Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Summary 8/4/2012

Happy Easter to all! Hope you are having a lovely and safe one with family and friends and enjoying your long weekend! And hope the bunny made a generous visit.

As far as music goes I haven't had any new obsessions this week. Rabbit Hole is still getting a massive play in my head though.

Apparently my four sisters want a mention of how awesome they are... They're kind of awesome. My whole family kind of is.

Got back in the dairy a few times this week. Don't tell my family but I actually kind of enjoy milking. Shhhhh!

The week in thousands of words...

Due to a moosey cake that couldn't handle candles a banana became the understudy...

The divinely delish moosey chocolate cake...

I had a milo.... haven't had one in like.... years!

All my dreams came true! The Easter bunny brought Humpty eggs!

Someone else kind of special gave me some delish Lindt chocolate... 

Easter.... chocolate.... OM NOM NOM.

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