Friday, June 29, 2012


So last night, despite being sick in bed all week, I half dragged myself to Rod Laver Arena for Lady Gaga’s second Melbourne show. I say half dragged because I really did have to make myself go. But there was no way on earth I was going to miss seeing Lady Gaga, no matter how sick I was!


In short, one word to describe the show: Amazing. Or spectacular? Inspiring.  Wonderfullyawesome!

Nothing less than what you would of course expect from Gaga. The music, set, dancers, costumes, props. Everything was just so quirky and bold and awesome! I would go to that show again in a heartbeat! The only downfall was the tickets we had, though not as expensive as what some may have paid, were right around to the side in the restricted view section, so I’m sure from a better seat the show would’ve been even more spectacular! And as a member of the special Melbourne audience, just like the night before, we got to have Gaga sing her Princess Die song which seems to be in reference to Princess Di. It was quite sad and beautiful. I think my favourite outfit was this white dress that she wore when she sang I think it was Bad Romance… It’s hard to describe and I couldn’t get any pictures close up enough of her to see the outfits very well. And the meat dress looked pretty cool too. I’m still trying to work out if it’s real meat or not… you would think you would want a shower straight after wearing a costume like that. And her gun bra… or at least I think they were guns….

Obviously I was already a bit of a fan, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to her show, but I feel like more of a fan now. She’s going onto my list of idols! She’s such an empowering being, and so lovely.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to get. As I mentioned our view was rather restricted... But I quite like the shots I got.

In awe!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Schmidt is so wise...

Cause when you care about somebody, you do what’s best for them. Even if it sucks for you.
Schmidt - New Girl

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Summary 24/6/2012

So this week finished off semester one and has provided me with that slight feeling of freedom. I believe I managed to be "competent" and pass.

Everyone back home is sick with some pretty intense colds so after being home to visit for the weekend I will be using all the remedies I can and all the positive thinking to avoid getting it as bad as some of them but also hopefully not at all! Fingers crossed!

Music wise this week I bought Maroon 5's latest album, Overexposed on Friday, the day it was released! Haven't had the chance to listen to it HEAPS yet, but from the listening I have had I'm totally loving it. Also Allday have this cool track I've heard a lot on triple J this week, So Good. You can download some of their music at Triple J Unearthed. Also the Mystery Jets, Someone Purer is a pretty cool track. Van She, Idea of Happiness is another.

Netball provided a good win and a happy high. Also attended a ball with some friends which made for a fantastic weekend!

The week in thousands of words...

Bought so gorgeously delicious looking macaroons!

The cover art for Maroon 5's Overexposed album is quite different to their previous album artwork...

I've begun reading both The Great Gatsby and The Lucky One...

Band at the ball.

Hope you have had an awesome weekend and enjoy your week!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The last few weeks Triple J have been reminiscing on the 90s and today they were getting people to dress up as someone from the 90s. They talked of things like television shows of the time such as Alex Mack. Remember Alex Mack? The girl who had the chemical spilt on her and could turn into a pool of liquid and transport around as a puddle to get herself out of trouble? Gosh I used to love that show.

Even though they are a little over a decade passed by there are certainly a lot of things that have changed since growing up through the 90s. I know, it’s not so long ago, but for those that are my age it’s easy to feel like it was a long time ago… a whole half a lifetime! Back when in our house it was exciting to get our very first computer. And we began to discover the wonders of the internet… and over time it’s downfalls as our privacy has slowly diminished by our own destruction as we feel the need to share so much of our life with the rest of the world. Back when Facebook and Myspace would have been a struggle to comprehend. When you would still actually have to look things up in the dictionary if you weren’t sure what they were rather than just simply type it into the Google search bar. When videotapes were the go and if you were going to miss a show on television you would have to record it on video tape or miss out. No streaming it via the internet if you missed it. And they didn't put television series on video tapes like they do DVD's now did they? Back when television programming controlled what you watched, now we can watch whatever we want whenever we want, the ability to download and stream and share such things through the internet means they have to work harder to get you to sit down and watch a show because you can sit down and watch it whenever and wherever you wish! Back when if you weren’t going to go buy your favourite songs on CD you would sit by your tape deck with the radio and be ready to record as soon as your fav tune came on.

There were toys that were terribly popular that I recall never being allowed to have (and my mum will tell you I never let her forget it either as I complain about how deprived I was as a child) such as baby born dolls and tamigotchi’s. Though I definitely had my fair share of Barbie’s. Had quite a few of those. And a Cabbage Patch Doll. I had one of those. The one that had crimpers and curlers and special hairspray so you could do up her hair. And she even had a dimple on her right cheek just like me!

