Saturday, August 11, 2012


So I'm feeling rather social at the moment! I feel like I've been out all week nearly!
Apart from another busy weekend last weekend and the usual weekly things I did have an extra busy social week.

Tuesday night I attended the first ever dog's birthday party I have ever been to. One of my friends housemates decided to throw a cute little party for her cute little dog and so it was done. It was so cute! Lots of cake and some fantastic dip. I do enjoy a good dip. They had this very nice one with sweet potato as well as spicy capsicum. Was delish! This of course then involved heading out which was grand fun. Haven't done that during the week for some time! Such fun to hit the dance floor with the girls!

Then Wednesday night I went out for dinner with a group of people as a sort of farewell as one of them has been here in Melbourne from overseas on exchange and goes back home this weekend. It's the first time I've eaten out "locally" since I've been down here. It's only taken 18 months! I was a little ashamed when I realised this was the case! I guess my constant tripping back and forth has stopped me from having time to do those sort of things very much. But anyways, I had a rather delicious red beef curry which I think I've been kind of craving for a while now. Lately spicy things are so very appealing.

Then a late netball match on Thursday. Which we did win. Such a good week!

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