Friday, April 12, 2013


So it's Friday all over again. It's funny how sometimes it seems forever away, especially on Monday mornings but then you get there and realise that last Friday doesn't feel like that long ago...

Except now it's Monday and although Friday isn't quite as distant as it was when my alarm broke into my slumbering bliss and stole my dreams it sure seems yet again plenty far away. Today really dragged on to. Somehow my body clock is out of whack entirely and despite it only being barely 7.30 I already feel like it should be 9!

Despite the drag the day became I did enjoy a productive morning which did involve me getting a bit carried away with a brief I'm particularly excited about as my mind went crazy with ideas of the above and beyonds of the brief I could do with it. The sky isn't even the limit. Take it out to infinity! Though all this enthusiasm is a fabulous feeling it can also become asset back in briefs as your mind carries you off into outer space with all your ideas and it takes some serious concentration to cut the engines and pull yourself back to planet earth to ensure you get a solid foundation, a quality base station before you set your sights on landing on the moon.

Anyway, needless to say, excited I am! It's going to be a busy few weeks with the end of treaters just around the corner and major deadlines looming large! And I love it!

I also love that not only did I get my hands on Paramore's new and self titled album yesterday but also got a copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and have finally watched it! And I adored it. Definitely wasn't disappointed and would highly recommend viewing along with reading the book. It was a ready evening last night actually as not only did perks get me going but I also got up to the season final of greys Anatomy which is the devastating episode that leaves Izzy and George's lives both hanging in the balance. Talk about torture. Despite knowing exactly what happens with these things it still seems to bring on some decent waterworks which isn't fantastic on top of this silly cold that I haven't quite shaken off yet!

Also slipped in a little shopping yesterday as I was beyond keen for some retail therapy. So much gorgeous Autumn fashion and accessories! Especially this gorgeous jacket I found in Jeanswest and fell in love with. Its in the stunning rich red wineish purple colour. Unfortunately my penny saving conscious prevented me splurging on it yesterday but I may just have to go back. But then I also saw a very nice few jackets in Myer so may have to scout about a bit and get one. I am due for a new jacket I'm sure!

Oh to be filthy rich!

Was a rather productive Sunday I had actually as I managed to give my room a good going over and got out all my beloved winter clothes! Kind of keen for the chill!

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