Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday Summary 1/4/2012

Another month has run away already. We're already a third of the way through twenty twelve! How can this be?!

The joys of gaining an hour when you're still out at 3AM in the morning! Priceless!

This week I cannot get The Temper Trap out of my head along with their track that I mentioned last week, Rabbit Hole. So checking out everything Temper Trap at the moment! Need Your Love is another great new track they have released. Default - Django Django has not failed to also get stuck in my head!

So excited to be on two weeks of holidays! Despite all the homework that should consume quite a part of them... Oh well.

The week in thousands of words...
Early flight to Adelaide on Saturday morning...

 Spinach and pastry.... om nom nom!

Parties and sunsets on ships!

My first sushi experience! Delish!

Flying home again!

Hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine!

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