Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You can never have enough cake!

What a gloriously beautiful day! Apparently it got to 30 degrees though as my classroom tends to be annoyingly cool I never felt the real heat of it. But when I did get out it was rather lovely! Can't believe we're back down to 15 by Friday! Get up with it Melbourne. We want to depend on you for some more consistency! It's no fun pulling out the sun dress one day and the woolies the next!

So the weekend just gone, along with not sleeping much, who's silly idea was that? I took a little walk down memory lane. Decided to treat my little October Birthday buddy brother to a birthday outing treat as due to the close proximity of our birthdays and the busyness surrounding them I hadn't really had the chance to stop and celebrate his eleventh birthday with him. So off we went on a little bit of a surprise birthday outing for him. KFC for lunch, popcorn chicken is the order, seems to be his favourite thing. He even had it twice in the one day! Then we headed off to this massive playground called Kidstown that he's never had the opportunity to go to before! I couldn't believe it when we realized he'd missed out on visiting the best playground I'd ever been to as a kid. My seven-year-old little brother came with us too and was beside himself with excitement at Kidstown. He couldn't believe his luck! It was quite funny being back there. Everything is so much smaller than you remember it being.... I think it was like that nearly every time you went. As you got older it all became less and less exciting, enormous and adventurous until the big slide just wasn't scary anymore and there was no way you could get lost in the maze anymore.... and your feet dragged along the ground when you attempted to fly across the flying fox. It was fun while it lasted! Anyway, after that we did a bit of shopping with a trip to the discount lolly shop of course. I should be banned from that place. Here we got some Kinder Surprises. When I was younger we always got the Yowie's? They were Cadbury's version of a Kinder Surprise. Don't know what happened to them... Then of course we had to look at the Lego sets. This was all finished up with a delicious family dinner and many candles on top of the top part of my 21st cake. I think Benny enjoyed his treat! Hope it did! Happy Birthday!

Was quite funny the commentary of seven-year-old Sam throughout the day. He thought that since Ben is no longer "Ben ten" he would now have to change his name toe Kevin and be "Kevin eleven!". I thought that was rather thoughtful of him really! The day ranked in as the second best day of his life he tells me! And he was just tagging along! What a sweetie!

Think I'm up to a cake count of... one, two, three, four, five, six! Omnomnom! All including cupcakes, pineapple cake and lots white and milk chocolate cake muddy goodness. Dangerous stuff!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hello Twenty-One!

So it's already over a week since my last post. As usual I fully intended to have posted more than half a week ago... Where did the week go? I don't want it back or anything, just wondering what happened to it....

Recovering from my big 21st birthday weekend was definitely a factor. I swear every morning I woke up so tired that I was dying to get home to bed again all day... Then every night I'd get home and by the time I was ready to let myself sleep it always seemed to have hit 12. So then I'd do it all over again the next day. I'm just that clever!

Usually I dislike birthdays but this one was the best fun ever! Anyway, my 21st was the most amazing fun. Glorious weather last weekend too! Once everything was sorted it was grand fun. It's funny, when you think, yep I'm gonna have a big party you totally turn a blind eye or are just a tad oblivious of all that needs to be organised! So many decisions to make which is always made more challenging with my indecision. By the time you decide on your venue, food, drinks, the cake, decorations, invitations, guest list, outfit and music it's a rather big production! Or at least it was in my case. Definitely a stressfully exciting process! Ive always thought event management would be a challenging but thrilling occupation. Its probably the biggest event i will ever organise until my wedding(yeah, that's quite a long way off that one). And I can safely say that without so many amazingly awesome family and friends that helped out there is no way it would have been as amazing as it was. And when I say amazing I mean just insanely awesomely fabulously gorgeous people. Really there are no words that could describe just how fantastic these people are and how lucky I am that I get to have them in my life! Words couldn't do justice to how grateful I am for all their help. People, you know who you are and you are amazing! I appreciate you guys more than words can possibly describe!

So the party went grandly! And I want to thank every single person who came along to help me celebrate as well as a few really important ones that it just wasn't possible for them to get there. There were also a few really special people that made a massive effort to be there which makes me feel even more special. It made me feel, and still does, extremely special to have so many come and help me celebrate. The cake was AMAZING. It looked amazing and tastes it too!  I was very specific about exactly what I wanted and it turned out fantastically! The decorating was awesome thanks to the fantastic crew that helped get it all up. The music was awesome and the bar staff along with the pro catering team(many of the previously mentioned amazing people) did a fab job. I can barely believe how awesome it was! The worst bit is just how quickly the night disappears! It feels like people are coming in and saying hello and then all of a sudden you're doing speeches(which were so lovely and not too embarrassing or really shameful at all) and then dancing and then everyone's saying goodbye. Time flies when you're having fun I guess! 

