Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 8 & 9

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

TDCF Day 8
30th May
3.36PM: hitting the treadmill at the gym. Wishing I could just have some chocolate! Damn i miss it!

TDCF Day 9
31st May
8.28pm: Getting ready for a good night out and not concerned about the chocolate at all. Though I am looking forward to Thursday. I'm going to be good though. I'm not going to binge on it. I'm just going to be glad to get onto some of the dark stuff! One day to go!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 5, 6 & 7

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

TDCF Day 5 
27th May 2011
10.07pm: Bunny and eggs in the fridge at home sweet home are very tempting... next weekend...

TDCF Day 6 
28th May 2011
3.15pm: The temptation at football is rather annoying. I really wanted a chocolate bar. And the girls(my sisters) were being rather mean about it too.

TDCF Day 7 
29th May 2011
3.00am: I think the universe is sending me a message... or just helping me in general. I totally blanked and ordered a chocolate Oreo shake at McDonalds with my McChicken meal on the routine McDonalds visit on the way home from a night out. They couldn't give me one for some reason. Like their machine was out or something. Lucky!

3.04pm: grandma bought some very tasty looking cake. But it has chocolate icing so I guess I best resist.

10.39pm: so the aero ad on the television while watching How I met your mother.... really cruel. Lucky there is no visible chocolate to me right now. Three days to go.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dream Job

So I was at work yesterday while I had this slightly amusing thought. I realised I was working in a job that was my seven year old selfs dream job. I mean sure, when I was seven I think I probably also wanted to be a ballerina. It probably wasn't consciously my dream job at the time but as I was busily pulling staples out of documents so they could be scanned it just occurred to me that half the things I do at work are things that as a seven year old you always wanted to be doing. At work I get to staple things. What kid doesn't like playing with a stapler? How many times have you wasted staples as a kid because you just wanted to click it together. I also get to use the hole puncher. Another activity that was enjoyed as a child. Excuses to be punching holes in things were always good. Another thing I get to do is put letters into envelopes and seal them up. I get to put the postage on them with this machine with a big button on it that I get to press a lot. I then get to post the letters. As a seven year old I was always wanting to write letters and post them to people. This was partly because of course I wanted to receive some mail in return. It was always exciting to get a reply and open the letter up. That's another thing I get to do. I get to open mail! I think I opened over fifty letters yesterday. I also get to press buttons and scan things. I mean really, it is a childs bliss! Or at least my seven year old selfs bliss. Seriously. Am I the only one that found all these things super fun and exciting as a seven year old? Is it sad that I'm in my seven year old selfs future dream job? I don't think so. And to be honest, I love my job. I still enjoy doing all those things.

You know what else i really enjoy? That very moment when the door opens to the coffee shop and that rich smell of coffee just wafts out. Best. Smell. Ever.

Something Splendid was this awesome Design duo that came and spoke at AG Ideas and they have this cute as little web thing. It's a bit amusing so check it out if you would like to be amused. Cocktail Typer.

Anyways. Still home working. It's going to be a late one.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 3&4

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

TDCF Day 3 
25th May 2011
11:48am: I’m at work and there’s broken up chocolate Easter egg available in the kitchenette. Mildly tempted but controlled.

11:18pm: I feel I am going to be pulling a very late one…. And it’s hard to do it without chocolate. It’s definitely a major reward factor that I have when doing a late night homework sesh. Thank goodness for coffee!

TDCF Day 4 
26th May 2011
9.11pm: Those chocolate choc chip muffins looked so good in the coffee shop this morning. But I wouldn't buy them on a normal day anyways. Day 4 almost down. Almost halfway. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 2

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

TDCF Day 2 
24th May 2011

6.42pm: I'm doing well. Even went into the supermarket today as I had to get a bottle of water, and I didn't even walk down the chocolate biscuits or lollies isles. I don't feel like I've thought about the absence of chocolate in my life as much as I may have yesterday. Had a good gym sesh. Thinking I should attempt to really take this to a further extreme and try hard to stay away from sugary items in general. Gotta try and fill up on the salads and fruit....

