Saturday, August 4, 2012

Broken Clock.

So it's currently 6.51AM on a Saturday morning. It's quite normal that I'm up at this time of the day generally. It's about the time a get up on weekdays to get to uni on time. And I like being up about now to be totally organised for netball. So this is fine. The bit that is not so fine is this morning, and the past two weeks as well, I've woken at about 4AM and despite all my efforts to get back to sleep it's a total struggle and I haven't managed it at all! Why must my body clock do this to me?! It's a tad ridiculous and not that much to expect my body to do it's job and sleep until about 7 at least. What is wrong with me?! It's not like I have an early night on Fridays. Often it's at least 12 before my sisters and I stop babbling our catch up of the week and try to sleep. Yet it seems my body thinks it's a great idea to have less than 4 hours of sleep. Totally fine! No worries! I didn't want to sleep anyways...

So in short.... I think my body clock is broken. If you know a reliable repairman I would love a recommendation!

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