Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So the Queen's birthday long weekend disappeared rather quickly. I had so many plans... a long list to tick off but hardly achieved half of it.

I did get my washing done! Tick.

I did get all caught up on Packed to the Rafters and Offspring though. That was an achievement in itself. And there were certainly a few tears to be shed for both shows. Such sad times along with happier ones in the typical roller coaster of emotion story lines they tend to employ. So sad for Nina to have broken up with Patrick. So much sadness involved there. I really hope it isn't the real end for them though. I love them together. I love Patrick & Nina. It's just such a good combination! Asher and Matthew are just sweet together! And totally missing Billie, Kat Stewart.

Speaking of Packed, gorgeous cover of Who from last month (though I only just came across it) featuring past cast Jessica Marais and current, James Stewart, (such a stunning couple!) and their daughter Scout!

Gosh the next Packed looks pretty intense! Can't believe Frankie did what she did and Dave's reaction... now having watched the episode this evening it really wasn't as intense as I thought it may be. Cody can't leave though. He's practically my favourite these days! Looking like not a lot of drama next week in the season final...


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