Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 1

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

So just to clarify on the chocolate thing, it is actual hard, solid, melt able chocolate that I am referring to. I'm saying this because I am not including the powder stuff that they put on my cappuccino. I don't believe it counts as real chocolate. ;)

TDCF Day 1 
23rd May 2011
6.23pm: So far I'm feeling ok about this deprivation. I don't know how I will go at 9 or 10 though. That's when I usually have my fix...

7.30pm: Had the most beautiful lasagna for tea. I love my aunties home made lasagna. Now kind of dreading that 9ish time. Not really hungry right now though.

11.54pm: Well, day one is almost over. And I’m fine. It’s fine. Admittedly I am constantly thinking about it. This is a common symptom when you take a break from something you’ve become so close with, so fond of. But I think it’s for the best. It’s going to improve the relationship. It’s a do-able task but I can’t help but think that the next long nine days are going to half spent in longing for the return of my beloved! I will survive. 1 day, 24 hours down. 216 hours to go.

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