Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Summary 26/2/2012

This week I continued to obsess over Drake and Rihanna, Take Care but I have also been listening to the Bluejuice album, Company. Been enjoying that quite a lot. Also song I got on Triple J Unearthed, Rumour by This Sanctuary. If you enjoy a bit of Paramore you will probably enjoy this track!

I completed my third book for the year! Jason Akermanis biography Open Season. You can read my thoughts in the latest The Flave. So now I have began reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett.

The week in thousands of words...
Overheard in the MX is always entertaining.

Delicious Sunday Breakfast!

Finally got to watch Water for Elephants (read about it in The Flave) and have began reading The Help.

Oh how I love sugar!

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Gen D?

The other night I happened to see some of Adam Hills show on ABC where he, as usual, some rather interesting guests. The Adam Hills on Gordon Street on Wednesday (watch the full episode here) featured the author Alain de Botton. He's written book titles such as Status Anxiety, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work and his latest published work, Religion for Atheists. What interested me was his opening comment "we are the distracted generation". He went on to talk about our constant obsession with our smart phones, constantly having them out and needing to check them even in the middle of face to face conversations with other people. And I just thought that is such a fantastic way to describe our generation. So rarely would I find myself capable of just sitting down and doing only one thing at the one time. I am forever multi-tasking and just generally in capable of concentrating all of my attention on one specific thing. If I'm doing homework I've always got music on in the background or maybe even a movie. If I sit down to actually watch a movie most of the time I will have my laptop in front of me or a notebook nearby. Same when I sit down to watch a TV show. Even when I'm sitting reading a book I sometimes struggle to keep on track with the story as my eyes read the words and my mind is off somewhere else entirely thinking up all sorts of things. The only time I actually just do one thing is when I'm driving. And even then you tend to have the radio on so really your still not only doing one thing. Being time poor forces us to squash everything together or maybe just the fact that there are all these different technologies to use and so many more things that you can be doing that we just don't have time to do that we tend to do so many things at once. Or just trying to do the less enjoyable things with some enjoyment. Sometimes I think it's clever that we can do so much multi-tasking. Sometimes it probably makes us take longer to get things done in the long run as we spend so much time being entirely distracted. Even as I sit here writing my blog my mind is off thinking about the other things I should be doing right now along with watching Tangled on the television. "We [really (or at least if I'm anything to go by as similar to a large amount of the generation)] are the distracted generation".

On an unrelated but nostalgic side note: before I was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Such a classic film that I'm sure I watched over a hundred times as a child. It's funny though, the things that you didn't notice as a kid that you understand when you watch the film again so much older. All those bits that you found boring when you were little because you just didn't understand what was going on. It's quite funny. Definitely a childhood favourite. In light of this I re-created the wrapper which I will feature in a future blog.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

the Flave #008

The Flave #008

Went and saw The Vow this weekend. Have been anticipating it’s release for the last month or so as my sisters and I decided to go and see it as a cute little Valentines date. So off we went and viewed. Personally I really loved it. As I’ve mentioned many times I just love Rachel McAdams. She’s gorgeous and I generally enjoy the characters she plays. Channing Tatum is another currently popular actor that I tend to have a soft spot for ever since seeing him in Step Up a few years ago and Dear John more recently. So naturally I was destined to enjoy the film, if not just for the fact that I love the cast. It also featured Australia’s very own Jessica Macname, who previously starred on Packed to the Rafters as Sammi, the youngest son, Nathan’s wife. Anyway, so if you haven’t seen the trailer you should go and watch it. The film is based around Paige, played by McAdams and Leo, played by Tatum, a young pair who met by chance and who's love blossomed quickly until the young and in love couple were involved in a shattering car accident. As a result of the accident Paige's more recent memory is gone and she has no recollection of her current life at all. This forces Leo to try and put back together the pieces of their life to help her remember and save the love she doesn’t remember she has for him. It’s heart breaking to watch as they both struggle through this difficult circumstance but I just loved it. I think Channing and Rachel have fantastic chemistry and along with the rest of the cast told the story well. It’s based on a true story which is rather sweet. I really liked the flash backs early on in the film and kind of wished that there was more of that throughout. I give it a solid 8.5/10.

