Saturday, June 9, 2012

LINKspired #007

As if I don't already love coffee enough these take-away cups designed for the rebranding of Coffee Supreme are just lovely!

The bold simplicity of the rebranding of Berkley London hotels is also rather attractive. Particularly love the complimentary chocolate packaging!

How cool would it be to have your walls covered with ideapaint?!

More gloriously stunning classic packaging design. One colour letterpress job that is just quality!

New favourite blog?! Lovely Packaging is quite like the dieline. It's awesome! Particularly enjoy this students work on this coffee packaging. Gorgeous!

We all know how much I'm in love with chocolate and coming accross a product and packaging like this definitely gets me inspired and happy! Check out these totally gorgeous little chocolate kits. It prompted me to go and look at their website, choc on choc. It's also quite gorgeous! And they have A LOT of really cool concepts in their range! Check out the first aid kit and their range of animal chocolates is totally cute! Such as the cows.

Came across this rare idea of Stormtrooper Cereal a while back and meant to show my brother. How cool to have star wars for breakfast! I thought it was a pretty rad little idea though I'm sure it's quite impossible...

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