Friday, March 30, 2012


Sometimes I don't understand how I can be so unorganised. I like to think I'm generally pretty onto everything but in this very moment I feel so completely un organised that I'm almost beside myself in unorganised-ness! It's literally the end of term one tomorrow and I feel almost disorientated and confused. The term has just disappeared with the odd socks! And I have about 50 things to do tomorrow before jetting off to visit one of my friends. Not sure how it's going to get done. And not quite sure how I'm going to get to sleep. I'm feeling oddly awake when I need to be sleeping slash half trying to pack for my little trip in my head.

I think after last weekend being massively fantastic but also lacking sleep(less than five hours both Friday and Saturday night) which I've been catching up on all week, the next one is already here again! Though really it couldn't have come quick enough. Despite being totally unorganised I'm extremely keen for class to finish tomorrow and to begin this weekend!

Just felt like a bit of a rant.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Summary 25/3/2012

Loving Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen. Typical, I know, but it's so catchy. Also enjoying the Temper Trap's new music! Rabbit Hole is awesome. 

Discovery of the week would have to be the discovery of Lentil as Anything. What an awesome place to share a meal and meet some totally rare strangers!

The week in thousands of words...

Hope your weekend was swell! I'm surviving on about eight hours of sleep right now.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Gym Junkie"

So my latest life dilemma is my possible un-necessary excessive amount of time that I spend in the gym or exercising in general. This came about as I realised one day that I had spent about six hours of it exercising. This does include Yoga, walking, stretching, gym, boxercise and netball practicing. It had me thinking that when, though I do do it partly because of playing sport, I'm really not an elite athlete and do it to keep fit for netball and personal health whether maybe I was taking it a bit too far. I guess I've just grown a habit and I feel quite guilty if I don't continue it. Like something is missing from my day. Some may say I'm a gym junkie. And I've began to wonder if I have a concerning problem... Urban dictionaries definition of a gym junkie indicates I have no life....
"Somebody that seems to be obsessed, addicted or mentally dependable, or just really enjoys always being and working at the gym. They are usually quite built and packed full of supplements and protein shakes. Gym Junkies generally fall into a very depressive state if they do not get their daily dose of gym workout."
Though half of their definition doesn't really apply to me. I definitely don't go for the whole protein shakes and supplements thing. Makes a difference right? Dictionary dot com defines a junkie as: 
1. a drug addict, especially one addicted to heroin. 2. a person with an insatiable craving for something: chocolate junkie. 3. an enthusiastic follower; fan; devotee: a baseball junkie.
Though the second literally applies to me right down to the example, decidedly the third of these seems to describe the kind of gym junkie I am. I like to think I'm rather devoted to the gym. That's not really a bad thing right? I was in two minds about it and was glad to have a chat to one of the trainers at the gym about it. After expressing my slight concern of the matter he really pointed out something that made me feel a lot better. To put it simply, if you want to call me a gym junkie because I like to spend a bit much time in the gym that probably makes me a tv junkie because I like watching a bit much tv. I also may as well be a music, computer, food, chocolate, sugar and coffee junkie and there are probably many other things I could be accused of being a junkie of too. That makes it sound so much better. So I guess there isn't a whole lot wrong with it after all. Well. At least I've decided there isn't...

Hope you enjoyed that pointless rant!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Inside Out #004

Inside Out #004

Inside My Mind

Inside my mind there is a twenty-four seven establishment, 
even when my lids are shut, 
the doors closed, 
there is always at least one line still operating, processing, flowing. 
Sometimes it slows down a little, 
the graveyard shift can be quieter. 

Somedays you wish it could just close down for a while. 

Just stop. 
Not actually function. 
Turn off.
But instead of this being possible sometimes it just clunks along, 
struggling to run, 
parts to worn to go properly,
on the verge of a breakdown. 
Some breakdowns are more tragic than others,
but it can never stop the entire show, 
no time to stop.
Can't afford to stop.
It must go on.

Inside my mind there is a twenty-four seven establishment.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Summary 18/3/2012

This week in music I have been loving Regina Spektor - All the Rowboats. I adore Regina. And this other cool song Triple J has been playing, Last Dinosaurs - Zoom. It has this really cool sound and the lyrics are also rather awesome.

Discovery of the week would have to be the film Factory Girl. It has made a considerable impact on me right now. Edie Sedgwick is an intriguing character...

The week in thousands of words...


Sunday Brunch...
Finally found a bag in the blue I wanted! My life is complete!
Edie Sedgwick eye make-up...

The Flave #009

The Flave #009

So I just watched Factory Girl. This is a 2006 biographical film that depicts the rise and fall of the devastatingly short life of American heiress, actress, model and socialite Edie Sedgwick. At first I was unsure but having seen the end I've come away feeling in some ways quite sad and somewhat depressed but also oddly inspired. The story is absolutely tragic but also... I don't know how to describe it... but I feel this admiration for this Edie. Even though she obviously made some bad choices and got mixed up in drugs which eventually lead to the self destruction and death at such a ridiculously young age I found her inspiring. I found the film quite interesting as it also featured a lot of Andy Warhol who is someone, in the world of art and design that you hear more and more about and are somewhat quite influenced by so it was really interesting to see his totally odd and interesting character shown in film. Starring Sienna Miller as the leading lady Edie Sedgwick and Hayden Christensen as Billy Quinn, a musician that Edie was involved with at some point and then Guy Pearce as the one and only Andy Warhol. I don't even know how to rate this film. I don't know that I can.... But I would recommend watching it.

Bought Election the other week and watched it. Funny to see Reese Witherspoon in her younger years. Not that she's really aged that much. And then Matthew Broderick who I really can't think of as anyone else other than Inspector Gadget! The film is alright. Entertaining enough. 6/10.

