Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where did that come from?

So somehow it's June. June 2012. Where did that come from? It just can't possibly already be June...

Not only are we fast approaching the shortest day of the year but I have a sneaking suspicion that the seconds, minutes and hours in our day are shrinking too. Except for the last 10 seconds on the treadmill in the gym. Damn seconds are really long when you're in the gym sometimes.

So with all this time just running away it's nearly the end of the semester! I feel like we only just started term two a couple of weeks ago and now I only have a week or so before I'm supposed to have about 5 briefs handed in and the beginning of the end of a quite massive one at that! It's insane. And right now I am uber stressed about a lot of it. On top of that I have a few little jobs to do on the side which are pretty important. I think I'm going to devise a better time management strategy for next semester. Like I actually am going to do it.... in the holidays. No more procrastinating like a pro. Came across this video on my Facebook feed today. How to procrastinate like a pro. I thought it was rather funny!

Today for some reason I have been craving a burrito. All day! It's driving me insane. And I can't see when I'm going to be in a position to get one any time to soon. This makes me sad as I pull out the Mad Mex brochure that I collected last visit just because I enjoy the design. So here I am just torturing myself, drooling over the pictures. I can almost taste the rice and sour cream and salsa and guacamole and corn and lettuce and whatever else I may have in it and all it's deliciousness.

Glancing at the time i'm not sure how it already got there but it did and I should be sleeping right now.


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