Monday, May 9, 2011

It's good to be back...

So it's been a bit over a week. And it has been a massive week!

After finally returning to TAFE last Monday we then had the AG Ideas conference that we attended as part of our studies. That was all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was fantastic. Three big days of speakers. Obviously there were some that were better than others at keeping interest from the audience. Then there were those that, I'm sorry to say, nearly put you to sleep. I decided that generally, apart from needing coffee at the time, this wasn't because of the content and substance of what they were saying but how they were saying it. Some really lacked a good presentation of their often inspiring talks. These ones were a bit hard to keep interested in. But then there were some that just kept you fully entertained to the point where you were disappointed they had to walk off the stage. there were some really fantastic story-tellers!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was also fun just to have to be going into the city everyday as it was at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Certainly spent a lot of time on public transport though.

Then on Thursday night we went and saw Maroon 5. They were amazing! So awesome! They were supported by Ry Cuming and Sara Bareilles who were both fantastic also. But Maroon 5 were just so awesome. Would definitely go and see that all again right now if I could. So the question is who am I going to see next?

the weekend was busy as usual. Got home, played netball- which we did win, socialised into the early hours of Sunday before getting some sleep and wishing Mum a happy mothers day before getting on the bus back to Melbourne again. The weekend always goes ridiculously fast.

So back to normal this week. The depressing thing about being back is that my favourite coffee shop is under some form of construction. Due to this slightly depressing occurrence I tried the coffee from a Nescafe vending machine. I expected it would be rather un-tastey but it was rather the opposite. Though I'm sure it had sugar in it unfortunately. Also it had some fantastic froth. Such divine froth. Who would have thought a vending machine could produce such awesomeness!?

Finally back in the gym today. I'm not going to lie, it was definitely a bit of an effort! But so very glad to be back on the exercise mill. I really suck at motivating myself to do exercise on my own.

I think I need some more new shoes. I have worn the ones I bought in the holidays every single day for the past week or so and I feel like I'm going to wear them out way to soon. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in a little shopping time for that this week.

Anyways, better go and attempt come last minute homework....


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