Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spiderman Cupcakes...

So as shown in my Sunday Summary, in celebration of my little brothers birthday who happens to be a massive Spiderman fan, I made some Spiderman cupcakes last weekend. Thought I'd share how I made mine, though it's pretty simple and there are plenty of ways you could do it yourself depending on what you like!

Spiderman Cupcakes

You will need:
- Cupcakes (make own preferred recipe)
- Red icing (make red icing however you wish to make it)
- White marshmallows
- Dark chocolate

Firstly you need to make some little cupcakes. I made these delicious ones from the Easy Cupcake book, Double Chocolate Cupcakes that had some white chocolate in them. Very nice. But you can make whatever kind you so desire!

Then you will need to make some red icing. I just mix together icing sugar, a little bit of milk and butter and then hot water until it's the consistency I want. Then add red dye until it's red enough for you.

So then you ice your cup cakes with the red icing and let the icing set. While this happens get your white marshmallows and some kitchen scissors or a knife and cut them into the eye shape you would like. I had some pascal white marshmallows that I cut into three slices and then cut the slices in half to make half circles. Now they're ready to go.

Now melt your dark chocolate and spoon into a piping bag or even better, I used a little zip lock bag which you can fill and then carefully cut a really small opening in the corner and use this. Draw your web onto the iced cupcakes and add the eyes and you're done! 

Have fun!

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