Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Flave #006

The Flave #006

Any Questions for Ben? is the first Australian film I've been able to go see at the cinema since Tomorrow When the War Began which was so very long ago! After seeing the trailer, which gave me a good giggle, I couldn't wait to check it out at the cinema. And I thought it was rather fantastic! I was a little wary after Margaret and David didn't really rave about it in their reviews on The Movies but I wasn't disappointed. It was just awesome to watch an Australian cast including Alan Brough and Jodi Gordon who respectively played their parts well, Daniel HenshellFelicity Ward and Christian Clark who played Ben's best friends Nick, Emily and Andy were quite funny and then Ed Kavalee(who you would most likely know best for Thank God You're Here) who played archery Bronze medalist Jim was also quite funny. But the obviously awesome stars that played Ben and Alex, Josh Lawson and Rachael Taylor (who obviously I'm already biased towards because not only is she Australian but shares my name) were just perfect. Lawson is just a bit of a cutie and Taylor is just stunning! The story is quite funny as it follows Ben and his struggle to commit to life in general as he constantly has changed jobs, girlfriends and homes over his 27 years of life, In the midst of a quarter life crisis he realises how unhappy he is with it all and that he needs to change something. Recommend going to see it and supporting the Australian film. I'd definitely watch this one again. 8.5/10.

How Do You Know. So many questioning titles! This one stars the always impressive Reese Witherspoon along side the ever funny Owen Wilson along with Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson. Witherspoons character Lisa is a professional softball athlete who after being cut from the team is left feeling a little lost in life as she tries to work out why she doesn't want the husband, settling down and children running around as fellow retired athletes have desired as they've gone before her. She crosses paths with the recently legally troubled George (Rudd) who's life is falling apart after being accused of business caused by his own father (Nicholson). An odd relationship is formed and the two are friends while Lisa tries hard to persist on a romantic relationship with the self absorbed and thick fellow athlete Matty(Wilson) all the while George trying to get his way into her heart. It has it's moments and it was funny to watch though it wasn't anything amazing it was an enjoyable film. 7/10.

Love Happens stars Jennifer Anniston and Aaron Eckhart. Aaron plays the troubled lead Burke, an inspiration speaker to those in mourning and struggling with the death of loved ones but little do they all know while he is inspiring them to move through their grief he is far from moved on from his own. When he meets Eloise (Anniston) she pushes him to face his demons. I did shed a few tears in this one. Wasn't a bad watch. 7/10.

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