I remember in the later part of the 90s desperately wanting a diskman. The 90s equivalent of an MP3 player. It was all I really wanted. I couldn’t think of anything cooler! These days it’s iPod’s and various other brands of similar MP3 players that it seems you wouldn’t find many kids without!

Fruit roll ups were big back then too. Such sticky sheets of sugar with prints of various characters on them. "Fruity" sugary goodness!

Those were the days!

Friday, June 22, 2012

LINKspired #008

At the moment I have a thing for milk carton shaped items. And I love this student design: The Cultured Cow. The simplicity of the designs and the colours used are just lovely!

A toothbrush that helps you rinse. How clever!

Loving the packaging design for this Drop In label. How cute is the concept?!

This Chilly Moo concept packaging is pretty funky and cute too!

15 things Charles and Ray Eames taught us. My favourite is 14.
"Make design your life… and life, your design."

Pizza is something I'm craving a lot at the moment so maybe that's why this particular packaging is rather appealing! Qizini is brilliantly done! 

The bold simplicity of this Good Food packaging is rather pleasing also.

Was rather excited by my discover of this MagSpreads website.

Fancy Pants. Preeeeeeeeeetty!

As I was getting my ticket today I noticed these charming posters up for V-Line's guilt trip campaign.

Not so much expiring but kind of exciting... not as excited as I normally would be though, but there's a new trailer for Breaking Dawn part II!

Free to be!

I'm free! Had my final semester one assessment and everything that needed to be complete and submitted done yesterday! It all went quite well. The only thing to be done through the holidays that is studies related is to work at my own leisurely pace on my Southern Cross Packaging entry. This is a brief they like to use as part of our actual requirements which I think is great to have us doing stuff to get us to enter competitions. Otherwise I'm entirely free to get into some of those little personal projects that I've been dying to do. Time to devise a list I think! Plan the next few weeks so I actually fit in doing things that I don't do when it's not holidays!

I read this quote that SwissMiss posted...

“Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things.”
- Ray Douglas Bradbury

I'm affraid I fail a bit at this. Or just don't agree with it. Or I'm rubbish at being creative because I definitely think a lot about what I do! Interesting perspective though!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Flave #012

So a few weeks ago now, after I think possibly two months or more of slowly nibbling away at the pages of this book I finally completed reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I loved it. It was a lovely read. I loved the characters, especially Aibeliene as I often felt I could hear her voice saying the words I read when I was going through her chapters. And of course __, the rebellious writer who seemed to be forever out of place. It was one of those books that after I read the last words I still wanted just a bit more. Very keen to see the film! 4.5/5.

Horrible Bosses was on the list and I can now tick it off. It was kind of silly as I'm sure it was intended. It was the kind of film I get a little frustrated watching the main characters making the silly mistakes they do and being so silly but still somehow having everything work out in their favour. My favourite horrible boss was proably Jennifer Ansiton’s character, Dr Julia Harris. She was a manipulative boss who had Dale played by Charlie Day doing exactly what she wanted, and she wanted him despite his commitment to his own partner. It was rather amusing how he turned it around in the end. Also loving Jason Bateman at the moment so that definitely boosted the appeal. 3/5.

Friends With Benefits another film to tick of my to watch list. I really enjoyed this one. A cute rom-com about the of course disastrous mess that can become of a friends with benefits situation starring a favourite of mine in general, Justin Timberlake as Dylan and then a new favourite of mine Mila Kunis (from That 70s Show and The Black Swan) as Jamie. It was probably a case of just living up to and meeting my expectations of the film. They weren't exceeded but I wasn't let down. The story plays out as Dylan and Jamie meet through an employment opportunity and after establishing a friendship and realising they were good friends both not wanting of a relationship of real commitment and romance and just purely a good shag they agreed to extend their blossoming friendship to a friends with benefits arrangement. Of course this is set for complication and I do think perhaps it was a little drawn out but definitely an enjoyable watch. 3.5/5.

Our Idiot Brother was alright. I generally enjoy Paul Rudd and always love Zooey Deschanel and the rest of the cast in this film were also enjoyable but it was nothing special. Funny enough. It was alright. 2/5.