I bought Something Borrowed on DVD a few weeks ago and finally watched it. Half the reason I bought it was because Gennifer Goodwin was in it. I have a massive soft spot for her too! She is just so cute! Anyway, based on a book by Emily Griffin, which I didn't realise until after I'd watched it otherwise perhaps I would have read it before viewing. The film has a frustrating storyline as you watch Rachel fall in love with her best friend Darcy's fiancee Dex. I feel like Gennifer's character Rachel, as she is in the wrong, should attract some kind of dislike from me in my viewing but because I'm so biased towards her as an actress I never thought badly of her. Best friend Darcy is played by Kate Hudson who admittedly I find a tad hard to watch sometimes. Though Dex played by Colin Egglesfield and other friend Ethan played by John Krasinski does not go unnoticed! Both rather cute actors. I guess the bottom line is I love Gennifer! 7/10.

Finally got to watch the Water for Elephants film. It was divine! Totally enjoyed it. I love Reece Witherspoon and she played Marlena perfectly, she is just so beautiful. Robert Pattinson was also quit good as Jacob, the young runaway who falls for the beautiful Marlena. And I thought Christopher Waltz was fantastically mad as August, Marlena's overbearing and slightly crazy husband. The changes they made from the book were quite noticeable but understandable to keep the pace of the film going and avoid complicating things. The sets and costumes were all so ver stunning and gorgeous. I can't remember the last time I went to a circus but watching the film makes me want to go! I will definitely be watching this one again and again! Gorgeous film. Definitely recommend watching whether you read the book or not. 9/10.

Also finished reading Jason Akermanis' biography Open Season this week. After his speaking appearance at a local event I was helping out at last year where I actually got to meet him I was super keen to read the rest of his story. I really enjoyed the read. I found it all quite interesting. He's led quite the life! Not really knowing his father until much later in life and dealing with the death of his mother at a young age. I guess the point of view is a bit biased being from his own, but I found it quite the inspiration. 8/10. Good read.

Monday, February 20, 2012

LINKspired #004

LINKspired #004

As usual Frankie in the form of their Magazine never fails to inspire me. Also their blog often consist of posts that leave me in awe of the creative talent in this world. I particularly loved their recent post about artist Kate Holland and her book art sculptures. They're are just so outside the box!

Another discovery through Frankie was the Sandwich Cake. It's so laugh out loud funny before you consider what a cool idea it is but then you look at the pictures and decide whether it's appetising or just a little bit hard to take... either way I think it's a wonderfully creative idea!

These Valentines posters are just awesome! Read the desktop article and check out the pictures to see what it's all about.

Speaking of Valentines how comedically cute are these Sweet Morsels cards found at W + K Studios?!

Another post on desktop I found inspiring was about the gorgeous work of Jessica Wong. She's got it all right! Her typography is stunning!

The dieline is another new favourite blog of mine. Full of gorgeous packaging designs a recent favourite are these cute Just Cook spice blends. I love the simplicity yet bold character of it.

Hope this may have inspired in some shape or form!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Summary

Another new branch on my blog tree. This is a brief one. Just a short and random summary of the things I liked this week.

Could not get Take Care - Drake featuring Rihanna out of my head this week. Finally purchased on iTunes. In love with the song. Just loving Drake and Rihanna at the moment!

Picture of the week...


The FLave #007 - BIG DAY OUT 2012

The Flave #007

Rather delayed, I know.

So on Sunday the 29th it was finally time to attend Big Day Out in Melbourne. And it was an epic and awesome day, though ridiculously hot. Thank goodness I managed to avoid sunburn, though I'm sure there were many that didn't! The line up was fantastic though it was hard to get around and actually see all of the shows that you wanted. What we did see was awesome though!

Stonefield were the first act we saw over at the Converse Green Stage. They were pretty cool.

We ran over to Bluejuice over at the Boiler Room. We only saw about three songs... well when I say saw we couldn't see them, the tent was so crowded as you can see by the picture. But what we could hear was fantastic, they seemed like a lot of fun. Would be great to go to one of their shows again.

