Saturday, February 25, 2012

the Flave #008

The Flave #008

Went and saw The Vow this weekend. Have been anticipating it’s release for the last month or so as my sisters and I decided to go and see it as a cute little Valentines date. So off we went and viewed. Personally I really loved it. As I’ve mentioned many times I just love Rachel McAdams. She’s gorgeous and I generally enjoy the characters she plays. Channing Tatum is another currently popular actor that I tend to have a soft spot for ever since seeing him in Step Up a few years ago and Dear John more recently. So naturally I was destined to enjoy the film, if not just for the fact that I love the cast. It also featured Australia’s very own Jessica Macname, who previously starred on Packed to the Rafters as Sammi, the youngest son, Nathan’s wife. Anyway, so if you haven’t seen the trailer you should go and watch it. The film is based around Paige, played by McAdams and Leo, played by Tatum, a young pair who met by chance and who's love blossomed quickly until the young and in love couple were involved in a shattering car accident. As a result of the accident Paige's more recent memory is gone and she has no recollection of her current life at all. This forces Leo to try and put back together the pieces of their life to help her remember and save the love she doesn’t remember she has for him. It’s heart breaking to watch as they both struggle through this difficult circumstance but I just loved it. I think Channing and Rachel have fantastic chemistry and along with the rest of the cast told the story well. It’s based on a true story which is rather sweet. I really liked the flash backs early on in the film and kind of wished that there was more of that throughout. I give it a solid 8.5/10.

I bought Something Borrowed on DVD a few weeks ago and finally watched it. Half the reason I bought it was because Gennifer Goodwin was in it. I have a massive soft spot for her too! She is just so cute! Anyway, based on a book by Emily Griffin, which I didn't realise until after I'd watched it otherwise perhaps I would have read it before viewing. The film has a frustrating storyline as you watch Rachel fall in love with her best friend Darcy's fiancee Dex. I feel like Gennifer's character Rachel, as she is in the wrong, should attract some kind of dislike from me in my viewing but because I'm so biased towards her as an actress I never thought badly of her. Best friend Darcy is played by Kate Hudson who admittedly I find a tad hard to watch sometimes. Though Dex played by Colin Egglesfield and other friend Ethan played by John Krasinski does not go unnoticed! Both rather cute actors. I guess the bottom line is I love Gennifer! 7/10.

Finally got to watch the Water for Elephants film. It was divine! Totally enjoyed it. I love Reece Witherspoon and she played Marlena perfectly, she is just so beautiful. Robert Pattinson was also quit good as Jacob, the young runaway who falls for the beautiful Marlena. And I thought Christopher Waltz was fantastically mad as August, Marlena's overbearing and slightly crazy husband. The changes they made from the book were quite noticeable but understandable to keep the pace of the film going and avoid complicating things. The sets and costumes were all so ver stunning and gorgeous. I can't remember the last time I went to a circus but watching the film makes me want to go! I will definitely be watching this one again and again! Gorgeous film. Definitely recommend watching whether you read the book or not. 9/10.

Also finished reading Jason Akermanis' biography Open Season this week. After his speaking appearance at a local event I was helping out at last year where I actually got to meet him I was super keen to read the rest of his story. I really enjoyed the read. I found it all quite interesting. He's led quite the life! Not really knowing his father until much later in life and dealing with the death of his mother at a young age. I guess the point of view is a bit biased being from his own, but I found it quite the inspiration. 8/10. Good read.

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