Thursday, June 2, 2011


So on Tuesday morning I got a pleasant surprise. There I was already to head off to uni and just as I was about to have some breakfast before i walked out the door I found I had a message to say our teacher was sick and class wouldn't be on that morning. So here I was ready to leave and no where to go! I pondered on it for a while as I ate my breakfast and weighed up my options. Which were
a) Stay home and attempt homework.
b) go to uni and do some homework.
c) spontaneously head into the city and do some shopping for a few hours, like for that new wallet I desperately needed (my current one had literally fallen apart.)

I think you can guess which option I chose.

And a very successful shopping trip it was!
I bought a new wallet from Colette Accessories... which you guessed it, has Zebra print on it! It also has this goldness to it. Just gorgeous. $17.

These cute as Owl earrings and necklace. <3 $10 for both from Groove Accessories.

This little hat from Rubi Shoes. $7. 

These two basic tops from Temt. $10 each. 
This blue and grey knit dress, $20 and grey basic top which had been wrongly marked as $10. 

So all in all, spent about $100 in less than 2 hours on shopping. That was pretty impressive I thought. Had a great time. Was so nice to go into the city. Success!

Except I never managed to find some shoes.... and I do need some. And jeans. I also need some new jeans.

And so then after Tuesday night out and an early morning for work Wednesday, as usual, I hit the worst wall ever when I got home and was in bed by 7.30 last night! Had intended to just have a nap and then do some homework and watch Glee. But of course I didn't wake up from my nap until after 12.... and went back to sleep until about 6.30 this morning. So then I snoozed some more until my alarm at 7. it was amazing. I cannot remember the last time I was in bed by 7.30! It was so awesome. 

So because of this I have only just watched Glee tonight. And wow! Loved it. Despite the fact that they did the silly Friday song it was such a good episode of music. Especially love Jessie's return and the duet he did with Rachel of Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I'm already loving that song but Jessie and Rachel's duet is just amazing. <3 Interesting twist in the episode when Kurt get's named prom queen too. Really loved the episode.

Today my ten days chocolate free are up and I'm free to eat it! Which is dangerous. Just had my first taste of it in almost eleven days! On a Cherry Ripe bar. was orgasmic. <3 so good. And now... I'm about to make a start on my Dark chocolate bunny. 


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