Then we went over to the Orange & Blue Stages and saw the end of Parkway Drive (totally not my scene of music! Ouch!) before we got a prime position for Boy & Bear. They were AMAZING. Would love to see them again. In love!
After sweating it out in the sun for Boy & Bear we went back to our favourite tent, the Converse Green Stage and saw the very end of The Getaway Plan before we dived to get a good position for Kimbra. Which we managed, but boy it was hot in there! She was AMAZING also. So much energy and just awesomeness! Another act I would see again given the chance.
We then got out of the oven and sat along the side in the fresh air to view the wonderful Architecture In Helsinki. Another fantastic group to see live! They put on a great show.
After that we went back to the Blue Stage for Kasabian. Not my favourite band but they were pretty good.
Then it was back to our frequent Converse Green Stage for the one and only Foster the People! Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW. Loved them. Loved it. Fantastically awesomeness. Would love to see them again also!
The last stop was back to the Blue Stage for the king, Kanye. He was also rather awesome but boy does he like to drag out his songs. They're already so long and then he just repeats repeats repeats! Apart from that meaning we had to miss half his show because he went overtime and we had to make the train, he was awesome!

So overall Big Day Out was epic fun! It was definitely a shockingly warm hot swelteringly sweaty day but it was totally worth sweating it out to see who we got to see! This year BDO celebrated it's 20th birthday. I've heard a bit of talk about the place that BDO may not be around next year. Would be terribly sad for such an epic event to end. Fingers crossed for it's continued success. 9.5/10!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Musical car

Watch this video and tell me it isn't one of the coolest musical set ups ever?!

So seriously awesome! OK Go are the coolest! They tend to have the coolest of videos!

Today I was all good and threw together a salad for lunch. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea. First I forgot my fork. No big deal really, I do have fingers after all. But could you imagine my slight horror when I got to the bottom of my salad and found a little caterpillar?! It was slightly off putting. Lucky I had eaten the salad already!

Spent 3 and a half hours at the gym today. Perhaps I do have a problem?! Though that is including a Yoga and then a boxercise-ish class. That's not so bad right?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More love

Happy Valentines day! I've never really had a reason to think much about Valentines day and am in two minds as to whether it's a day worth thinking of anything more than a good sales day for the florists and chocolate makers of the world. But hey, having said that, there are plenty of ways to go about Valentines without spending a cent more than you would on a normal day and why not use it as an excuse to show some affection? God knows this world needs more love! It is rather lovely to be on the receiving end of such affection.

Second day back was less odd and more awesome I feel. Thumbs up on that one!


Monday, February 13, 2012

It's odd

First day back was odd. Unlike the painstaking stress of the painting we did at the beginning last year we managed to finish the day with absolutely no homework. All tasks completed in class time. It's odd. I feel like ever since the first day last year right until the end of year final submissions we had briefs and work that was un finished and hanging over us. But I'm not complaining! Going to enjoy the feeling of being back but not actually having homework while it lasts! Just... feels odd. But it's awesome. Our class is bigger now which will take a bit for everyone to settle a bit I think. You feel more self conscious all over again. But I'm looking forward to it all. New beginnings with a knowing feeling. Like starting all over again... but your not.

I even joined the library today! Didn't borrow anything but just thought I may as well join for the future reading I plan to do. 2012 is the year of the reader after all!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Flave #006

The Flave #006

Any Questions for Ben? is the first Australian film I've been able to go see at the cinema since Tomorrow When the War Began which was so very long ago! After seeing the trailer, which gave me a good giggle, I couldn't wait to check it out at the cinema. And I thought it was rather fantastic! I was a little wary after Margaret and David didn't really rave about it in their reviews on The Movies but I wasn't disappointed. It was just awesome to watch an Australian cast including Alan Brough and Jodi Gordon who respectively played their parts well, Daniel HenshellFelicity Ward and Christian Clark who played Ben's best friends Nick, Emily and Andy were quite funny and then Ed Kavalee(who you would most likely know best for Thank God You're Here) who played archery Bronze medalist Jim was also quite funny. But the obviously awesome stars that played Ben and Alex, Josh Lawson and Rachael Taylor (who obviously I'm already biased towards because not only is she Australian but shares my name) were just perfect. Lawson is just a bit of a cutie and Taylor is just stunning! The story is quite funny as it follows Ben and his struggle to commit to life in general as he constantly has changed jobs, girlfriends and homes over his 27 years of life, In the midst of a quarter life crisis he realises how unhappy he is with it all and that he needs to change something. Recommend going to see it and supporting the Australian film. I'd definitely watch this one again. 8.5/10.