8.18pm: Had a lovely tea. Fish with salad and potato and sweet potato. But am feeling rather peckish despite not really being hungry. Considering coffee..... there is some pineapple there somewhere....

10.34pm: So pineapple and some of that yoghurt ice-cream went down a treat. ;) But still chocolate free. Day 2 nearly over. Nearly one 5th of the way there. Which is the exact same thought I have every time I go on the rower at the gym. Just as the 1000m counts down and is about to reach 800m and I wonder if I can keep up my current pace or if my energy and enthusiasm is going to disappear. Can't say i love the rower.


Today has been quite uneventful really. I managed to get up on time, luckily I remembered to set a second alarm last night. I got ready and headed out the door hoping not to get caught in the predicted showers. The trip to uni was dry. The day even became quite sunny. We managed an extra long lunch break and so wondered around the reject shop. No purchases for me. Coffee. Class again. Gym. And then got caught in thankfully light showers on the way home. Pumped up my netball which must have a hole in it because everyday it is half flat. Drives me insane! So then I shot some goals and did some passes against the brick wall. Washed my hair and now I'm here. Riveting stuff right?!

So not much to report. Except for a change I decided to stay in tonight. Get a proper sleep instead of two hours like the last few weeks. And hopefully attack some homework.... Needless to say I can't wait to go out again next Tuesday.


Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 1

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

So just to clarify on the chocolate thing, it is actual hard, solid, melt able chocolate that I am referring to. I'm saying this because I am not including the powder stuff that they put on my cappuccino. I don't believe it counts as real chocolate. ;)

TDCF Day 1 
23rd May 2011
6.23pm: So far I'm feeling ok about this deprivation. I don't know how I will go at 9 or 10 though. That's when I usually have my fix...

7.30pm: Had the most beautiful lasagna for tea. I love my aunties home made lasagna. Now kind of dreading that 9ish time. Not really hungry right now though.

11.54pm: Well, day one is almost over. And I’m fine. It’s fine. Admittedly I am constantly thinking about it. This is a common symptom when you take a break from something you’ve become so close with, so fond of. But I think it’s for the best. It’s going to improve the relationship. It’s a do-able task but I can’t help but think that the next long nine days are going to half spent in longing for the return of my beloved! I will survive. 1 day, 24 hours down. 216 hours to go.

Back to sleep...

So this morning didn't start so good. I turned off my alarm and accidentally fell back to sleep not to wake until 8.05! 10 minutes before I am usually rushing out the door. So after a rushed around getting ready I didn't sit down to have breakfast and hurried off grabbing some food on my way out the door. So I think I will be setting a second alarm. I am all to often turning off that alarm and then having to rush around while getting ready to go in the last week or so. Time for some getting of act together I think!

So needless to say my start to the day wasn't ideal. It wasn't a continued trend though. The rest of my day has been quite successful. Not only do I feel on top of things, I even got to watch Offspring and won't have to catch up on it at a later date. I only just got to watching the first episode of the second series last night. Loving it! I felt so frustrated at the end of the first season to the extent that I was in no way planning to indulge in the second series.... but after the ads and the hype... and seeing Asher Keddie in Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo I gave in... and am not regretting the decision as yet.

Life drawing again tomorrow.... or more today now as time seems to have run away from me again.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chocolate consumption is prohibited...

Well, It's been a whole fourteen days and my feet have been totally band-aid free! It's a bit exciting! I'm quite proud of them.

We practically have a mouse farm at home on the farm. There are mice running around the place in front of you as they please as if they are supposed to live in this house.... and then a little while later you'll just find one randomly in a walk way and as you let out a little scream because you think it may have just come out of no where you realise it's dead. They are turning up dead everywhere. I guess the rat bate is working! But I don't know what's worse, seeing them run around in front of you or nearly standing on one that's dead in it's tracks. I guess it's better to see them dead rather than alive but really, you would think they could be more considerate and go die outside somewhere. Talk about a mouse plague.

