might wear that or need that some time" but that I have never really actually pulled out to wear for more than 12 months. So that felt rather refreshing!

Work was also a highlight and I feel so grateful at how it all worked out and the knowledge and experience that I gained was invaluable!

And now it's December! Where did that come from?! Time to make some Christmas lists and work out what to get everyone! It's so exciting to be pretty much on holidays finally!

Just in love with being back at home at the moment!

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