Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Summary 8/7/2012

So I missed out on doing one of these last week. I got slack from being sick(excuses excuses) and didn't have much to summarise from a week of being in bed!

This week involved a shopping trip with my darling sisters and an extra long trip home due to a bad accident somewhere along the line. But it did result in some sweet purchases and some new favourite wardrobe pieces I believe! And a discovery of just how cute it is out at the Docklands shopping centre. It is my dream to live in the Docklands one day. It shall happen!

Also celebrated a siblings birthday which is always a bit of fun. It's a busy birthday time of year at my house at the moment! They made a pretty fab looking cake too!

Netball resulted in a safe win but I certainly think being sick has knocked me for six. Felt like a rubbish game on my part. But it's ok. We had ladies day which is an excuse for all the girls to have a few drinks together. It was probably quite tame in comparison to other years but entirely enjoyable all the same.

As far as music goes I've really not listened to anything new this week but I am in kind of in love with my sisters cover of Katy Perry's Wide Awake. When she gets a video up of it I shall ad a link here...

The week in thousands of words...
pretty fab looking cake the sisters made for the birthday girl.

Birthday girl!

New blue scalf. Yes it does match my blue handbag!

This image does not look anything like the colour but it's a gorgeous maroon knit jumper from JayJays and I'm kind of in love with it!

Currently a little bit obsessed with freckles!

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