So in short, my 21st was a grand affair and I have entered legit adulthood with a new lease on life and a ridiculous amount of presents and cake! Four in total I believe! At work I had a lovely white chocolate mud cake, Melbourne family dinner we had literally a pineapple as a cake, school on of my lovely friends made some super cute cupcakes, Family we had a little chocolate bar with a candle & then my amazing party cake! Sooooo much cake! Om nom nom! I have been so extremely spoiled on the present front. In fact just on the life front in general! The biggest thank you to everyone who made me feel so extremely loved and special for my 21st birthday! I feel like I just won the lottery or something!

Sorry for such a long gabble about it all but I can't help it. Bursting with lots of warm fuzzy love! Truly was amazing! It's like when you do your deb and you just have so much fun that you want to do it all over again! Shall share some pictures of all the wonderful things soon.

Other exciting life developments, I had a job interview this week which was rather nerve wracking and very exciting all at the same time. Just for a full time temp job. I realized it's the first time I've ever actually had to I through an interview process! All the jobs I've had I've just known the right people. It's served me quite well but I'm looking forward to doing many more interviews. I was super nervous but there is something about that process of trying to impress someone and get there approval that gives me a little thrill! Don't know if I'll get the job, I think he interview went well but we shall see. Should know some time next week I imagine!

Won netball again and we're looking at a pretty serious crack at the finals in another few weeks which is pretty damn exciting!

Only have a few weeks left of studies for the year which is rather exciting! And I have to say I'm still pretty on top of it all! So no sweat in that department of life at the moment. Just extreme joy of summer holidays fat approaching. Though today was a little depressing as my class was informed of the extreme increase in our study costs for next year. Thank you Julia! Your education cut backs are gonna really improve the education of he youth o this country. Well done! Instead of getting through my studies without wracking up a massive dept now I get to add some financial struggles to my continued studies. It's beyond ridiculous. Not happy Jan! And I'm sure many will be much worse off than me for it to.

Random thing that kind of made my day yesterday. I was leaving the gym and this guy who I've never seen in there before wanted to talk to me. He was looking quite serious in the middle of setting up for some seated rowing when he asked me if I had ever considered taking up running. My response was a half hearted "not really...". Taken a bit by surprise I was! Apparently I have the ideal body type for it and should seriously consider it! Not going to lie, totally made my day! Running is totally not my favourite thing but I will definitely take that as a compliment! Thanks man!

Other random things I've done while being so inactive on here, besides organising 21st things include Maroon 5 concert withy sisters which was fantasticly amazing! (may need to work on my vocabulary and expand on some more excited descriptive words, think I've used those ones fifty times already in this blog post alone!) we had the best time with some awesome seats at Rod Laver and I even finally bought a t-shirt which I've been meaning to do ever since going last year! Also had netball trip, which clashed with Maroon 5 so I missed a bit of it but it was fantastic fun once I got there. Managed to have a bit of a car accident in some rather wet and dangerous driving conditions. Bottom line is no one was hurt apart from getting a bit of a fright and coming away with a very valuable(and expensive) life lesson. Also had the netball vote count(for those that don't know every week when we play the umpires give votes to beat on court players and then they add them all up at the end of the season and those with the most votes are named best & fairest) may have come away with an impressive trophy! Did I mention we won the premiership? Winning!

Apart from all that and some fun 21st parties and generally loving life that's about where I'm up to at the moment.

Congratulations if you made it through all of that! This is what happens when I come back from being MIA! I could go on and on but I shall sip there for now!

To end on a lovely positive note here's a cheery link I just came across on SwissMiss. Emergency Compliments.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodbye 20!

So it's my birthday eve and though birthdays, or more birthdays that are mine, are not something that usually excite me I am actually kind of pretty excited about this one. So in about 15 minutes I say goodbye to that odd age between being 18 and 21, that limbo of not really being a teenager anymore, and turn into a totally legit adult! Apparently even though we become an adult at 18 we get to do it all over again when we turn 21.... go figure! But yes, 21 here I come! It's already been pretty awesome so far. Have been rather spoiled considering it hasn't quite got to the actual day yet!

So I've been rather MIA around here lately and I guess I owe that to being a busy little thing. Everyday I plan to get on here and post!

Anyway, I promise to improve on this... even if no one reads it.

Ten minutes to go!

It's going to be a BIG weekend!