Sunday, April 7, 2013

The break that was...

Here I sit on a bus again, another Sunday commute back to the 'big smoke'. Definitely more than a little bit sad that my 'mid trimester' break is over and it's back to classes tomorrow. I'd be lying if I said even though I'm literally hours from home that I'm not already missing the family and the farm. You'd think after two years of this already under the belt that it wouldn't be so bad. I think it's all a bit magnified at the moment as I've managed to contract a lovely cold and am feeling just oh so fine and dandy from the awesome symptoms that come along with it.

Having said that, as usual I'm keen to get back to it. Keen to be productive and be back at school working on the briefs that I'm quite excited about!

It's funny, a few months ago I was wondering whether my blog title really still applied... I don't know why as it probably applies now as much as it ever has. To an extent it really applies to anyone and everyone. Life always has the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet. I don't think that it will ever become an experience that has more or less of either of the two.

So holidays were fabulous. Got to share Easter with the family and spent most of the week chilling with them and watching a lot of Greys Anatomy! It's funny as we have about six seasons and everyone's up to different seasons so we're all seeing different blocks of episodes all out of order. It's so good though. Boy do I love that show!

Although chilled it was in parts the week certainly came with its fair share of stress as I had some work to complete and then had to try and share these large files back with a team of people. We got there in the end but I have to say I certainly feel like I learned a few valuable lessons from the experience too. Can't knock back a learning experience. Without learning we just wouldn't grow. Sometimes we stop ourselves from trying new things because we don't know how to do it but people seem to forget that without trying whether you fail or succeed, if you don't attempt you won't learn. If you don't learn you just can't grow. We've all got to start somewhere, right?

As usual there is a long list of bits and prices I surely intended to do over the week but by the end of it a got this cold an fell in a heap and typically didn't quite get to everything or everyone that I wanted to!

Anyways, I'll leave you with an inspiring quote as I feel the need for some inspiration at the moment...

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