Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Review


So here I am, home for the holidays. And opening another blog with "so". What can I say. It's just how I roll I guess.

So I thought I would do a mid year review. Semester one is completely sealed up. Gone. Completed. And I believe I was competent in my work. I really have come to dislike that word. Competent. It's so indifferent. Anyways. This time six months ago I think I was still nervously awaiting a letter to say I could go where I want to go. Living it up in the Christmas slash summer holidays. I definitely feel like a changed person from six months ago. I feel like I'm a lot more excited about life and it's possibilities now. I don't think I'd realised how amazing life can be. I feel I am a lot happier now than I was then, I don't think you could say I've ever really been a sad person but I just feel I'm a lot happier with where I am in life. I've learnt a lot. It's been the best six months of my life!


Finally watched The Runaways this weekend. Not sure what I expected from that film but it was certainly a rock and roll, sex and drugs, affair. Don't know that I'd watch it again. Also watched Easy A. Another film I wouldn't watch again. The up side was the appearance of Penn Badgley. Otherwise it's another teen movie that shows nothing that interesting. It had a few funny moments but nothing side splitting. And the lead was just a bit annoying to feel sorry for in the end.


Friday, June 17, 2011

A few kind words

It's been a while! Earlier in the week... or over the long weekend I did actually attempt to post a blog... but Blogger was being disagreeable and after I spent a decent amount of time on one and pressed the post button only to have it totally ignore me and lose the entire thing i couldn't be bothered to type it all up again at the time... So here is some of my life happenings in the last ten days...

It’s amazing how people can make or break your day with just a few words. A few sounds pushed through parting lips to express a thought. Yesterday I had the pleasure of one of those comments that just made my day. In fact it kind of made my week. Never underestimate the power of a few kind words. A compliment can be worth a thousand smiles.

Meanwhile it’s the long weekend and I’ve stayed home in Melbourne for the first time since the netball season started. Plenty of homework to be done. Hoping to smash most of it out tomorrow. I think I actually could If I tried hard enough. Assessments are creeping up. But I feel like I’m going to be ready enough for them.

Finally bought some new shoes today. Marshall. $60 on sale. That's probably the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes. Ever! excluding netball runners. They's always so expensive. But anyway, these Marshall shoes, I saw them yesterday and fell in love and when I needed to go to the shops today for supplies I decided i best just buy them. I couldn't get them out of my head. They just look so sexy!

So that's at least one thing ticked off on my long weekend list of things to do.

The long weekend went quite well... I did spend something like 70%+ of my waking hours actually doing homework. I had quite a list of things to do which involved
- complete homework
    Band poster
    AGideas book
    Theory/History Practical Task two
- Put together final briefs for Assessment interviews
- Organize bedroom
- Buy new shoes
- Watch the Runaways film
- Coffee with a friend
- Photograph for design competition

so right now I can tick off everything on the list except the watching the Runaways and the photographing thing. I definitely underestimated the time it would take me to do that homework though. Smashing it out took me at least twice the time I thought it would. But finally having all that done I am almost free! We had the interview assessments earlier in the week and it went very well beyond my expectations so that was really nice.

My long weekend also consisted of a few trips to the gym. I had a re-assessment of where I'm at and now have a new program. The assessment went quite well except I have def. put on some weight but am hoping part of that is just muscle ( ;) ) and I am definitely feeling the new program! Tad bit sore. I think over the last 12 days I've been to the gym on 9 of them! Solid effort I reckon.

In other news I have just been to see Bridesmaids at the cinema. I think it lived up to the hype. It was pretty funny and rather cute at the same time. Really enjoyed it. Kristin Wiig seems to be everywhere at the moment. She's fantastic though. Rose Byrne and her have been all over the media lately, They've certainly been wracking up a lot of publicity for this one. But yes, awesome film, only one particular scene that I found a bit cringeworthy but the rest of the audience found it pretty funny. It just was packed full of laughs and kept you interested I thought. I'll give it a 3.9/5. I don't want to give it a 4 but I thought it was pretty fantastic.

I think that's about all my news for now. Pretty keen for netball tomorrow! Right now life is just so good in general!

Over and out!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Power of Exercise

It's hard to believe that at one stage today I had a terrible headache and all I wanted to do was curl up in bed. Unfortunately this was early in the afternoon and by the time I had finished our afternoon class my headache had only gotten much worse. As I fake contemplated not going to the gym (I say fake because unless I couldn't physically move at all then it's not physically possible for me to not actually go to the gym) luckily I found some panadol in my bag. So then I trudged off to the gym dreading it more and more and considering the fact that I probably have issues when I am going to the gym feeling so crappy. But thank goodness I did! By the end of my session I was feeling absolutely fantastic. I guess the panadol and endorphins both kicked in. Whatever it was, it was a simply fantastic feeling. And I can say it resulted in a rather productive evening really. 

