Saturday, March 3, 2012


A bit sad today as due to all the flooding back home it was best not to risk going back and getting stranded there. It's all getting pretty high. At this stage my family aren't likely to actually get the house flooded but I expect they won't be able to go anywhere by the end of the weekend. It's so weird to imagine it without actually getting to go home and see it all. Even with the pictures it seems so surreal. So lucky they are far from the worst affected as towns not far away are being evacuated and a lot of roads are closed. Such a grizzly day in Melbourne today too.

I've decided that I have an addictive personality. Kyle and Jackie'O were talking about it on the radio the other day. It seems to involve things that I tend to do. Once you start doing something and get into a routine you kind of can't help but continue this routine as you become addicted to it. Or at least that is my perception of it. I seem to have this problem a bit with things. Like the chocolate. Definitely classify my self as a chocoholic even if I do keep my indulgence as minimum as possible. And the gym. I think I classify as a bit of a gym junkie. My routine in general. Obsessive about many things. But oh well. I'm quite happy to be that way.

There's this new show on FOX 8 (oh the joys of having pay tv) that I've recorded the last couple of weeks and finally sat down and watched today. It's called Smash. Possibly my new favourite show! It's about this group of people putting together a musical on Marilyn Monroe and all the behind the scenes dramas. It's absolutely fantastic! Especially loving the character Karen played by Katharine McPhee and her boyfriend Dev played by Raza Jaffrey.

Praying for the flood affected.

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