Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 3&4

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

TDCF Day 3 
25th May 2011
11:48am: I’m at work and there’s broken up chocolate Easter egg available in the kitchenette. Mildly tempted but controlled.

11:18pm: I feel I am going to be pulling a very late one…. And it’s hard to do it without chocolate. It’s definitely a major reward factor that I have when doing a late night homework sesh. Thank goodness for coffee!

TDCF Day 4 
26th May 2011
9.11pm: Those chocolate choc chip muffins looked so good in the coffee shop this morning. But I wouldn't buy them on a normal day anyways. Day 4 almost down. Almost halfway. 

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