Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Summary 19/8/2012

Matchbox Twenty's new song has been stuck in my head for the most part of the week. She's So Mean. It's just heaps catchy! When I first heard it I was trying to work out why they would be playing old Matchbox Twenty music, hadn't realised they were back together. Also discovered this really awesome track on Triple j Unearthed by Jessica CerroAnyone But Me. It's catchy and sweet with her indie pop style. Be sure to go and check it out! Also enjoying The Sapphires film track by Jessica MauboyGotcha. Another catchy one. Kinda keen to see the film actually... And as predicted I have been very much enjoying Lana Del Rey's album. Particularly loving the songs I already mentioned in last weeks Sunday Summary.

So The Hunger Games film was released on DVD on Friday so of course I rushed out to get it and last night watched it with my sisters one of which was as excited as I as we had both only read the book since it coming out and not seen it at the cinema. Shall share my thoughts in the next The Flave.

More cooking, made some delish chocolate pudding and chocolate cupcakes and lemon slice! So much delicious food!

Netball went well and we have now finished our home and away season with a fantastic result! Bring on finals!

The week in thousands of words...
A confusing game of chess with my brother with many substitutions and mixing of sets to make up a whole board or pieces.... it was rather confusing!

Mmmmmmmmmm, jam toast...

Why is cheese so good?!

Thornton is in my family tree so I picked up this chocolate bar to try it out...

One of my favourite bits in The Hunger Games...

Lemon slice and chocolate cupcakes!

Have a good one!

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