Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Flave #012

So a few weeks ago now, after I think possibly two months or more of slowly nibbling away at the pages of this book I finally completed reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I loved it. It was a lovely read. I loved the characters, especially Aibeliene as I often felt I could hear her voice saying the words I read when I was going through her chapters. And of course __, the rebellious writer who seemed to be forever out of place. It was one of those books that after I read the last words I still wanted just a bit more. Very keen to see the film! 4.5/5.

Horrible Bosses was on the list and I can now tick it off. It was kind of silly as I'm sure it was intended. It was the kind of film I get a little frustrated watching the main characters making the silly mistakes they do and being so silly but still somehow having everything work out in their favour. My favourite horrible boss was proably Jennifer Ansiton’s character, Dr Julia Harris. She was a manipulative boss who had Dale played by Charlie Day doing exactly what she wanted, and she wanted him despite his commitment to his own partner. It was rather amusing how he turned it around in the end. Also loving Jason Bateman at the moment so that definitely boosted the appeal. 3/5.

Friends With Benefits another film to tick of my to watch list. I really enjoyed this one. A cute rom-com about the of course disastrous mess that can become of a friends with benefits situation starring a favourite of mine in general, Justin Timberlake as Dylan and then a new favourite of mine Mila Kunis (from That 70s Show and The Black Swan) as Jamie. It was probably a case of just living up to and meeting my expectations of the film. They weren't exceeded but I wasn't let down. The story plays out as Dylan and Jamie meet through an employment opportunity and after establishing a friendship and realising they were good friends both not wanting of a relationship of real commitment and romance and just purely a good shag they agreed to extend their blossoming friendship to a friends with benefits arrangement. Of course this is set for complication and I do think perhaps it was a little drawn out but definitely an enjoyable watch. 3.5/5.

Our Idiot Brother was alright. I generally enjoy Paul Rudd and always love Zooey Deschanel and the rest of the cast in this film were also enjoyable but it was nothing special. Funny enough. It was alright. 2/5.

Watched The Accidental Husband. Was quite mediocre really. Typically predictable. About Emma Lloyd, Uma Thurman, a radio personality and author and the Dr. of love who advises strangers on their relationships. Engaged to Richard, Colin Firth, it seems her own love life is sorted until a victim of her "expert" advice, Patrick played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, decides to mess with her a little but in the process falls for her himself. Nothing special. 1/5.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I just finished this today[Sunday when I wrote this]. I said I wasn’t going to read it but after a few friends and all my sisters were getting into it I thought I better give it a shot. And wow! Loved it. Really really loved it. It’s not very often that I am reading a book and am not wondering how many pages there are in the current chapter or how far through I’m getting but with The Hunger Games I actually just read it without any of that. I haven’t read a story like it before and I definitely shed a few tears in the last few chapters. And at the end. Katniss is an easily likable character and the world she lives in, though similar to our own is in so many ways removed and almost alien I feel. This brutally deadly style big brother reality show that their world participates in willingly is unbelievable and though totally cringe worthy at times it was a thrilling read. Peeta is just…. Indescribable. Totally fell for him! Will be keenly reading the next one quite soon. 4.8/5. I will be very keenly awaiting the DVD release of the film. Desperate to get my hands on a copy as soon as it’s released!

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