Watched The Accidental Husband. Was quite mediocre really. Typically predictable. About Emma Lloyd, Uma Thurman, a radio personality and author and the Dr. of love who advises strangers on their relationships. Engaged to Richard, Colin Firth, it seems her own love life is sorted until a victim of her "expert" advice, Patrick played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, decides to mess with her a little but in the process falls for her himself. Nothing special. 1/5.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I just finished this today[Sunday when I wrote this]. I said I wasn’t going to read it but after a few friends and all my sisters were getting into it I thought I better give it a shot. And wow! Loved it. Really really loved it. It’s not very often that I am reading a book and am not wondering how many pages there are in the current chapter or how far through I’m getting but with The Hunger Games I actually just read it without any of that. I haven’t read a story like it before and I definitely shed a few tears in the last few chapters. And at the end. Katniss is an easily likable character and the world she lives in, though similar to our own is in so many ways removed and almost alien I feel. This brutally deadly style big brother reality show that their world participates in willingly is unbelievable and though totally cringe worthy at times it was a thrilling read. Peeta is just…. Indescribable. Totally fell for him! Will be keenly reading the next one quite soon. 4.8/5. I will be very keenly awaiting the DVD release of the film. Desperate to get my hands on a copy as soon as it’s released!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Summary 17/6/2012

This week has been plenty busy as usual! And kind of thrown out of whack with the long weekend.

Music wise apart from listening to a lot of The Temper Trap, Last Dinosaurs, Florence & the Machine and The Wombats I haven't really heard anything new that I've gotten into. Except I did hear a song that was kind of fantastic... but I don't know what it was called.... and the lyrics I can remember are really generic! So I shall have to do some detective work. Pushing me away from you is all I can remember. And then today I heard Katy Perry's new one for the first time, Wide Awake which I quite liked. Also reminisced to a bit of old Leona Lewis, Bleeding Love and other tracks from her Spirit album.

Actually made some liquorice slice this weekend which was fun. Haven't done such sort of food making for far to long!

Also finished reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins! Loved it! Shall feature my thoughts in the next The Flave.

The final week of the semester is about to begin.... and I think I'm actually ready for it. I feel like I'm on top of things studies wise.

The week in thousands of words...

The last pieces of autumn...

I bought these red gloves last week from Dotti for less than $7 on sale! Bargain! I've pretty much worn them all week!

The delish liquorice slice!

VYF Reunion Ball.

Hope you have a fab week!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inside Out #008

Colourful Reminder

Dead leaves are scattered across my path,
like it’s recently been snowing scrunched brown paper,
the crumpled flakes of gold and yellow browns crunch under my soles as I make my way through the wonderland of dulled but fire like colour.
Despite the resemblance to such heat the sun provides less warmth everyday,
the lush hot summer has been washed away and replaced by the cool crisp autumn air.
The blusty and blowy wind dries my mouth, making me thirsty for the warmth of the sun rather than the icy rain that the gloomy clouds above threaten to deliver at any given moment.
Though in some ways seemingly unpleasant, there is an understated beauty to be appreciated as I walk through the snow of  summer’s fallen gifts, a colourful reminder of the blossoms that have been and bestowing the promise of the blooms that will come again.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So the Queen's birthday long weekend disappeared rather quickly. I had so many plans... a long list to tick off but hardly achieved half of it.

I did get my washing done! Tick.

I did get all caught up on Packed to the Rafters and Offspring though. That was an achievement in itself. And there were certainly a few tears to be shed for both shows. Such sad times along with happier ones in the typical roller coaster of emotion story lines they tend to employ. So sad for Nina to have broken up with Patrick. So much sadness involved there. I really hope it isn't the real end for them though. I love them together. I love Patrick & Nina. It's just such a good combination! Asher and Matthew are just sweet together! And totally missing Billie, Kat Stewart.

Speaking of Packed, gorgeous cover of Who from last month (though I only just came across it) featuring past cast Jessica Marais and current, James Stewart, (such a stunning couple!) and their daughter Scout!

Gosh the next Packed looks pretty intense! Can't believe Frankie did what she did and Dave's reaction... now having watched the episode this evening it really wasn't as intense as I thought it may be. Cody can't leave though. He's practically my favourite these days! Looking like not a lot of drama next week in the season final...


Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Summary 10/6/2012

This week pretty much all the stuff Triple J is loving I'm enjoying their continued replaying of! This includes their current hit list of Don't Ever Want to be Found by The Rubens (they also do Lay it Down which I may or may not have have previously mentioned another week that it is one of my favourites at the moment too), Boy by Emma Louise, Heard it All by Illy, 45 by Gaslight Anthem and Take a Walk by Passion Pit. Also really really enjoying Mercy Killer by Bertie Blackman. It's just quirky and I love the sound of it. Love This by Cosmo Jarvis is also awwwwwesomely cool. Running It by Diafrix is another good one. Feel the Love by Rudimental is the last one I shall mention for this week. Go check them out!

