Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday Summary 29/7/2012

So this week has been pretty stressful! Big deadline comes up this week.... and somehow I still have quite a bit to get done!

Night netball produced another neat win and my other netball we managed to pull a win over the line in a tight game.

And the weekend..... was crazy! It got a bit out of hand but over all it was a grand!

The week in thousands of words...

New dress! On sale for $35 at Forever New. I think I'm in love!

Craving strawberries and cream and milk bottles!

Have a good week!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Poly Roly!

Got into some baking over the weekend and whipped up a Jam Roly Poly!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Summary 22/7/2012

This week I have been loving Loon Lake's Cherry Lips that they have been playing on triple j. Awesome song!

Taking a few trips down memory lane, getting all nostalgic and doing some things that I haven't experienced for a few years. Listening to some really old Britney Spears stuff. Making Jam Roly Poly which was something I used to help Mum make for sweets quite often. Also made some delicious pancakes with this recipe on Was a lovely start to my Sunday. Netball was good as we notched up a win. The weather was even kind of nice for us!

I watched Princess Diaries with my youngest sister today. I still love this movie. This is the film that I will always remember Anne Hathaway in her role as the main character Mia. This was the first film she was ever in and in some ways this has always stuck with me and whenever I think of Anne Hathaway I have an instant association thought of The Princess Diaries and Julie Andrews. This also lead to the usual IMDb examination of what a lot of the cast have done since they were in The Princess Diaries.

The week in thousands of words...

Jam Roly Poly...

Pancakes! Om NOM NOM!

An article I read in the latest Issue of Frankie that actually had me tearing up on the train...

Wearing the old style netball skirts in my new netball team...

Good old The Princess Diaries...

Some yummy Vegetable soup...

Have a good week!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Flave #013

The Romantics wasn't a bad film. It seemed older than just being made in 2010 but that's probably just me. Starring The ever so pleasing on the eye, Josh Duhamel along side Katie Holmes and Adam Brody is probably one of my favourite in the cast. The film was about a group of friends brought together for a wedding which is complicated as the maid of honour was quite seriously involved with the groom when he became engaged to the bride. As you can imagine it makes for an interesting weekend! 7/10.

The Art of Getting By stars Freddie Highmore as George, a young creative student who has pretty much gone the entire school year not doing any work and now has to get a years worth of homework complete to pass. Along with the stresses of school he befriends an interesting character, Sally played by Emma Roberts. It was alright. 5/10.

Finally watched the film The Help based on the book by Kathryn Stockett. I was not disappointed. Far from it. Starring Emma Stone as the leading lady, Skeeter Phelan, an aspiring journalist and author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s who secretly writes a book about the African-American maids' point of view on the white families they work for. Also starring Viola Davis as Aibileen, the main maid that helps Skeeter write her book. Another familiar face Octavia Spencer is Minny Jackson, another of the helpful maids. Along with the rest of the cast I think they were all fantastic and I was so pleased to be satisfied with the film. 9/10.

The Amazing Spiderman. Well. I thought it was amazing. Am pretty much in love with Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker slash Spiderman. I think I'll be in love with whatever character he plays for some time if not forever more! And then Emma Stone (yes more Emma Stone, she really is the 'it' girl at the moment, isn't she?) was actually pretty awesome as the leading lady and love interest, Gwen Stacy. It was fantasticly awesome. This may be partly because I was in the ideal mood for this kind of film.... or just purely because of Andrew Garfield. Insert sigh here. So many people have said they hadn't seen the others so thought they would be lost going to see the "fourth" one. So many don't seem to realise it's like starting the story all over again. And I love that. I really enjoy how this film takes longer to get to when Peter actually becomes spiderman, more of a backstory. Those that are really into the Marvel comics don't seem that impressed by it but from my un-educated-on-Marvel point of view I give it a 9.7/10. I took some of my siblings and they loved it. Sister gave it a 9.5/10. Also was quite happy with the Garfield casting. Then my little brothers, the ten year old gave it "9/10 rubber chickens" and Spiderman fanatic that was just the most excited ever to go and see the film gave it "10/10 rubber chickens", or "ten million out of ten million" if he could. He loved the 3D. (The rubber chickens thing is from some television show they watch on ABC3, Good Game Spawn Point)

I also recently finished another book! I decided after seeing the trailer for the film The Great Gatsby based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald that I should pick up the book and read it. I added it to the list and ended up jumping it to the front of the queue. A story about Jay Gatsby an interesting character who has led an interesting life which has an interesting series of events that leads to a dramatic conclusion. I quite enjoyed it. For the most part it was a good read, I enjoyed the language and the way it was written though admittedly at moments I was a little bit lost. 8/10. Keen for the film!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Let's get physical!

So after a three week absence I finally got back to the boxing class that I usually attend. Was good to be back but the instructor as usual made it challenging for us and even made us do burpies. They're like my arch enemy! For those who may never of heard of a burpie it's like you start standing then you bend down, put your hands on the ground and jump your feet as far back behind you as you can and then jump them forward to where the started before jumping up and reaching high at the same time. Sound fun? I strongly have a dislike towards burpies!