How Do You Know. So many questioning titles! This one stars the always impressive Reese Witherspoon along side the ever funny Owen Wilson along with Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson. Witherspoons character Lisa is a professional softball athlete who after being cut from the team is left feeling a little lost in life as she tries to work out why she doesn't want the husband, settling down and children running around as fellow retired athletes have desired as they've gone before her. She crosses paths with the recently legally troubled George (Rudd) who's life is falling apart after being accused of business caused by his own father (Nicholson). An odd relationship is formed and the two are friends while Lisa tries hard to persist on a romantic relationship with the self absorbed and thick fellow athlete Matty(Wilson) all the while George trying to get his way into her heart. It has it's moments and it was funny to watch though it wasn't anything amazing it was an enjoyable film. 7/10.

Love Happens stars Jennifer Anniston and Aaron Eckhart. Aaron plays the troubled lead Burke, an inspiration speaker to those in mourning and struggling with the death of loved ones but little do they all know while he is inspiring them to move through their grief he is far from moved on from his own. When he meets Eloise (Anniston) she pushes him to face his demons. I did shed a few tears in this one. Wasn't a bad watch. 7/10.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Extreme keen!

So I clearly have problems. Despite my sweet food restrictions I am totally incapable of walking into a discount lolly shop and not purchasing a ridiculous amount of chocolate and lollies. I share them of course but last weekend I literally spend $40 within 10 minutes on various chocolates and lollies. Stocked up I did! Why does it have to be so bad for me to consume so much of it? It's such a challenge. I do really keenly look forward to the weekends just to have my little gauge sessions on a ridiculous amount of sugary, chocolatey goodness! I believe I have a problem.... but fixing it isn't a priority at the moment! Hence I am going to start a new branch on this bitter sweet tree of mine. Look out!

Two sleeps to go until finally (yes in all honesty I am sincerely saying finally) I get to go back to uni! And I am so extremely keenly excited. It's so different to last year, not as new an experience, but it will be a different one all the same. New teachers, and if we're lucky maybe some other new faces. Getting back to the old ones will be fun too. Very keen to catch up with everyone indeed! Holidays are great... but really, these ones have felt a little prolonged. I would have happily gone back two weeks ago. Having said that I won't complain, the holidays have been fantastic. Though there are some things I had hoped to do the stuff I did get to do was awesome fun and I've been able to take some serious time out and just totally relax which we all need to do ever so often.

So in going back I'm wracking my brains as to what I really need to organise to be ready. I can't think of anything important so hopefully I'm not forgetting something! Except for a keen enthusiasm of course.

Yesterday after going to see Any Questions for Ben? (which you can read my thoughts about in the latest The Flave #006, soon to be posted) we hit up McDonalds on the way home and though I wasn't buying anything my self as a driver I went through the drive through for the first time ever. I don't know if it's sad or odd that I've literally never driven through any drive through before... but there. The drive-through-ginity is all gone.

Anyway, off to get a trim to freshen up the hair, it needs it pretty desperately actually. Then off to do a little bit of shopping I think.

I will leave you with a quote I found particularly inspiring the other day from one of my favourite blogs swiss-miss. I feel it rings quite true.

“From my experience, you can’t wait around to find what you love. You gotta work your ass off. And then you find what you love by doing piles and piles of work.”
- Kate Bingaman Burt

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Flave #005

The Flave #005

I watched Love & Other Drugs weeks ago now. I thought it was totally charming! Or at least Jake Gyllenhaal who was the leading man, Jamie, certainly was totally charming. And along side the always stunning Anne Hathaway I feel this movie is a winner! The story is a typical one but the characters are relatable and loveable and I couldn't help getting wrapped up in it all. A totally enjoyable watch. 9/10.

