Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Summary 5/8/2012

So this week being without my phone, my poor broken phone that I accidentally killed last weekend, has been rather frustrating. All the info that was stored on the phone that I've now lost. All gone. Lucky Mum's old one is available to use until I can get a new one on my plan at the end of the month. Counting down the days! Not only that but the phone has a different headphone plug to the usual so mine don't plug in and I can't listen to the radio which means I'm having triple j withdrawals!

I finally finished reading The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks(The Notebook, The Last Song). Shall fill you in on my thoughts in the next The Flave. So now I'm onto the second Hunger Games book, Catching Fire.

Was my little sisters 9th birthday this weekend. Not quite sure how she's that old already. Wasn't that long ago and she was just toddling around as a two year old... so anyway, birthday cake was on the menu. The cake was chocolate topped with icing, marshmallows, white chocolate and musk sticks! Prettttty delish!

Bought a new dress from Dotti that was marked down to $20 from somewhere around $70. I was pretty happy with that. It's blue and lacy and so pretty. I'm a little bit in love with it. Also bought some new dark navy blue jeans from Glassons. They were around $30 which was pretty good. Kind of in love with them also.

The week in thousands of words...

Gorgeous lacy dress.

Pretty much?

New navy blue jeans!

Pancakes... I do enjoy pancakes...

Birthday cake!

It was really stormy one way and blue skies the other... this doesn't really capture it though...


Haven't had burger rings in foreverrr!

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