Tonight I had my first game with a new netball team I've joined. It's a whole group of girls that I hadn't met before tonight so it shall be fun to get to know some new people! It's quite funny, we got these shirts and despite being a size small they are massive on all of us. The "T-shirt" sleeves reach all the way to our elbows and the shirt is long enough to be a dress nearly! This along with wearing an old style (I say old style because I'm so used to seeing the dresses I think of the classic netball skirt as quite old fashioned!) netball skirt made me feel like I was in under elevens again when I always had to pull my skirt down because I just didn't know how to wear it in the right place! But anyways, we won! So that was a bit exciting. And besides a bit of shooting I also played a bit of Wing A which was totally fun! I don't think I've played that since being in juniors!

Apart from all this being back at the gym for the week after my half hearted three weeks of holidays and not much exercise hasn't proved as much of a struggle as I thought it would.

And now it's Friday.
I love Fridays!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Technically Full

So two days back into the term and it almost doesn't feel like we've had a break. Nothing to full on yet though we've been allowed class time to get into and finish our Southern Cross Packaging competition entires. Thank goodness! I had intended to get so much of it done over the holidays and got almost nothing done. Which is ridiculous. But I blame it all on getting so sick.

This semester is also a very full on timetable. We actually technically have a five day week of classes. It's kind of intense! Will be rather hectic I believe. Which is good. I like being busy. But then I realise those things that I wanted to get done over the holidays will have to wait until the next ones! And that's a little bit depressing!

Oh well. Back into it!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Summary 15/7/2012

I've probably mentioned this song before but this week I cannot get Some Nights by Fun. out of my head. It's just stuck there and I love it! Also Feel the Love by Rudimental, which I know I have definitely mentioned before but it has been stuck in my head!

Took some of my siblings to see The Amazing Spiderman. Unfortunately it had to be a 3D screening as it was the only one on at the time that suited but I actually enjoyed the 3D though usually I don't feel like it makes much of a difference. My little brother is a particularly big Spiderman fan and I was keen to see it with Andrew Garfield in it so we headed off to the cinema and were not disappointed! A full review will be in the next The Flave

It was one of my dearest of friends 21st birthday this week so I cooked her some chocolate cupcakes! Haven't baked in ages! Was a bit of fun. Netball also went quite well this week with another solid win for the team. And I even went out on Saturday night and didn't get home until the early hours of the morning after a night on the dance floor which a have not done in AGES! So all in all a pretty fantastic week!

And now the depression hits as my holidays are over in less than an hour and tomorrow semester two twenty-twelve begins. I think it's more depressing because I was so sick at the start of them which I feel stopped me from doing quite a few things that I was going to. But ohhhh well. These things happen. And as usual I am actually a bit excited to get back to it.

The week in thousands of words...

Discovering the awesomeness of clusters in muesli!

My little brother was franticly excited to go and see the new Spiderman film. 

Cooking chocolate cupcakes.... mixture....


One of the decorated cupcakes!

It's been a wet and muddy week!

Have been craving salty stuff so bad lately! This well salted deep fried fatty goodness of a potato cake was exactly what I was craving today. Satisfied!

My new desktop ;)

Dark liquorice bullets are my latest chocolatey love!

Hope you've had as good a week as I have and an even better one to come!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Summary 8/7/2012

So I missed out on doing one of these last week. I got slack from being sick(excuses excuses) and didn't have much to summarise from a week of being in bed!

This week involved a shopping trip with my darling sisters and an extra long trip home due to a bad accident somewhere along the line. But it did result in some sweet purchases and some new favourite wardrobe pieces I believe! And a discovery of just how cute it is out at the Docklands shopping centre. It is my dream to live in the Docklands one day. It shall happen!

Also celebrated a siblings birthday which is always a bit of fun. It's a busy birthday time of year at my house at the moment! They made a pretty fab looking cake too!

Netball resulted in a safe win but I certainly think being sick has knocked me for six. Felt like a rubbish game on my part. But it's ok. We had ladies day which is an excuse for all the girls to have a few drinks together. It was probably quite tame in comparison to other years but entirely enjoyable all the same.

As far as music goes I've really not listened to anything new this week but I am in kind of in love with my sisters cover of Katy Perry's Wide Awake. When she gets a video up of it I shall ad a link here...

The week in thousands of words...
pretty fab looking cake the sisters made for the birthday girl.

Birthday girl!

New blue scalf. Yes it does match my blue handbag!

This image does not look anything like the colour but it's a gorgeous maroon knit jumper from JayJays and I'm kind of in love with it!

Currently a little bit obsessed with freckles!

Friday, July 6, 2012

InsideOut #009


It’s hard to get those first few words,
To know how to begin without ruining the perfect
clear space that you have at the start.
But once you have put that pen to paper.
Those first few words on the page of smooth whiteness.
It becomes easier.
Thoughts flow and spill from the pen.
Before you know it your hand is rushing across the page excitedly, barely able to finish words and sentences in it’s hurry.
In that moment you realize in excitement that this could take you anywhere.
You just have to write the path you choose.