Thursday, August 2, 2012

Southern Satisfied.

So it's been a hectic week! Recovery from a massive weekend wasn't too bad. I had no time to be recovering! But relief and satisfaction are on the agenda as the Southern Cross Packaging project deadline was yesterday for submission and I managed to get my entry complete and sent off. Was in the worst panic in the morning rushing around finishing everything off. But I did it! And I'm quite proud of my little entry. The biggest brief I've ever done. And it's complete. And now I'm left with a strange taste in my mouth as it's odd not to have it hanging over my head as it has been for so long... bizarre! It's like the end of semester all over again!

I also took a bit of a trip back to 2000 when I bought my very first CD album with some birthday money I had been given. The album was the Oops... I Did It Again, Deluxe Edition - Britney Spears. On my trip home on Friday the other week I was browsing through what to listen to and couldn't help clicking on Britney. I proceeded to listen to the album and it just brings back the innocence of being about eight years old again. This deluxe album had a few the video clips for a few of the songs on it as well, one of them being Lucky. I recall watching that clip a ridiculous amount and proceeding to make up dance routines and re-enacting it as if I were Britney in the clip. Singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush dreaming of being a popstar. Happy days!

Hooray for it being the weekend almost again. I'm totally drained and keen to go home to my family!


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