Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sick again....

All last week I had the nigglings of a cold, a runny nose and a slight irritation in the back of the throat and now it seems it's gotten worse. By Saturday I managed to have also gained an impressive cough which is only getting a little worse. Yesterday was not much fun as I did feel quite yuk for the most of the day. Was funny as I was getting stuff out of my locker and had a cough my teacher was walking past and made the comment of how unhealthy I sound and how that's a "do what you've gotta do and go home day" when you sound like that. Of course that's not what I was going to do. Can definitely feel the cold in the stomach though. Not feeling fab. Though was surprisingly energetic when I was at the gym last night between blowing my nose and running about I actually made it through my sprints feeling better than I usually do which I find quite strange. Go figure!

Even made it home in time to watch Can of Worms last night. It was quite good. I like Chrissy Swan as host having replaced Ian "Dicko" Dickson. And the panel last night was really good with Megan Gale, Fitzy and Kate. Especially Kate. She's so funny!

Anyways, better get to it!

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