One Day by David Nicholls. Second book completed for the year, totally psyched! And it was quite wonderful. I love how it covered so much time as throughout the book each chapter skips from one year to the next and you follow the characters, Emma and Dexter as they go from scared and unsure students graduating from college, heading off along different paths in life to middle aged successes all the while dealing with separate relationships, dilemmas and lives but always keeping in contact for all those years. I certainly shed my fair share of tears by the end of it and am totally excited to see this one in film. I think it is not long released on DVD so as soon as it is on a good sale I will be eagerly running down to the shops to get my hot little hands on a copy! I feel like because the story is spread over such an amount of time but with such regular and consistent updates I was rarely wanting to put it down. I feel like I got a lot out of reading this one. Another book I would totally recommend giving a go! 9.8/10.

Country Strong was fantastic! I really enjoyed this film. It was really sweet. I love Leighton Meesters and it was great to see her out of her usual Blair character on Gossip Girl and playing a totally different roll. And as always Gwenyth Paltrow was solidly convincing as her troubled character, Kelly. The story was quite touching. I even enjoyed the country soundtrack and I'm usually not into that kind of music. Garrett Hedlund played his leading man roll well, bit of a cutie! Tim McGraw was also very good. Recommend a watch! 8.5/10.

Now for some thoughts on what is perhaps the most suiting subject to review on The Flave: food! No I'm not claiming to be any kind of expert on the subject, I can only tell you my opinion from my own, quite limited pallet. Having said that my Grandma does make a pretty mean cake and various other slices and bakery items so I think through this I have gained some good taste! Anyway on with the job. This weekend I took some of my sisters on a bit of a drive in which we made a visit to one of the Beachworth Bakery's so here is our little review of what we tried accompanied by some dangerously mouthwatering images...

French Vanilla Slice
So I'm not sure if because it was French it didn't have icing on top like most other vanilla slice I have had but I certainly missed it. That along with the pastry being so hard that you couldn't cut through it without all the custard sliding out the sides was rather dissapointing. I like the pastry softened and the sugary icing on top! I think we all agreed it wasn't the best we'd had.
Rating out of 10
R: 7, J: 7, E: 7, A: Didn't try it.

Happy Face Biscuit
Typically cute with sprinkles and icing for hair and smarties for eyes the good old happy face biscuits take me back to being six years old and going into the bakery with Mum where you would proceed to pester her for one of those biscuits on the other side of the glass in front of you while pressing fingerprints all over the glass. Decidedly it was up to reasonable standard according to the youngest member of the panel gave an almost perfect rating. Though some of us felt that the jam in the middle wasn't spread across the biscuit well enough and that there could of been a bit more of it. All in all it was a typical happy face biscuit.
Rating out of 10
R: 6, J: 8, E: 5, A: 9.5

Death by Chocolate
This dark and rich looking layered mud cake had us all a little bit excited. Can't go past chocolate! This was a decidedly rich and indulging treat and we did think that perhaps it would have been a bit nicer had it been served with some cream as it was so rich it would have given it that little bit of extra love. Apart from quite a tough little critic the general consensus was this was possibly the favourite.
Rating out of 10
R: 9, J: 8, E: 9.5, A: 3.

Chocolate Eclair
This chocolate creamy filled item was a hit with all of us as it received the highest score. Though there was a little more than enough cream the whole thing disappeared the quickest and as we ate it murmurs of satisfied taste buds couldn't help but follow. The icing was delicious as was the pastry and it just all was so.... divine!
Rating out of 10
R: 8, J: 9, E: 8.5, A: 6.5

Overall a tasty experience at the Beachworth Bakery!

Friday, February 3, 2012

LINKspired #003

LINKspired #003
  • With all these GIFs popping up on tumblr I was curious to make one myself so found this easy to follow CreativeTech tutorial! Give it a go if you want to make one! Find what I made here on my tumblr, Senseless Confessions.
  • Did you know that Faker have released their latest album, Get Loved, and you can download it for free? Yes. It's FREE.
Hope you enjoy!