Monday, December 10, 2012

State of the Art!

Have just had a fantasticly awesome weekend! After a lovely road trip with one of my favourite people back from home-sweet-home to melbourne-sweet-home for the Gotye concert at Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Saturday we enjoyed some fine dining and other city adventures before venturing to the amazing show as well as having a glorious Sunday.

On Saturday the weather was warm and it was a great day for a road trip. Once we made it to Melbourne we headed into Chinatown for some delicious dinner which involved walking into the first place that took our fancy. The lucky choice was The Crane Restaurant where we both experienced the electronic menu ordering hi-tech fandangled new system that is popping up about the place. You actually use an iPad kind of device which contains pictures for the entire menu and you simply select the items you would like and the quantity before simply pressing order. No waiter writing down on a pad standing over you as you try to make a decision and quit procrastinating and pouring over a menu! It was quite odd... there were so many staff running around and we could barely take a mouthful of water and they would be by your side with a jug ready to top you up! We selected some delicious lemon chicken, my friends standard favourite along with rice which we thoroughly enjoyed! It's been a long time since I've had lemon chicken and it was just SO good!

After this we headed down for a squiz at the Myer Christmas windows in the Bourke Street Mall. This year they are based on Russell's Christmas Magic by Rob Scotton. It was a gorgeous display! I've never heard of the book before but I shall have to go and have a look at it some time. Myer does always deliver well with this show. The scenes are just amazing! It's just so magical! Christmas just brings out so much magic!

When we arrived at the music bowl I was of course just in awe of the fantasticness of the venue. It would be so amazing to go to the carols here! And boy did Wally De Backer put on a show! Gotye was just amazing. The visuals he had player were captivating. It was crazy good and well worth the ticket. Wowee! And just the whole crew, the musicians involved and their performance. Wow. Wow. Wow. And Wally on the drums, I loved it when he got on the drums. It was so intense and he just radiated such passion and... it was so good! Will be back into my Gotye music along with Ball Park this week! One of the highlights was definitely when Barry Morgan came out with the organs for State of the Art. Thoroughly entertaining. I'd also never seen the video clip for Bronte or Thanks for your time which were both really cool along with all the others I hadn't seen. He was also supported by Bertie Blackman which was pretty good.

So not only was this all a grand lot of fun but then today we headed over to the Melbourne Zoo! I don't think I've been there since I was about nine years old! SO long ago!! It was so much fun wondering around checking out all the animals. Favourite would have to be the Giraffes. And the Zebras. We know I love these! And then the Elephants. They were just awesome to see! And the Baboons were rather funny too! Was great weather for it too. And possibly had THE BEST sausage roll ever! It was so delicious. Damn the deliciousness of pastry!

Then the rest of the day I've just spent chilling, watched Toy Story 3 while organising some Christmas presents and then watched Valentine's Day while having my very favourite Vegetarian Supreme Pizza from Crust. It's seriously the best thing ever. And now I'm winding down, with a sugar overload ahead of me watching He's just not that into you for about the 8965498754th time in my life! Yep, I really love this film!

So I hope your weekend has been as awesome as mine!

Chow ;)

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