The last week has been busy but nice. And involved a rather large consumption of chocolate. And then there was that dreadful moment when I dared to step on the scales and find that I've gained 2kg in the last few months. While that's not entirely horrible it's not fantastic for the fat feeling days, or more weeks that I've been having. Inspired by an article I read in Frankie magazine where this guy was going to go 30 days sober (I won't tell you that he far from succeeded in actually going 30 days) I've decided to attempt something similar. I'm going to cut it back a bit though.... start small. I'm going to swap the sober to chocolate free and swap the 30 days for 10. So, starting tomorrow, Monday the 23rd of May I'm going to go 10 days Chocolate Free. So until the second day of June chocolate consumption is prohibited.

Just thought I'd leave you with an inspiring quote...
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” —Oscar Wilde

Hope your weekend has been lovely!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pretty Purple.

It has been so wet here the last few days. And cold. Freezing cold. Not sure how I'm going to take to the Melbournian Winter. But I am totally loving my purple trench coat! <3

So it's back to it all now. Back to being behind on briefs. Back to the frustrating confusion of where priorities should be. But I love it. I mean, I would rather have briefs in on time, but I don't want to be doing anything else right now. I'm going to get better at this time management thing though. I know I keep talking about it but I really am going to get better. I must.

I've actually tidied my bedroom a bit today. I'm so keen to get it organised and totally prettied up.

Tuesday was awesome. We even had life drawing and I submitted a brief kind of on time. Had a fantastic night out with a friend that I rarely get to see. We had some fantastic chinese food before heading out. I'll admit, it was a bit of a big night. But a totally fantastic one!

Apart from this life is back into fast forward. The week ends before it's even begun.

Plus my sister may have linked me to some totally awesome music on triple j unearthed... which is all free to download in case you have never checked it out. Get onto it.

Anyway. It's a long time past bedtime!

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's good to be back...

So it's been a bit over a week. And it has been a massive week!

After finally returning to TAFE last Monday we then had the AG Ideas conference that we attended as part of our studies. That was all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was fantastic. Three big days of speakers. Obviously there were some that were better than others at keeping interest from the audience. Then there were those that, I'm sorry to say, nearly put you to sleep. I decided that generally, apart from needing coffee at the time, this wasn't because of the content and substance of what they were saying but how they were saying it. Some really lacked a good presentation of their often inspiring talks. These ones were a bit hard to keep interested in. But then there were some that just kept you fully entertained to the point where you were disappointed they had to walk off the stage. there were some really fantastic story-tellers!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was also fun just to have to be going into the city everyday as it was at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Certainly spent a lot of time on public transport though.

Then on Thursday night we went and saw Maroon 5. They were amazing! So awesome! They were supported by Ry Cuming and Sara Bareilles who were both fantastic also. But Maroon 5 were just so awesome. Would definitely go and see that all again right now if I could. So the question is who am I going to see next?

the weekend was busy as usual. Got home, played netball- which we did win, socialised into the early hours of Sunday before getting some sleep and wishing Mum a happy mothers day before getting on the bus back to Melbourne again. The weekend always goes ridiculously fast.

So back to normal this week. The depressing thing about being back is that my favourite coffee shop is under some form of construction. Due to this slightly depressing occurrence I tried the coffee from a Nescafe vending machine. I expected it would be rather un-tastey but it was rather the opposite. Though I'm sure it had sugar in it unfortunately. Also it had some fantastic froth. Such divine froth. Who would have thought a vending machine could produce such awesomeness!?

Finally back in the gym today. I'm not going to lie, it was definitely a bit of an effort! But so very glad to be back on the exercise mill. I really suck at motivating myself to do exercise on my own.

I think I need some more new shoes. I have worn the ones I bought in the holidays every single day for the past week or so and I feel like I'm going to wear them out way to soon. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a little shopping time for that this week.

Anyways, better go and attempt come last minute homework....