So I finally got to have my burrito! It was so fantastic! Homemade style I went and got the tortillas, salsa and various other desirable items and I introduced them to my family last night. Though most of the younger ones wouldn't try most of the stuff that you put in them, those who did seemed to think they were pretty alright. I'm definitely loving guacamole at the moment. How good is that stuff?! Sooooooo good.

Been doing a bit of reading this week, totally getting into The Hunger Games! About halfway through the first book and am very keen to reach the end and get onto the next one. Cannot wait to see the movie!

The week in thousands of words...


Home mad burritos!

Yes.... of course chocolate!

Totally excited! Haven't had toblerone in ages. I've never tried the dark chocolate one before actually!

perfect hot chocolate and marshmallow weather!

Hope you have a great week and enjoy your long weekend!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

LINKspired #007

As if I don't already love coffee enough these take-away cups designed for the rebranding of Coffee Supreme are just lovely!

The bold simplicity of the rebranding of Berkley London hotels is also rather attractive. Particularly love the complimentary chocolate packaging!

How cool would it be to have your walls covered with ideapaint?!

More gloriously stunning classic packaging design. One colour letterpress job that is just quality!

New favourite blog?! Lovely Packaging is quite like the dieline. It's awesome! Particularly enjoy this students work on this coffee packaging. Gorgeous!

We all know how much I'm in love with chocolate and coming accross a product and packaging like this definitely gets me inspired and happy! Check out these totally gorgeous little chocolate kits. It prompted me to go and look at their website, choc on choc. It's also quite gorgeous! And they have A LOT of really cool concepts in their range! Check out the first aid kit and their range of animal chocolates is totally cute! Such as the cows.

Came across this rare idea of Stormtrooper Cereal a while back and meant to show my brother. How cool to have star wars for breakfast! I thought it was a pretty rad little idea though I'm sure it's quite impossible...

Watching Wilfred...

It’s Friday! One of the best of days as we all know. There is nothing nicer than that feeling of excited anticipation of looking forward to what the weekend will bring. Looking forward to things is sometimes a better feeling than actually doing the things.

Good news on the camera front! Thanks to a particularly clever cousin of mine (thank you very very very very very much!), it is back to the world of the electronically functioning living. It does groan at me every time it opens it’s lens but I feel it does this more as a scarring reminder that it’s a fragile piece of equipment and it needs some extra care here on in. So no forking out for a replacement any time in the near future. Thank goodness!

News with other lovable and awesome objects in my life my gorgeous watch, Wilfred, yes, that is what I shall name him. I don’t claim sanity here, yes I like to name my most loved possessions. What of it? But yes, Wilfred is finally fitted to my wrist! I definitely did a little bit of excited celebratory jumping when I got him back yesterday. I can wear him! And have been all day, admiring the gorgeousness of my lovely new watch(thanks to another few awesome cousins I happen to have). It’s funny having something on my wrist of this size but I feel quite used to it already. It’s nice not to have to fish around and find my phone just to see what the time is!

So as well as that serious craving for a burrito that I was confessing in my last blog and partly probably the reason that I am also feeling particularly partial towards avocado at the moment. Not on it’s own though. Just with stuff. So keen for some in a good bit of guacamole in this highly anticipated burrito. There’s this kind of humorous poster at the exit of the women’s change rooms of my gym with this avocado and how they’re good for you.

Today in class I knocked off another brief (hooray!), which happened to be a presentation on the studio access we participated in as part of our AGideas experience a few weeks ago. This particular event of the week has risen a few points in my mind. One being that I am feeling re inspired just seeing other people’s presentations and experiences of the studio access visits but also inspired by the studios they got to see. Secondly I feel so relieved to have done a presentation, not only just to have gotten it out of the way but also because we hadn’t done any yet this semester and though I was finding it rather stressful (as per usual) and was not as prepared as I would have liked to have been I feel quite content with how it went. Yes I did fumble and muck up my visual aids at one point and of course there were a few cases of miss reading notes and getting myself tongue-tied. I’m sure I spent far too much of the time looking down at my notes rather than making some quality crowd eye contact… but I enjoyed it. Presentations are one of those challenges that though I think I hate them I actually kind of love them. I do like to do a bit of public speaking, though I always find it nerve wracking, it’s always a challenge and there is always going to be a bit of thrill in being able to challenge yourself and achieve a good result in overcoming your little fears. I just need to go into these things a little better prepared so I don’t have to note read so much. That one just comes back to my poor time management at this current time. Anyway, back to the points that came to mind, thirdly it has made me realize I never did a good and proper review of the whole thing. It’s been a big few weeks of life in general and I guess I’ve had a few distractions! And though I know there is no real demand for it, I will do one in the next week or so. Promise.

If you just got through that gabble give yourself a pat on the back! And have a lovely weekend!