Friday, April 20, 2012

Television Affection

Tonight I spent my time catching up on recorded television. Advertising on television must suffer a lot now when it's so easy to record all your television shows and just fast forward through the ads. Anyway, I watched the first episode of the third season of Offspring which I've been keenly awaiting. Looks like it's going to be a fantastic season. I can't begin to describe how much I love Offspring! Then I was catching up on 89366 episodes of New Girl. Sitting there by myself having a good giggle. I just love Jess, the main character. She is just so quirky and cute. And the guys, I just love them all! I love this show. It seems I have an unhealthy amount of affection for some television shows.... and their characters... Packed to the Rafters was also back this week. Julie has a blog! Vintage Mum, they're even actually putting up on the website. Oh how I enjoy getting into television shows.

Found out today that Ed Sheeran is coming to Australia! So I'm just a little bit excited about this and just a tiny bit keen to get tickets and may just be entirely devastated if I don't manage to get some! They go on sale next week! Fingers crossed it's more of a success than the attempt my sisters and I had at getting One Direction tickets. At the time I was quite depressed but after their arrival and the total hysteria of their.... hardcore? fans I'm glad I wasn't there. I like the group. But I would like to preserve my hearing a little longer rather than expose it to the ridiculously enthusiastic screams of their majority teenage fan base. Though there are plenty that would put shame on me for admitting it but I do like them. But wow. Some of these little teenagers.... they really really.... really like them...

Not sure how it's got sooo late... there's my pointless little ramble about television and music. Night!

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