Friday, May 27, 2011

Dream Job

So I was at work yesterday while I had this slightly amusing thought. I realised I was working in a job that was my seven year old selfs dream job. I mean sure, when I was seven I think I probably also wanted to be a ballerina. It probably wasn't consciously my dream job at the time but as I was busily pulling staples out of documents so they could be scanned it just occurred to me that half the things I do at work are things that as a seven year old you always wanted to be doing. At work I get to staple things. What kid doesn't like playing with a stapler? How many times have you wasted staples as a kid because you just wanted to click it together. I also get to use the hole puncher. Another activity that was enjoyed as a child. Excuses to be punching holes in things were always good. Another thing I get to do is put letters into envelopes and seal them up. I get to put the postage on them with this machine with a big button on it that I get to press a lot. I then get to post the letters. As a seven year old I was always wanting to write letters and post them to people. This was partly because of course I wanted to receive some mail in return. It was always exciting to get a reply and open the letter up. That's another thing I get to do. I get to open mail! I think I opened over fifty letters yesterday. I also get to press buttons and scan things. I mean really, it is a childs bliss! Or at least my seven year old selfs bliss. Seriously. Am I the only one that found all these things super fun and exciting as a seven year old? Is it sad that I'm in my seven year old selfs future dream job? I don't think so. And to be honest, I love my job. I still enjoy doing all those things.

You know what else i really enjoy? That very moment when the door opens to the coffee shop and that rich smell of coffee just wafts out. Best. Smell. Ever.

Something Splendid was this awesome Design duo that came and spoke at AG Ideas and they have this cute as little web thing. It's a bit amusing so check it out if you would like to be amused. Cocktail Typer.

Anyways. Still home working. It's going to be a late one.


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