Monday, March 19, 2012

Inside Out #004

Inside Out #004

Inside My Mind

Inside my mind there is a twenty-four seven establishment, 
even when my lids are shut, 
the doors closed, 
there is always at least one line still operating, processing, flowing. 
Sometimes it slows down a little, 
the graveyard shift can be quieter. 

Somedays you wish it could just close down for a while. 

Just stop. 
Not actually function. 
Turn off.
But instead of this being possible sometimes it just clunks along, 
struggling to run, 
parts to worn to go properly,
on the verge of a breakdown. 
Some breakdowns are more tragic than others,
but it can never stop the entire show, 
no time to stop.
Can't afford to stop.
It must go on.

Inside my mind there is a twenty-four seven establishment.

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