So I guess the moral of that little story is that you shouldn't underestimate the power of exercise. It can totally turn your day around and it is such a free and not to mention healthy high!

So the term is closing in and there are a few urgent pieces of work that need to be completed.... not sure how they're actually going to get done! Cross your fingers for me! It will get done somehow.... just got to work out how to get it done. On the plus side we did have our last day of Monday classes today and I am totally up to date and assuming the last few briefs that we have just submitted are competent then totally finished with those two subjects. Goodbye Colour Theory and 2D!

Offspring was, as usual, totally lovable. Poor Nina.... she is totally going to get with that new doctor. He is a rather charming looking fella. But it would be rather sad to see Frasier go. He is such an attractive young man!

In other news I definitely had a bit of a fall playing netball over the weekend. Definitely managed to take a good bit of skin off my knee. It's a bit awkward. Kind of did my ankle a bit too. But oh well. We did manage a good win. And we don't play this weekend because of the Queen's birthday so my ankle won't have to worry about playing for another fortnight.

Speaking of birthdays, it is my Grandad's today! Happy Birthday Grandad!

Best get back to the homework! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


So on Tuesday morning I got a pleasant surprise. There I was already to head off to uni and just as I was about to have some breakfast before i walked out the door I found I had a message to say our teacher was sick and class wouldn't be on that morning. So here I was ready to leave and no where to go! I pondered on it for a while as I ate my breakfast and weighed up my options. Which were
a) Stay home and attempt homework.
b) go to uni and do some homework.
c) spontaneously head into the city and do some shopping for a few hours, like for that new wallet I desperately needed (my current one had literally fallen apart.)

I think you can guess which option I chose.

And a very successful shopping trip it was!
I bought a new wallet from Colette Accessories... which you guessed it, has Zebra print on it! It also has this goldness to it. Just gorgeous. $17.

These cute as Owl earrings and necklace. <3 $10 for both from Groove Accessories.

This little hat from Rubi Shoes. $7. 

These two basic tops from Temt. $10 each. 
This blue and grey knit dress, $20 and grey basic top which had been wrongly marked as $10. 

So all in all, spent about $100 in less than 2 hours on shopping. That was pretty impressive I thought. Had a great time. Was so nice to go into the city. Success!

Except I never managed to find some shoes.... and I do need some. And jeans. I also need some new jeans.

And so then after Tuesday night out and an early morning for work Wednesday, as usual, I hit the worst wall ever when I got home and was in bed by 7.30 last night! Had intended to just have a nap and then do some homework and watch Glee. But of course I didn't wake up from my nap until after 12.... and went back to sleep until about 6.30 this morning. So then I snoozed some more until my alarm at 7. it was amazing. I cannot remember the last time I was in bed by 7.30! It was so awesome. 

So because of this I have only just watched Glee tonight. And wow! Loved it. Despite the fact that they did the silly Friday song it was such a good episode of music. Especially love Jessie's return and the duet he did with Rachel of Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I'm already loving that song but Jessie and Rachel's duet is just amazing. <3 Interesting twist in the episode when Kurt get's named prom queen too. Really loved the episode.

Today my ten days chocolate free are up and I'm free to eat it! Which is dangerous. Just had my first taste of it in almost eleven days! On a Cherry Ripe bar. was orgasmic. <3 so good. And now... I'm about to make a start on my Dark chocolate bunny. 


Ten Days Chocolate Free - Day 10

Ten Days Chocolate Free
Chocoholic attempts a challenging but achievable deprivation of a major obsession.

TDCF Day 10
1st June 2011
12.00pm: Chocolate brownie biscuits at work looked sooooo good. So very tempting.

7.00pm: So tired and need to be doing homework.... could do with some chocolate right about now. So little time left. Tomorrow is going to be dangerous!

2nd June 2011
10.31pm: Well. I made it! today I am out of the obligation to resist my favourite sweet food. I can finally satisfy my longing taste buds and have a bight. And my dark chocolate easter bunny is just waiting for me! And a bight of cherry ripe. It's going to be seriously orgasmic! But there. I did it. I made it through 10 whole days of no chocolate. I didn't slip up. I totally resisted and am proud and glad to say that the 10 days are over. I've even made it up until now, 10.30pm before having some! And now I'm just going to go and eat some chocolate.... did I say some? Possibly a lot!

Mission complete!