Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chocolate consumption is prohibited...

Well, It's been a whole fourteen days and my feet have been totally band-aid free! It's a bit exciting! I'm quite proud of them.

We practically have a mouse farm at home on the farm. There are mice running around the place in front of you as they please as if they are supposed to live in this house.... and then a little while later you'll just find one randomly in a walk way and as you let out a little scream because you think it may have just come out of no where you realise it's dead. They are turning up dead everywhere. I guess the rat bate is working! But I don't know what's worse, seeing them run around in front of you or nearly standing on one that's dead in it's tracks. I guess it's better to see them dead rather than alive but really, you would think they could be more considerate and go die outside somewhere. Talk about a mouse plague.

The last week has been busy but nice. And involved a rather large consumption of chocolate. And then there was that dreadful moment when I dared to step on the scales and find that I've gained 2kg in the last few months. While that's not entirely horrible it's not fantastic for the fat feeling days, or more weeks that I've been having. Inspired by an article I read in Frankie magazine where this guy was going to go 30 days sober (I won't tell you that he far from succeeded in actually going 30 days) I've decided to attempt something similar. I'm going to cut it back a bit though.... start small. I'm going to swap the sober to chocolate free and swap the 30 days for 10. So, starting tomorrow, Monday the 23rd of May I'm going to go 10 days Chocolate Free. So until the second day of June chocolate consumption is prohibited.

Just thought I'd leave you with an inspiring quote...
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” —Oscar Wilde

Hope your weekend has been lovely!

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