Saturday, June 23, 2012


The last few weeks Triple J have been reminiscing on the 90s and today they were getting people to dress up as someone from the 90s. They talked of things like television shows of the time such as Alex Mack. Remember Alex Mack? The girl who had the chemical spilt on her and could turn into a pool of liquid and transport around as a puddle to get herself out of trouble? Gosh I used to love that show.

Even though they are a little over a decade passed by there are certainly a lot of things that have changed since growing up through the 90s. I know, it’s not so long ago, but for those that are my age it’s easy to feel like it was a long time ago… a whole half a lifetime! Back when in our house it was exciting to get our very first computer. And we began to discover the wonders of the internet… and over time it’s downfalls as our privacy has slowly diminished by our own destruction as we feel the need to share so much of our life with the rest of the world. Back when Facebook and Myspace would have been a struggle to comprehend. When you would still actually have to look things up in the dictionary if you weren’t sure what they were rather than just simply type it into the Google search bar. When videotapes were the go and if you were going to miss a show on television you would have to record it on video tape or miss out. No streaming it via the internet if you missed it. And they didn't put television series on video tapes like they do DVD's now did they? Back when television programming controlled what you watched, now we can watch whatever we want whenever we want, the ability to download and stream and share such things through the internet means they have to work harder to get you to sit down and watch a show because you can sit down and watch it whenever and wherever you wish! Back when if you weren’t going to go buy your favourite songs on CD you would sit by your tape deck with the radio and be ready to record as soon as your fav tune came on.

There were toys that were terribly popular that I recall never being allowed to have (and my mum will tell you I never let her forget it either as I complain about how deprived I was as a child) such as baby born dolls and tamigotchi’s. Though I definitely had my fair share of Barbie’s. Had quite a few of those. And a Cabbage Patch Doll. I had one of those. The one that had crimpers and curlers and special hairspray so you could do up her hair. And she even had a dimple on her right cheek just like me!

I remember in the later part of the 90s desperately wanting a diskman. The 90s equivalent of an MP3 player. It was all I really wanted. I couldn’t think of anything cooler! These days it’s iPod’s and various other brands of similar MP3 players that it seems you wouldn’t find many kids without!

Fruit roll ups were big back then too. Such sticky sheets of sugar with prints of various characters on them. "Fruity" sugary goodness!

Those were the days!

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