Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 5, 6 & 7

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

TDCF Day 5 
27th May 2011
10.07pm: Bunny and eggs in the fridge at home sweet home are very tempting... next weekend...

TDCF Day 6 
28th May 2011
3.15pm: The temptation at football is rather annoying. I really wanted a chocolate bar. And the girls(my sisters) were being rather mean about it too.

TDCF Day 7 
29th May 2011
3.00am: I think the universe is sending me a message... or just helping me in general. I totally blanked and ordered a chocolate Oreo shake at McDonalds with my McChicken meal on the routine McDonalds visit on the way home from a night out. They couldn't give me one for some reason. Like their machine was out or something. Lucky!

3.04pm: grandma bought some very tasty looking cake. But it has chocolate icing so I guess I best resist.

10.39pm: so the aero ad on the television while watching How I met your mother.... really cruel. Lucky there is no visible chocolate to me right now. Three days to go.

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