Friday, March 30, 2012


Sometimes I don't understand how I can be so unorganised. I like to think I'm generally pretty onto everything but in this very moment I feel so completely un organised that I'm almost beside myself in unorganised-ness! It's literally the end of term one tomorrow and I feel almost disorientated and confused. The term has just disappeared with the odd socks! And I have about 50 things to do tomorrow before jetting off to visit one of my friends. Not sure how it's going to get done. And not quite sure how I'm going to get to sleep. I'm feeling oddly awake when I need to be sleeping slash half trying to pack for my little trip in my head.

I think after last weekend being massively fantastic but also lacking sleep(less than five hours both Friday and Saturday night) which I've been catching up on all week, the next one is already here again! Though really it couldn't have come quick enough. Despite being totally unorganised I'm extremely keen for class to finish tomorrow and to begin this weekend!

Just felt like a bit of a rant.


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