Finally found Sixteen Candles on DVD! So of course purchased and watched it. I just enjoy Molly Ringwald in her classic early days in the 80s in Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club (two fantastically awesome films that I highly recommend watching if you haven't already seen them!) so was keen to complete what in my head is a three part collection with the addition of Sixteen Candles. Anthony Michael Hall also stars in this one and is in The Breakfast Club too where he plays a similar, typically geeky character in. It was an alright movie but really not as good as Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club. But still alright. 6/10.

Some oldies there!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


So I made a cake yesterday. Like full on actually baked one from scratch! A chocolate cake. I haven't baked a cake in forever! And I even did the entire thing by hand! No mixer just some good old elbow grease. And probably for the first time ever I didn't even taste the mixture. Didn't even lick the bowl. And as I took it to a friends for their birthday I also didn't taste it. So hopefully it's ok! It did look pretty good though. Even though I couldn't ice it or put on sprinkles as I couldn't find any icing sugar. It still looked rather delish!

Photographic evidence...

I used to bake cakes all the time. Back home on the farm baking cakes you'd always make a double batch and even then if there was any left the day after you make it your usually pretty lucky. Most often it would probably be a chocolate cake though I certainly tried lots of different ones. Plain cakes, sponges, lamingtons, marble cakes, cupcakes of all sorts, chocolate chip biscuits, yo-yos, scones, slices such as hedgehog, lemon slice, liquorice slice and sometimes even jelly slice! We always have cooked such delights at home. Chocolate pudding was always a good one too. I think partly because we were taught by the best! My lovely Grandma, like many I'm sure, has many years of cooking experience and has always cooked the best cakes and various other goodies. I don't care what you claim, my Grandma actually is the best baker. Judged many a show I believe. So naturally she taught me a thing or two in the kitchen. Especially sponge making, I recall sponge making with Grandma on sleepovers. Sponge making is such an art and you have to be so precise. I can only hope that one day I will be able to make a cake as perfectly as she does!

I remember one occasion when I was probably about eight or nine and mum was helping me make a hedgehog slice. She got distracted when there was someone at the door so I went along making it myself and instead of putting the sugar in with the melted butter part of the mixture just threw it straight in with the biscuits. Whoops! I soon learned that this wasn't a good idea. That was a rather crumbly slice and I recall it being like eating tasty sand as this mistake changed the texture of the slice. These things happen! And you can bet I have never made the same mistake again!

Another time I got all productive and made a six times chocolate cake batch. That's right! SIX! But the mixer, though a reasonable size, didn't quite handle it so well. This in combination with using plain flour and baking powder instead of self raising flour possible resulted in a miscalculation. The cakes looked fine but all you could taste was the baking powder. They hadn't risen extra or anything, they just tasted horrible! One of them was for my little brothers birthday and so he unfortunately got stuck with this horrible cake! But once again lesson learnt, don't make more than the mixer can handle!

I feel I should defend myself after confessing these mishaps. I'm not a bad cook. These are just a few mishaps that have happened but nine times out of ten the baking went off without a hitch. 

You can't beat home made baking from scratch.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Went to Draculas to celebrate a friends birthday this week. For those that don't know Dracula's is a dinner theatre, "A total night of entertainment combining burlesque, contemporary music, comedy and quality dining, all in the one incredible venue". 

One of those experiences that should be had. It was A-Mazing! If you've ever been you will know exactly what I'm talking about. A bit of a spooky atmosphere as the hospitable vampres, in fantastic costumes might I add, that serve you for the evening direct hostile insults and generally indicate how they are looking forward to consuming you later after fattening you up on their delicious food. And then this fantastically entertaining show, Sin &Tonic, incorporating comedy, contemporary music and the biggest and best puppet show you will ever see. All with just six people! Or six people performing out front that did everything you could see, of course there would have been plenty behind the scenes. And the place was full. It made me wonder if it is that full every night and if those same people put on that same show six nights a week.... wow! Obviously an intense profession. I found myself admiring them, the performers, quite a bit with this thought in mind. They were rather awesome!

The food was quite good though I regretted my choice of mains as I had the frittata which was nice but the other meals looked a lot nicer. The entree was quite good though, the tandoori chicken was delish! And then the dark chocolate coffin with raspberry and coconut mousse was also rather tasty.

The show was just so awesome! Sin & Tonic! Go and check it out! Draculas is worth a look!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ugly Perfection

So yesterday morning, before heading back to Melbourne I went for a bit of an explore on our flood ridden farm. The views are at time ridiculously beautiful. It's hard to believe that something that looks so gorgeous can be the root of such damage. But it is so. These floods are going to be a challenge to recover from, just like in the towns that are affected the damage is an expensive and devastating result of the curve ball that mother nature decided to play.

Here is a collection of the pictures I took on my exploring.
Ugly Perfection...


Sunday Summary 11/3/2012

This week I'm in love with Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars' Safe and Sound song. I just find it hauntingly beautiful and not such a typical sounding Taylor Swift song. Also after a lot more Triple J listening as having no ads is SO much better the Temporary by White Rabbits has tickled my fancy along with Can't Get Better Than This by Parachute Youth. Steam by Deep Sea Arcade is also a pretty cool track.

Thank goodness I got to go home this weekend. It was great to see all the family and such things and it was so surreal to actually see the floods for myself.

Discovery of the week, finally found the DVD of Sixteen Candles and purchased today. Have been looking for it for ages!

The week in thousands of words...

Nanna's cute 70th Cake of cupcakes.
Sunset over the floods...

Red hair and flannies...

Through my eyes...

Road closed.

That's pretty much it. Apart from the fact that I love that it's the Labour Day Long weekend!