Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Summary 10/6/2012

This week pretty much all the stuff Triple J is loving I'm enjoying their continued replaying of! This includes their current hit list of Don't Ever Want to be Found by The Rubens (they also do Lay it Down which I may or may not have have previously mentioned another week that it is one of my favourites at the moment too), Boy by Emma Louise, Heard it All by Illy, 45 by Gaslight Anthem and Take a Walk by Passion Pit. Also really really enjoying Mercy Killer by Bertie Blackman. It's just quirky and I love the sound of it. Love This by Cosmo Jarvis is also awwwwwesomely cool. Running It by Diafrix is another good one. Feel the Love by Rudimental is the last one I shall mention for this week. Go check them out!

So I finally got to have my burrito! It was so fantastic! Homemade style I went and got the tortillas, salsa and various other desirable items and I introduced them to my family last night. Though most of the younger ones wouldn't try most of the stuff that you put in them, those who did seemed to think they were pretty alright. I'm definitely loving guacamole at the moment. How good is that stuff?! Sooooooo good.

Been doing a bit of reading this week, totally getting into The Hunger Games! About halfway through the first book and am very keen to reach the end and get onto the next one. Cannot wait to see the movie!

The week in thousands of words...


Home mad burritos!

Yes.... of course chocolate!

Totally excited! Haven't had toblerone in ages. I've never tried the dark chocolate one before actually!

perfect hot chocolate and marshmallow weather!

Hope you have a great week and enjoy your long weekend!

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